Activist Reporter, Family Of Man Killed By Police Spread Lies For GoFundMe Scam, Ignore Black Woman And Children He Tried To Kill 


This is 20 year old Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg from Minneapolis.

For months he was stalking and harassing his neighbor Arabella “Cassie” Yarbrough, a single black mother who lived in his apartment complex. On Wednesday night he began shooting into her apartment through the walls before, and as she was escaping with her two children he continued to shoot at them. Sundberg remained armed inside the apartment, leading to a 6 hour standoff with police. Eventually he was shot and killed when he refused to surrender.

Like most people in Minneapolis, Tekle Sundberg was born in Ethiopia. He was adopted by his two white parents when he was 4, and had 8 siblings (5 of whom were also adopted).

Despite the fact that he tried to murder a woman and her 2 children for absolutely no reason, his parents, local BLM activists, and their collaborators in the mainstream media painted this as yet another example of racist police officers shooting a black man. The family has retained “civil rights” attorney Ben Crump, and over the weekend he shared a video of the parents claiming that police refused to allow them the chance to talk to their maniacal son.


Crump is the same attorney who last year was paid by Monica Cannon-Grant to spread the baseless lie that 16 year old Mikayla Miller was lynched by 5 white teenagers in Hopkinton, despite a medical examiner’s report confirming that she committed suicide. He has made a fortune as the de facto attorney for grieving families of black men killed by police, including a $9 million payday for the George Floyd settlement.

Outside of Teckle’s apartment his parents and his sister Kelsey joined BLM activists in a series of protests and marches.

He is being portrayed as a “smart, loving, and artistic” man experiencing a mental health crisis.

A “mental health crisis” is becoming the new way to infantilize dangerous criminals and blame police when they are forced to end a public health threat.

Tekle’s friends, who were nowhere to be found on a daily basis as he allegedly struggled with mental health issues, started a GoFundMe that has raised nearly $20K.

It shared pictures like this, portraying the deceased artist as a lover of nature.

He’s wearing a NASA shirt, so obviously then he was about to turn his life around and become an astronaut before the racist cops killed him.

But the family didn’t share these images that Teckle did on social media.

Wonder why?

The GoFundMe was created by a woman named Leah Adair, a teacher at a Montessori school whose apartment was featured on a website glorifying its custom craftsmanship.

She wanted the world to know that she was one of the “good white people” who read Kendi’s book and was really sad about the death of a man who tried to kill a woman and 2 young children in his final moments. Her fundraiser was shared far and wide by friends and family.

They always look like Hillary Oppman, and they all use the same Facebook filters.

This is independent “journalist” Georgia Fort.

She’s a left wing activist from the Twin City area who claims she wants to “change the narrative” about dangerous criminals like Tekle Sundberg.

But the problem is that despite being a coveted diversity hire she can’t find a job because she’s an activist, not a journalist, and she refuses to stop posting inflammatory things about police on her Facebook page.

But she has over 100K followers, who she scammed with a $150K GoFundMe (she’s only raised $24K) to start her own TV show.

After Tekle’s death she posted how he was killed by police, but forgot to mention that prior to that he tried to murder a woman and 2 children.

She shared the GoFundMe for Tekle, but didn’t even mention the name Cassie Yarbrough, the woman he stalked and tried to murder. Georgia Fort blocked me on her Facebook after I commented on her page, but you’re free to post links of this blog on her page if you’d like to ask her yourself. You would think that Georgia Floyd and BLM would be slightly concerned about Cassie considering the fact that she and her two children are also black and just survived a very traumatic situation.


But they didn’t, because BLM only cares about black people when they’re criminals. Not once have they ever pretended to care about dead black people who aren’t killed by police.

The single mother has since lost her job and cannot return to her apartment. When she tried to do so over the weekend she found protesters outside and ripped into them, telling them that this was nothing like George Floyd because Tekle was armed and tried to murder her. She begged them to leave because she was so insulted that they were advocating for him, while ignoring the harm he inflicted on her and her two black children. She rightly pointed out that no one in his family ever checked in on him as he stalked and harassed her months. Instead of being sympathetic towards her they yelled “you’re alive, shutup,” and “this is not the time.”

White people telling a black woman who just survived a harrowing ordeal that she should shut up because the man they’re pretending was a good person missed when he tried to kill her and her kids, is the perfect encapsulation of what progressivism has become.

One of them whitesplained this too:

“She’s obviously going through a moment.”

This is the equivalent of a man accusing a woman of being on her period when she justifiably expresses outrage over something.

Georgia Fort, Ben Crump, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune all claimed that the parents weren’t given a chance to speak with their son.

Except video from the scene shows the Dad speaking to his son through a loudspeaker.

Because pretty much every narrative you’ve ever heard from BLM and their mainstream media cheerleaders has been a lie. Tekle’s adoptive parents who ignored his “mental health crisis” are lying because they smell a pay day.

As more facts came out over the weekend people began to call out Georgia Fort for not telling the truth while empathizing with a violent sociopath.


Why would anyone want to see Tekle’s “humanity,” while ignoring the humanity of the woman he tried to murder? According to Georgia this wasn’t that big of a deal because Tekle didn’t kill anyone.

He has bad aim, therefore he’s no lot a threat.

But Georgia Fort isn’t a real journalist, which is why she’s still in the comments blaming the police for not giving Tekle “due process.”

How long were residents of the building supposed to wait before they could go back to their homes? Due process was that Tekle was to put down his gun and surrender himself so he could be arrested and charged. He chose not to do that so he died. The end.

Yesterday after getting lots of pressure Georgia Fort posted that she reached out to Arabella Yarbrough, and then doubled down on the BLM rhetoric by pointing out that Dylan Roof, Payton Gendron, and Kyle Rittenhouse were not killed by police.

This might be the dumbest talking point of all the BLM talking points. Dylan Roof and Payton Gendron put their guns down and surrendered, so they lived. Now they’re both going to be executed by the state. Kyle Rittenhouse killed a couple pedophiles in self defense, surrendered to police, and was found not guilty by a jury. Besides that this is a great analogy.

Meanwhile, Tekle’s very oppressed and ratchet friends who ignored his mental health crisis are attacking the real victim on her Facebook page.

Yea, you’re not allowed to have an opinion about a man who tried to kill a woman and 2 children unless you know what a “kind soul” he was. Sure, he shot indiscriminately into an apartment with 3 innocent people in it, but it was just “wrong place, wrong time,” according to Micah Lynch.

Markeanna Dionne also commented and told the victim that she would be taken care of.


So you and your kids got shot at? Big deal. Unless you’re shot at by cops then your life doesn’t really matter, so you should shut up and enjoy the scraps you get. Because…black lives matter.


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