Alarming Video Shows Crowd Watching As Three Men Beat Man At Southie St Patrick’s Day Parade, Kick Him Down Hill Into Fence, Spit On Him


It wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Southie without some videos of white kids with Celtics jerseys and backpacks full of Bud Light getting into fights, but this video of a white kid getting badly beaten and thrown down a hill at M Street Park by three black kids was especially troubling.

Yikes. Hope he’s vaccinated.

Imagine if the the races were reversed here. Just imagine. You wouldn’t be seeing it on Turtleboy first, you’d be seeing it on CNN. That kid is lucky to be alive. First they beat the shit out of him.

Then they roll him down the hill like a bowling ball.

He gets up and tries to stop his momentum.

So naturally this douche twat felt the need to kick him in the back.

Newton’s laws of physics took over from there, as his head goes DIRECTLY into the metal fence post, which probably would hurt a lot more then landing in the fencing itself.

But these savages weren’t done. A normal person with a conscience would make sure the guy was OK since he easily could’ve died from that. Not these punks though. They start whipping beers and spitting on him.

Then the Corey Matthews looking white kid looking for social acceptance pointed and laughed at him because attempted murder is funny when you’re 11 beers deep.

Miraculously he managed to get up and try to climb the wall before the only two people with a soul came to help him.

This video is everything that is wrong with humanity. Everyone in the video besides the two women at the end was laughing at this guy as he got jumped, thrown down, and landed head first in a pole. I don’t care what happened before they started filming, who he mouthed off to, or how drunk he was – no one deserves that. Keep in mind, these parades are supposed to be family events, and this took place at a public park in broad daylight. I have no idea if the police are looking to track down the assailants or if these sort of things are just kind of allowed because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but this video should be everywhere, and the three punks who did this should be arrested and charged with attempted murder.


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