Somerset Boys Outscored Girls Field Hockey Teams 173-3 This Year, Wayland Boys Join Team, Make Playoffs For First Time In 4 Years, Score 100% Of Playoff Goals


Every year around this time we blog about the ridiculously unfair playing advantage that Somerset-Berkley Regional High School’s field hockey team has due to the fact that their two best players are boys. They both play the entire game, they play close to the net, and because of their obvious physical advantages due to their gender, they won the state championship last year. Watch the final goal scored by Lucas Crook, the coach’s son, in their state championship victory over Nashoba Regional.

Lucas is a senior this year, and he’s having smashing records left and right. Girls records mostly.

With those kind of numbers you’d think he’d be offered a Division 1 scholarship, but unfortunately for him the NCAA doesn’t let boys play field hockey because they understand that it’s a girl’s sport. The MIAA does, because they are an incompetent organization that exists to rip off public schools and screw kids over whenever possible.

But it’s not just the fact that Somerset is winning, it’s the way they’re winning.

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Not only are they 18-0, and a guarantee to win the state championship again this year, they’ve scored 173 goals and given up just 3. They haven’t won a game by less than 3 goals, and have of their wins have been by double digits.

And somehow the MIAA allows this to happen.

Some will argue that field hockey is a coed sport in Europe and Australia, but those countries don’t have American football as an alternative. Somerset-Berkley is in the United States, and in this country field hockey is a women’s sport. If there were enough demand from boys to start a separate boys field hockey league I would be all for it. But until then they’re just invading girl’s sports and tramping all over the spirit of Title IX.

Last year I said that the only way this would possibly get fixed is if every school started encouraging boys to this. That includes St. John’s, Xaverian, and the other all boy schools. Why shouldn’t they have field hockey teams too if it’s a coed sport?

This message has evidently caught on, because Wayland High School is now pulling the same shenanigans.

“The girls were super excited about it because they knew that having boys was an advantage. Just ups the level of the game a little bit,” said Coach Shelly Fraser.

Translation – our girls are terrible (haven’t made the playoffs in 4 years, meaning none of the current players ever have), so obviously then we’re excited that we magically became good the moment three 17 year old boys showed up and started scoring goals.

Shockingly the mother of a Wayland player was also all for it.

“If offends me when people assume that just because they’re boys they’re automatically going to be better, and that’s just not been the case.”

A white women from Wayland is offended by something. Never thought I’d see the day. Her comment was immediately followed by this from the reporter:

“Wayland beat Wakefield in round 1 of the playoffs and two of the boys scored the only 2 goals.”

Well, since the boys have scored 100% of Wayland’s goals thus far in the playoffs, and the team went from cellar dweller to the top of the conference, it looks as if they are automatically going to be better with boys on the team after all. Nevertheless, Liza Knapp is offended that people assume that boys have physical advantages over girls in sports. By her logic I guess we should just get rid of girls sports altogether. After all, it’s offensive to assume that boys are better than girls.

Liza Knapp is also the mother of the captain for Wayland who is ecstatic that her team no longer sucks.

“People are sacrificial with their playing time if it means we’re gonna go farther.”

Remember when kids had pride? This is your sport. Sure, your team was dreadful, but at least it was your team. The fact that girls who have been playing for 4 years were so willing to give up their playing time to a bunch of boys who have never played before is further evidence that these kids are being failed by their coaches and parents.

All you need to know about this sport is that these boys never played field hockey before in their life, they joined the team, and now they’re unstoppable. It proves that skill and all that other nonsense doesn’t actually matter. The only thing that matters is they’re bigger, stronger, and faster than the girls. Therefore they can beat them at their own sport.

This one from the coach, who sounds like she’s from a country where men’s field hockey is normal, had me cracking up.

“They’ve (parents) made boys cry. To hear it from adults has really been hard for them.”

Boo hoo. Have you ever thought for one second how it makes the girls on the other team feel? And I’m glad they’re getting crap from parents on other kid’s teams, because it means those parents love their kids and are standing up to their bullies. Clearly these boys aren’t hearing it from their parents or coaches, because they’re growing up in a world where they’ve never been told no, because it might hurt their precious feelings. I’m glad they cried. Maybe they won’t be such cowards moving forward.


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