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Abusive Stepmother Threatens To Kill Mother Of Child She Abused At Court Date In Fitchburg This Morning


A lot of people have been following the story we’ve been working on out of Fitchburg involving a woman named Lorrayna Calle who appears to be threatening to kill her stepdaughter and the child’s mother Denise Ramos. Some people understandably are having a hard time believing this is real, particularly because it would be incredibly stupid for someone to do something so blatantly evil that could get them sent to jail. They’ve opined that it could be Denise pretending to be Lorrayna in order to framer her. And although on paper this may sound plausible, you would have to ignore way too many documented facts in order for that theory to hold water. I went through some of these theories and had Denise on the live show last night to explain the personal Hell she’s been living through for the last 2 years. I would urge you to listen to it and draw your own conclusions.

Lorrayna also has a restraining order from visiting the YMCA in Fitchburg because the girl goes there a lot. Yet here she is sending the mother text messages that appear to be from there.

Those pictures were taken from online, so she probably wasn’t actually inside. Still, the fact that she knows the name of a staff member and is using her name to scare Denise while threatening to put her daughter’s brains on the floor is just more disturbing psycho nonsense. Who do you think is more likely to send that? The pregnant mother of the child, or the stepmother who can’t see the child due to a restraining order?

Denise has court today with Lorrayna on some of the charges that Lorrayna is already facing (detailed in the podcast), and sent this text message yesterday to a friend of Denise’s.

“I don’t care to catch an extra charge for killing this broad.”

Bikers Against Abusing Kids has offered to show support for her, and the Fitchburg Police visited her last night. The support you all have shown her is working, and you’ve made it impossible for the police and courts to continue to allow this to go on any longer. Let’s keep up the pressure until this lunatic is in jail where she belongs.


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