Lauren Pespisa And The Other Racists Who Prevented Rayla Campbell And Peaceful Protesters From Speaking At Protest Has History Of Using Racial Slurs, Selling Drugs


On Tuesday we peacefully protested at Boston PD Headquarters against Monica Cannon-Grant due to her extremely racist and threatening videos directed at Rayla Campbell, a black woman running for Congress against Ayanna Pressley. Monica accused her of riding white penis for a credit score because her husband is white, called her the n word several times, and threatened to blow her head off.

Yesterday she incited violence in reaction to the Breonna Taylor indictment, but the Globe once again wrote a story glorifying her as a civil rights leader.

Monica’s racism and violence is enabled by largely by white nationalists and Antifa who assaulted us at the peaceful protest the other day.

Time to meet them.

Let’s start with the woman who thought she could silence a megaphone by putting her hands in front of it.

Her name is Lauren Pespisa, and as it turns out she has a long history of being a racist. Here’s what a turtle rider, who happens to be a black woman, tells us about Lauren’s troubled history growing up in the almost exclusively white towns of Bedford and Boxboro, where she lived in a $722K house.

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Just watched the video‚Äôs from todays peaceful protest. Id like to help you identify one of the mongoloids who was harassing you. In hopes you can write a nice piece on her & her crustacean bottom feeder antifa loser friends. She comes into play at around 6:00 min yelling for everyone to shut the fuck up, you have an interaction with the person next to her at 6:15, and then at the 10:28 mark she‚Äôs approaching flipping Rayla off & antagonizing her, then she eventually asks you at 12:08 ‚Äúhow many turtles you‚Äôve fucked today?‚ÄĚ … Lauren Pespisa. If white guilt and clout chaser had a face it would be her. If you go to her page (it‚Äôs public, as her most of the trash she associates with pages are) you can see all the antifa nonsense she‚Äôs spewed recently & over the years, minus the brief hiatus where she was in jail. Yes, there are google trophies for that info!! She never misses BLM protests in & around Boston, but the irony of it all is that I was probably the first interaction she ever had with a black person. We were neighbors, in a small town just north of Boston, and our first interaction was her calling me a nigger & telling our mutual friend not to play with me cuz I had ugly brown skin & looked dirty. I didn‚Äôt even know what the N word was, but remember my mom being horrified when I told her what Lauren called me. She makes my fucking skin crawl. And this n***er who she told people not to play with, has since became very successful, while she has no job aside from being a felon/burden to society, a fucking grub & protest hopper for BLM & scream ACAB/defund. She wants to be friends with MCG & co. soooo bad & wants validation from the black/brown community & wishes to protect them all of a sudden. Wonder how people would feel if they knew how she was when we were kids & that she never apologized. But hey they‚Äôd probably side with her cuz im a pro police/black conservative so basically Im a nazi sympathizer & not even black in their eyes¬†imagine being white holding a ‚ÄúBlack Lives Matter‚ÄĚ sign in a BLACK woman‚Äôs face as a F‚ÄôU. ¬†what a time to be alive … ¬†keep fighting the good fight Unc TB.¬†¬†

As you can see from racist white nationalist Lauren Pespisa’s Facebook page, she is a perpetually unemployed loser who is desperate for acceptance from black people she’s been avoiding her entire life. All she does is protest and virtue signal while ignoring the racist sins of her past. Earlier in the day Lauren was protesting for something else in Boston, because that’s what you do when you never have a job.

Her mother Kathleen and father John are greatly ashamed of her, not only for being a career loser, but also because her hatred of the police stems from a recent arrest and charge for trafficking a Class B substance. 

(cocaine, crack, LSD, oxycodone, oxycontin, ecstacy, hydrochloride, amphetamine, methamphetamine)


Lauren Michele works for Harvard and hates Israel.


Brittany Aird is a suspected white nationalist from Waltham who works as a substitute teacher in the Boston Public Schools. She’s too afraid to return to school because of COVID, but gladly got up in our faces and prevented us from walking on a public sidewalk.


Nancy Chamberlain is a Grantifa and big fan of Monica Cannon-Grant’s overt racism. She works as a scientist at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Rod Webber is a career loser and professional activist who gets arrested at protests a lot. He secretly hopes to one day break out of the friend zone and get in Lauren’s pants. She seems to be his only hope as he is perpetually unemployed and unable to please a woman.


Sasha Rin describes herself as a trans anarchist antifa, which may or may not mean unemployed chick with a prick.

I’m 90% sure I know who Refrigerator Dairy is too, but I’ll wait on that one.

The best thing these cretins have going for them is that none of them can be cancelled besides Nancy because they don’t have jobs. The worst thing they have going for them is they use their free time to protect and advocate for an openly racist and bigoted piece of shit like Monica Cannon-Grant. If you know any of the others feel free to drop me a line at [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.



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