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Alarming Video Shows Crowd Watching As Three Men Beat Man At Southie St Patrick’s Day Parade, Kick Him Down Hill Into Fence, Spit On Him


It wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Southie without some videos of white kids with Celtics jerseys and backpacks full of Bud Light getting into fights, but this video of a white kid getting badly beaten and thrown down a hill at M Street Park by three black kids was especially troubling.

Yikes. Hope he’s vaccinated.

Imagine if the the races were reversed here. Just imagine. You wouldn’t be seeing it on Turtleboy first, you’d be seeing it on CNN. That kid is lucky to be alive. First they beat the shit out of him.

Then they roll him down the hill like a bowling ball.

He gets up and tries to stop his momentum.

So naturally this douche twat felt the need to kick him in the back.

Newton’s laws of physics took over from there, as his head goes DIRECTLY into the metal fence post, which probably would hurt a lot more then landing in the fencing itself.

But these savages weren’t done. A normal person with a conscience would make sure the guy was OK since he easily could’ve died from that. Not these punks though. They start whipping beers and spitting on him.

Then the Corey Matthews looking white kid looking for social acceptance pointed and laughed at him because attempted murder is funny when you’re 11 beers deep.

Miraculously he managed to get up and try to climb the wall before the only two people with a soul came to help him.

This video is everything that is wrong with humanity. Everyone in the video besides the two women at the end was laughing at this guy as he got jumped, thrown down, and landed head first in a pole. I don’t care what happened before they started filming, who he mouthed off to, or how drunk he was – no one deserves that. Keep in mind, these parades are supposed to be family events, and this took place at a public park in broad daylight. I have no idea if the police are looking to track down the assailants or if these sort of things are just kind of allowed because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but this video should be everywhere, and the three punks who did this should be arrested and charged with attempted murder.


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  1. This is so sad.

    All I keep hearing is just how bad the behavior is at the parade. It must be horrible to live in the area on and around St. Patricks Day.

    I read another story about people. having to hire security for the front of their homes, people pissing out in public, massive amounts of drunk people, etc.

    Maybe it’s time to change up the parade.

    1. You think the problem is South Boston during one day out of the year?

      How about Brockton, Lawrence, Springfield, Roxbury, Camden NJ, Jackson MS or St.Louis?

      WHO is doing the vast majority of raping, assault and murdering?

    1. Police and DA will only prosecute whites, they ignore black gun possession.

      Have you learned nothing about the TB prosecution?

  2. Never would’ve happened back in the day, but Democrats and Obamanites created “white guilt” and brought racism back to civi war times. Obama built this. The new norm.

    1. Happened WAY before Obama. There has NEVER been an equal amount of crime committed between the races. Interracial rape and murder were black on white a long time before the OJ Simpson trial.

      1. I grew up in Dorchester/Southie. This would not have happened, 80s, 90s. This white guilt really took off under Obama. It was NEVER This bad until Obama and Democrats pushed it. These animals are now emboldened. Shame on Southie for not only allowing this but becoming an area of Leftist cowards.

        1. I guess what I’m trying to say is these punks would’ve gotten the shit kicked out of them just a couple of decades ago. Shoot, they wouldn’t have ever stepped foot in Southie, Charlestown and areas of Dorchester. They know they are protected now. So this is what happens. Still, shame on Southie for no one stopping this shit.

          1. I don’t dispute that’s how it would have gone on Dot Ave or Broadway. That’s what I have been saying. Outside of ethnic white neighborhoods: Westside of Manhattan, the North End and Southie, these things DID in fact happen.

            During the LA Riots (1992), Mexican men put down the riot before it could spread into East Los Angeles. But the fact remains, one group of people were violent enough and assisted by the state to ethnically cleanse Northern cities (Pittsburgh, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston of the previous resident of said neighborhoods.

            Mattapan is the way it is because of WHO lives there; Southie is the way it is because who lives there. Do ALL groups of people commit crimes? Yes. Do some groups of people rape and murder others at greater RATES than others? Yes.

            Chinatown has its fair share of crime. But it doesn’t have a rape, murder and assault problem the way Jackson Square does because of WHO lives there.

            Make Pattern Recognition Obvious Again.

    1. You feel like doing WHAT to all involved?

      “RACISM” exists because humans are tribal and have in group preference (they conceal this in books). The reason ASIAN, WHITE and BROWN people don’t live in black neighborhoods is because black men between the ages of 18-40 (3%) commit at least 55% of murders, 60% of rapes and, 65% of assaults.

      Interracial rape black on white: is 20,000 victims on average annually. Do you know how many Asian men rape black women annually? 0.

      So WHO is committing almost ALL the crime even though they are 3% of the population?

      I also have a feeling that you wouldn’t raise your kids on Blue Hill Ave, Morton Street or Melnea Cass for the obvious reason; although I doubt you would have the courage to voice it publicly. Telling the truth can lead to jail, or worse. Just look at TB.

  3. Pattern Recognition – Who is likely to be the perpetrator and who is likely to be the victim.

    Read the FBI Crime Report Table 43 and the Crime Victimization Survey. Pretending race isnt real and that biology isn’t real doesn’t change the Law of Large Numbers.

    Guess what won’t happen: Neither of these two will be charged with attempted murder, or multiple felony counts. So much for “Muh Constitution.”

    The ANTI-white mayor and Suffolk County DA will no do anything Aiden. It’s why you live in Holden and NOT Worcester.

    Think the Bill of Rights will save you? You haven’t been paying attention.

    1. (SARC) It was white people that made present day Birmingham, Detroit, Gary, Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Louis, Jackson and Atlanta the vibrant bastions of Wakanda they are now. 🤷

      1. They dindu nuffin. The statistics, that is. There are good and bad people of all races but the statistics don’t lie. Kids need fathers. Thanks LBJ.

        1. While a two parent household certainly helps; There was NEVER a time in evidentiary history where black crime rates were at or below white crime rates (of ANY ethnicity), never one. Just as there are no examples of East Asian murder rates being the same as European.

          Pretending that Detroit is the way it is or Roxbury is the way it is because it MOSTLY has to do with fatherlessness is absurd. Statistics don’t lie (I agree), but 1 murder a years is not the same as 10 murders a year, even if there are bad people of all races.

          1. There are many factors, fatherlessness being one major one. LBJ’s vision being another. You’re not wrong, but crime has skyrocketed since the beginning of the civil rights movement when welfare was instrumental in the breakdown of black families. Democrats policies in action.

          2. Less crime. Obviously there was still crime. Taking fathers out of the equation made the problem worse.

          3. Correct. But the crime rates were not on parity between the races even back then. It has only gotten worse and one group has suffered on orders of magnitude more than the other.

            This is self evident.

  4. The New Southie, all white pussies looking on while 3 boons stomp a fellow white dude. Fk’n disgrace…..

      1. Not true.

        The largest influx of Black Americans (mostly from the South) took place in the 1950s then accelerated into the 1960’s. White flight in th city largely took place during the decade of 1964-1975, due to black criminality, depreciating housing costs, lower quality of life and limited schooling alternatives that were exacerbated after bussing.

          1. Bob, you drunk, the history is out there. I’m not doing the research for you Democrats. I already go to work every day so I can provide for your kids. Use your Obama phone and educate yourself.

          2. “Democrats.”

            Boomer dog whistle Bullshit.

            “I don’t see race or biological sex it’s the Democrats!”

            😉😆🫡 How’s that working out for your grandkids?

          3. Yours will be lining up to receive bread. By the way, “Democrat” is now on par with “N” word. Actually, I’d rather be called the “N” word, at least that’s acceptable if not cool among certain cultural demographics.

  5. You couldn’t pay me to go to that parade. This nonsense has only gotten worse, and will continue to get worse.

    1. Would you say it’s now more like the Martin Luther King Day Parade, as opposed to the St. Patrick’s Day parade?


  6. This is the result of dumb, fat, blonde, white girls from the suburbs moving to Southie, on daddy’s credit, bringing their untamed stray pets home. A wild animal, is a wild animal. Only a fool would try to tame one. Or three, in this case.

  7. Bunch of tough guys beating on one guy, look at you… Disgusting. If that happened to my son… those kids and their parents would be done. Period. WHO RAISED THESE ANIMALS.

    1. “Who raised these animals?”

      Judging from the demographic data I’d say World Star Hip Hop, a smoke detector with a low battery and the D Street Projects.


  8. 30 years ago, those Negroes would have gotten the shit kicked out of them by a bunch of scally cap wearing Adidas Gazelle wearing Southie Irishman

    1. I would hope anywhere there re 2/3 on one person, people would end it rather than point, laugh , videotape! Allshould be arrested it’s not skin color, it’s character…. yep the whites now are targeted and arrested etc….everything is frigin backwards, woke etc….stop the division, if you suck, you suck, the end!! if they WANTED this stopped and wanted to hold people accountable; not hard to do!! Go get Ashli babbit’s killer (s) so many are complicit…..jan 6th is lies!!! imho. we need to turn this around….2A. really, I’d be afraid for my life….. could have. ended quite differently…. imho. such shallow, butt hurt people with such anger issues and further encouraged because of the revolving doors especially in dem states and when different races, sexes are involved….I am sick of the psychos…… I loathe crowds… animals everywhere…

      1. You believe math and statistics are a social construct, don’t you?

        I think that in all probability you won’t raise your kids in a bad neighborhood if you can afford it. Guess where those places are and who lives in them?


        Make pattern recognition great again.

  9. Stop calling them black kids… it dishonors actual functioning black people those are NlGGGERs
    NlGGGER kids call them what they are

    1. I prefer to call them “typical(s).” That’s why I don’t live in a neighborhood where it’s full of behavior that is typical of this demographic more so than others. I haven’t run into or seen behavior like this in Chinatown or the Back Bay. I wonder why?

      1. Because the Chinese are a respectful culture and don’t allow this shit…. like Southie used to be. As for the Back Gay, no clue. Dude, maybe ask your boyfriend?

        1. Why don’t the Chinese move into Roxbury, Mattapan or Uphams Corner?

          Oh wait. I already explained that. The North End user to be Italian until it wasn’t. It’s now all white and affluent people. Southie used to be working class Irish and now it’s still white but higher income with crime rates lower than Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester.

          Are you retarded?

          1. You didn’t explain anything. Nothing at all. Humans are tribal, that’s why Chinese live amongst Chinese, white, black, etc. You mentioned the Back Bay .. do you know the history? You throw out some talking points with out much talking, invalid and low info to “support” and explain nothing at all. This can happen anywhere, more prevalent where you have mixed races. Chinatown is called that, why? Back Bay is loaded with homos, elites and really nothing else. Why do so many gays live in back Bay, provincetown? Tribalism. You’re dismissed low info buffoon.

          2. 🤦

            1 is less than 10. If the Chinese neighborhood has 1 murder per year, the Italian neighborhood has 4 per year and the black neighborhood has 10; the black neighborhood is by definition more violent and dangerous places to live.

            It’s one of the MANY reasons people congregate among each other historically. That’s why human beings instinctively self segregate. No Chinese family wants to live in a black neighborhood because statistically it won’t end well for them and their children.

          3. So if it’s human nature upon inception and some tribes commit murder and rape and assault at different rates (per Capita) than others; what that I said previously is unclear or untrue?

    1. If you still watch Sportsball over the age of 30, wear another man’s jersey AND have children; you’re a beta cuck.

      1. You must not have kids then and you definitely don’t have a sense of humor or ability to detect sarcasm. Faggot.

        1. Tell me you’re a 40+ y/o white guy who still tailgates at Gillette while pretending to shop at Bass Pro.

          You are, aren’t you?

          Pathetic. Stick to your safe suburbs and keep your kids aways from diversity you dishonest phony. Or move to Milton where they admit they no longer need diversity or state matching funds.

  10. The white kid in the celtics jersey is mullen bryne he was throwing beers at him from the top of the hill

        1. “White people can suck too.”

          🤦 Did anyone claim they can’t or don’t? I didn’t.

          What is more LIKELY TO HAPPEN: A black man murders, raped, or assaults a white women or male? Or a white male murders, raped or assaults a black woman or male?

          Likely is the optimal word and it requires you to know a thing or two about probability. You can calculate probability using evidence and facts. Or you can utter useless platitudes like “not all ____ are like that or in your case “white people can suck too.”

          Total lack of self awareness.

          1. You do know this started when kid being “assaulted ” punched the white girl he was with everyone was telling him to relax he was just swinging then this happened so hope he gets the help never hits another girl

    1. It’s 3 against 1 fella, A&B with a deadly weapon on video, how many more facts do you need to see this as fucked up behavior.

    2. Your are low IQ. You should not be able to vote or own property.

      You are not capable of acknowledging or observing facts and evidence.

      I hope your kids meet the same fait as this victim.

        1. “You claimed ‘low IQ’ then type ‘fait’! lol”

          “Type” should be past tense – typed. You forgot to add a period at the end of “lol.”

          You didn’t get into your first choice college or university did you? You pedantic boob.

    3. Normal people fight man vs man. When was the last time you saw that with these scum? I’m 100% sure they were calling him the N-word as they ganged up on him.

      1. The kid getting ‘assaulted ‘ had punched a girl he was with ,people were trying to get him to relax as he kept swinging then this happened ,people didn’t intervene as he had just been punching a girl it was by m st park

  11. Did anyone learn who the attackers are? Are the police doing anything about it? Are the two woman helping out in that issue as well?

  12. They also throw dirt and spit on him
    You don’t need illegals when you have lovely locals like that

  13. There’s there’s the TB we all know… and the true turtle riders that are supposedly decent people who you expect to somehow be honorable and not tear down journalist or become combative at protests. Read through the comments.. most of your clientele is ignorant trash. As expected you can start making the shift back to ratchet bigotry racism division

    1. This is exactly how you do it. Thank you for demonstrating the game so clearly. We call out the obvious, overt, violent, racist act and all of a sudden it’s US who are the bad guys.

      You can rape and kill and steal and no one blinks an eye. That is until someone tells the truth and calls them THUGS and watch out! “THAT’S RACIST”!

      No falling for your BS any more.

      1. No it’s tall who can do that.. happenining in canton happening in the MSP and happens in the Catholic Church let’s get it right whites like rape and incest… they had their own neighborhoods and Wall Street whites jealous asses burned them downed and complains that they move into they’re neighborhood… we see what you whites do you push it all under the rug and act like your husbands aren’t murderers just like in canton… don’t forget who wrote all the “stats” your referring to, people with the same -dumbed down mind game as you. If you legit think America and every problem you see could’ve been avoided by what party you choose you are a simpleton. As most of TB reader an are. Us people who got involved post Karen read are disappointed the comments that the commonwealth printed out our actually true. I hate to use this word but I have been reading trash from garbage minds 🤷‍♀️

        1. Nothing you said made any sense.

          1 is not equal to 10 and calling someone a “name” is not the same as murder or rape. The fact that Roxbury, Mattapan and Brockton are worse places to live by objective standards has to do with WHO lives there and WHO is committing the crime. Math isn’t a social construct anymore than facts don’t care about your feelings.

          This comment btw has 6+ up votes. Who is agreeing with this??

        2. “let’s get it right whites like rape and incest… they had their own neighborhoods and Wall Street whites jealous asses burned them downed and complains that they move into they’re neighborhood… we see what you whites do you push it all under the rug and act like your husbands aren’t murderers just like in canton…”


          Europeans created the moderne world. To include public schools, the printing press, English Common law, the Constitution, the automobile, the transistor, nearly ALL of modern medicine, the scientific method and most advanced in physics and mathematics.

          When you say “we see what you whites do” it’s obvious the mask has slipped and your hatred of white people is naked and bare for all the world to see. You are an ignorant, incoherent and low IQ bigot who benefits from living in a country founded by Europeans and built by them.

    2. Do you live in Mattapan, Roxbury, Uphams Corner, Worcester, Brockton or Springfield?

      Do you send your kids to anyone of these public schools?

      Didn’t think so, pussy fucking coward.

        1. @Been in Canton since 01.

          How many murders and rapes have happened in Mattapan, Roxbury, UC, Worcester, Brockton and Springfield?

          Now compare that number to Canton during the same time period. Then adjust for average population; us wypepo call that “Per Capita.”

          Math is a social construct through so terms like mean, median and mode are foreign to you and Uralltrash. Math is a product of the white man who dun made up dey own troof!


  14. The Left, (and many of the Right) both bottom rung and especially the ELITES, have been planting the seeds of a race war for decades. Blacks beating whites with no repercussions and the resulting hatred of blacks that had nothing to do with it is just part of the game plan. And the worst part is it’s working as planned,

    1. Well. One side has been doing ALL the raping, murdering and assaulting while the other has been producing, inventing and creating better quality of life than the other.

      Do you raise your kids in Mattapan, Worcester, Springfield, Lawrence or Chelsea?

      I didn’t think so. Fuck you and yours.

      1. You’re so emotional. I’m just saying this is planned for the most part. You shouldn’t make enemies of people who agree with you.


    “Every Segregation law in the American South from the 1880’s until the 1950’s was passed by a Democratic Legislature, signed by a Democratic Governor, enforced by Democratic officials and there is no exception to that rule.”

    1860 Start of Civil War: Not a single Republican owned a slave. Not one.

    After 1865, the Democrats invented Segregation, the Ku Klux Klan, Racial terrorism and lynching.

    The Ku Klux Klan was started by a delegate to the Democrat National Convention by Nathan Bedford Forrest in Pulaski Tennessee. It was shut down by the Republican Party roughly three years after it started. It was later revived by a Democrat President Woodrow Wilson who showed a pro-Klan movie “Birth Of A Nation” in the White House inspiring racism across the country.

    “For thirty years, the Ku Klux Klan was the domestic terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.” Eric Foner a Columbia University historian said.

    13th Amendment(Abolishing slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation), 14th Amendment (US citizenship and privileges) and 15th Amendment (Black voting rights) were created by Republicans 100 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 inspiring its creation and passage.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 merely restated what the Republicans added to the Constitution 100 years earlier but the Democrats systematically blocked from being enforced for the next century. This allowed Democrats to take credit for what they themselves had been fighting against for the last 100 years.

    1830-1860 there were 3,500 black slave holders enslaving more than 10,000 African slaves

    To all the comments about racism and slavery, Democrats, NOT “Americans” are responsible for the following:

    Founding the Ku Klux Klan
    Reviving the Ku Klux Klan
    Racial Terrorism
    Pushing Native Americans off their land.
    The Nazi’s took the Democrats’ treatment of blacks in America as a framework for the Nuremberg Laws against the Jews and… Opposition to The Civil rights act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Fair Housing Bill of 1968 came mainly from the Democrats. That’s a fact. They never admitted to it, they never apologized for it and they’ve never paid one penny of restitution for it yet they presume to lecture the rest of us who are completely innocent on this score of being the culprit.

    1. 🤦

      You think it’s the Ku Klux Klan that CAUSES black people to be disproportionately rapacious, murderous and have a proclivity to assault themselves and other races, is that right?

      My God this retard ☝️ has no idea what happened in Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Gary, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Cleveland or Cincinnati once they had a large black plurality that moved from the South.

      You are a insane and I hope your kids move to Fort Hill and get what they deserve.

  16. It’s great TB is back to writing these great stories. Only TB has covered this story.(NBC 10 had a blury pic with a two second mention).
    So TB is out in front again.

    1. Yup, the heavy democratic stations in Boston (ABC, NBC, CBS) would NEVER show this video, simply because it’s black on white, vs. their huge ad revenue machine that is white on black incidents. Go figure!

  17. this is crazy. if it were 3 white people that beat up a black kid Monica Cannon Grant would lose her marbles. I hope these kids go to jail. attempted murder. sorry but this is bad.

  18. Wow….I am so sick of seeing this stuff. I was taught all my life to not kill….steal…beat anyone up….treat my neighbors with respect and care. But….now…. I seem to be having a change of heart…..and mind….plus I have put on a little bit of weight too. No not that weight….the two small pistols I carry now. Won’t forget my raising, but under certain circumstances….you bet…I will empty those clips. Idiots they are…………

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  20. Agreed if the races were reversed it would have been national news. Total bullshit, and yeah they should be arrested for attempted murder, WTF is wrong with this country.

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