87 Year Old Veteran Assaulted Again Outside Fall River Police Station By Repeat Criminal For Holding Blue Lives Matter Sign 


Two years ago we published a blog about a Fall River nut sock named Aidan Courtright after he assaulted an 85 year old veteran named Charlie Chase because the victim was holding a Trump son during a political standout at a Cape Cod rotary.

Remarkably the attack hasn’t deterred Charlie’s activism, as he still does standouts for causes he believes in. Over the weekend he was in Fall River doing a back the blue rally when some cretin from New Bedford harassed and assaulted him once again.

Martin Luther King Jr. taught his followers the power of nonviolent resistance because he believed that when people saw images and videos of peaceful protesters being attacked by violent thugs, that the public would see the contrast between the two sides and reach the conclusion that one was evil and one was not. They got beat on a lot, but eventually this strategy paid off.

Today the bad guys are BLM, the Democrat supported communist organization that has trained their followers to view any support of police as an evil that must be destroyed with violence. On Tuesday night you are going to witness the results of passive nonviolent resistance like what you see in those pictures above.

This is Jajuan Torres, the BLM acolyte who became the latest communist to attack an elderly veteran over his political opinions.

He was identified by police and arrested:

Fall River police have arrested a man accused of assaulting police supporters outside the city police department on Saturday — one of whom, an elderly veteran, has previously been the alleged victim of an assault due to politics. Police said at around 3:15 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to the parking lot in front of the Fall River Police Department building for “an ongoing disturbance with people fighting.”

They arrived to find three older people holding pro-police signs and another person — later identified as 25-year-old Jajuan Torres — allegedly yelling at them and hitting one of them with an open hand in the back of the head, according to police. The three alleged victims, aged 84, 64, and 66, told police that the younger man had approached them on the sidewalk and grabbed at one of the signs before allegedly pushing the 84-year-old man holding it to the ground.

According to police, the two others reported that they tried to intevene when Torres allegedly hit and spat at them. Police said Torres was arrested and charged with multiple offenses including unarmed robbery of a person over 60, assault and battery on a person over 60, and intimidation of a witness.

Paul Pelosi gets attacked by an “intruder” (who totally was NOT someone he paid for sex) at 2:30 AM who happens to be a BLM supporting nudist, and its right wing domestic terrorism. But yet this old man keeps getting beaten up by Democrats over his political beliefs and you have to read about it on Turtleboy because God knows the mainstream media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Sorry Charlie, but your victimhood doesn’t fit their agenda.

How much you wanna bet this maggot will not be sentenced to a single day in jail for assaulting three elderly men for political reasons? He’s been arrested multiple times in New Bedford in the last year.

But it’s Massachusetts, so shitbags like this don’t go to jail unless they protest in front of an abortion clinic.

That is why Tuesday is going to be a red tsunami like you’ve never seen before. While the Democrats cry about “threats to democracy” and abortion, most Americans are more concerned about record inflation and criminals like Jajuan Torres who beat up elderly people and don’t end up behind bars. It’s why Lee Zeldin might get elected Governor of New York, and great leaders like Karoline Leavitt, JD Vance, Blake Masters, Adam Laxalt, Don Bolduc, George Logan, and countless others are about to completely change the way we do business in this country. It’s an easy choice when you see the product of failed Democratic policies playing out in front of your eyes time and time again.


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