All Star Swampscott Boy Destroys Dighton-Rehoboth Girl’s Face, Scores Both Goals In 2-0 Field Hockey Playoff Victory


On Thursday in a MIAA field hockey state playoff game between Swampscott and Dighton-Rehoboth Regional a girl from D-R suffered significant facial and dental injuries after a star male player on Swampscott named Sawyer Groothuis, who scored both goals in a 2-0 victory, hit the ball directly at her face. The video is horrific.

The reaction of the D-R players who couldn’t even look at their teammate reminded by of Josh Allen’s reaction to Damar Hamlin’s injury.

But Sawyer didn’t feel the least bit saddened or embarrassed that he seriously injured a girl’s face due solely to the fact that he possesses strength that only a male his age can. A minute later play resumed and he scored the final goal in Swampscott’s 2-0 victory.

Sawyer showed off the 3 foot vertical that only a boy could have after beating up on the ladies.

If Sawyer is reading this I’d like to remind him that he has absolutely nothing to cheer about, and should be ashamed and embarrassed to be celebrating this. Maybe for his next trick he can set the record for gold medals in the Special Olympics.

His teammates seemed pretty happy because they won, but deep down inside they know that the only reason they advanced is because the boy on their team scored all the goals. They accomplished nothing, and were simply along for the ride.

The Lynn Item Live’s writeup about the game didn’t mention the fact that Sawyer fractured a girl’s face, but it did mention how the “all star” scored 100% of the goals scored by both teams in the game.

“Groothius was quickest to react.”

Right. Because he’s a dude. The significant portion of fast twitch muscles will do that.

A lot of people have turned this into a transgender issue, but I don’t know if Sawyer even calls himself that. The problem that is unique to field hockey in Massachusetts is that boys are allowed to play, even if they don’t “identify” as being female. A few years we wrote about the Somerset-Berkley team, whose two leading scorers were boys, after they went undefeated with a combined score of 173-3 on the season.

That team also outscored D-R 21-0 in the 2 games they played that year.

Two boys from Wayland who couldn’t beat other boys in sports saw the chance to win something for the first time in their lives and followed suit.

The girls on that time were equally as shameless – proudly giving away their playing time for the sake of winning.

“People are sacrificial with their playing time if it means we’re gonna go farther.”

South Hadley and Dennis-Yarmouth have also benefitted from this,

In other countries field hockey is a sport for men and women, so they have separate leagues. In the United States it is a sport for women, because we have American football, which doesn’t exist in other countries. The MIAA allows boys to play field hockey because of Title IX, which was ironically created in order to make sure that GIRLS had equal opportunity to play sports. This creates an unfair disadvantage, not only for schools like D-R that don’t have any boys playing, but for all girls schools like Notre Dame Academy that don’t even have the option to have boys on their teams.

Luckily the administration at D-R isn’t afraid to speak out, as Superintendent Bill Runey issued this statement on Friday:

seeing the horror in the eyes of our players and coaches upon greeting their bus [Thursday] night is evidence to me that there has to be a renewed approach by the MIAA to protect the safety of our athletes,” Runey said about the incident, which he said “dramatically magnifies the concerns of many about player safety.”

Senior captain Kelsey Bain also bravely spoke out about what happened in a tweet, tagging NCAA President and former Governor Charlie Baker in her eloquent message.


Kelsey Bain, you are wise beyond your years, and I would love to have you on the Live Show to discuss this on Tuesday. Email [email protected] if you’re interested. Her inclusion of statistics and data to back up the things she said was eye opening. I don’t know the first thing about field hockey, but the part about boys having a 50% advantage when “drag flicking” said it all. Boys have a much more significant portion of fast twitch muscle mass, which allows them to react quicker and faster – something that is a huge advantage in a game where reaction time to hitting a ball leads to more goals

This right here said it all:

“My teammates were sobbing, not only in fear for their teammate, but also in fear that they had to go back out onto the field and continue a game playing against a male athlete who hospitalized one of our own.”

What is wrong with adults that they can do this to young girls? What right do they have to subject these girls to trauma and fear because they want to play sports? Swampscott AD Kelly Wolff, whose team benefitted from the fact that boys in her town have no shame, defended the shutout victory afterwards:

“We are sorry to see any player get hurt and wish the Dighton-Rehoboth player a speedy recovery,” Wolff said, according to WPRI-TV. “The Swampscott player who took the shot is a 4-year varsity player and co-captain who, per MIAA rules, has the exact same right to participate as any player on any team.”

The player was hurt because your team had a dude. That’s literally the only reason it happened. You’re clearly not the least bit sorry about it, and Sawyer will probably continue to hurt more girls moving forward. Maybe they’re waiting for a kid to die before they figure out that this shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

To be honest though, that’s kind of a lukewarm show of support on her part. She couldn’t even name the player, and didn’t attempt to justify his inclusion it on ideological grounds. She just said that the MIAA allows it to happen so he has a right to, and she’s not wrong. The MIAA issued this insanely tone deaf statement defending the rule:

“We respect and understand the complexity and concerns that exist regarding student safety. However, student safety has not been a successful defense to excluding students of one gender from participating on teams of the opposite gender,” the organization said, via WPRI.

Translation – student safety isn’t nearly as important as “inclusion.” Sure, a couple girls will get their faces smashed in, all girl teams will be at a huge disadvantage, champions will be completely fraudulent, and the sport will have no integrity at all. But at least shameless boys who get off on beating up on girls won’t feel left out of playing a sport.

The NCAA does not allow men to play field hockey, and since they have to adhere to Title IX it can’t be legally argued that exclusion of men from the sport is illegal. Additionally, Massachusetts is the only state in the country that allows boys to play field hockey in high school. Clearly the precedent is there to ban girls, but this is Massachusetts and the rights of men will always come before the rights of women here.



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