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Amesbury Mom Doesn’t Report Runaway Daughter Missing, Teen Dropped Off Dead At Lawrence Hospital By Older Man


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A 13 year old girl from Amesbury died the other night, and something doesn’t smell right about this story.

The family of a 13-year-old Amesbury girl who died after being dropped off at Lawrence General Hospital on Monday is demanding answers as authorities continue to investigate her death. Chloe Richard was pronounced dead after a man dropped her off at the hospital’s emergency room just before 5 p.m., law enforcement sources told 7’s Steve Cooper. She had gone into cardiac arrest. That man has since been located but no arrests have been made in connection with her death.

Richard ran away from her home on Sunday night but family members say her friends told them that she was doing OK. Richard’s stepfather, Brian Dolan, says his heart broke when he was called to the hospital to identify his stepdaughter.

“It had to be one of the hardest things that I had to do in my life,” Dolan said as he fought back tears. “I’m beside myself. This shouldn’t have happened. This kid was 13 years old.”

Richard’s death is being investigated by the Essex District Attorney’s Office, the Lawrence Police Department, and the Essex State Police Detective Unit. The cause and manner of her death have not been released. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is performing an autopsy on Tuesday. The individual who dropped off the girl alerted hospital staff that she was in need of help before driving off, according to the DA’s office.

“If it was your kid, what would you do?” a frustrated Dolan asked. “If it was your mother, your daughter, your son, your brother, or any one of them. What would you do?”

“The only thing I was told earlier from another agency is … someone 47 years old dropped her off,” the distraught stepdad told the station. “Whoever did this to my little stepdaughter, trust me, I hope there’s hell to pay because they threw her out of the car like a bag of trash. If that was your kid, if that was your sister, if that was your brother, or your mother, or your father, what would you do? I’m beside myself.”

Chloe’s mother, Deborah Goldsmith-Dolan, told the paper that her daughter was at a friend’s house the day before. She called the friend, who said the girl was safe.

But by late Monday afternoon, she started to worry when she still hadn’t heard from her daughter — and filed a missing person’s report at the police station. Again, she was misled.

“I’m sitting at the police station, and one girl told me she is safe and someone dropped her off,” Goldsmith-Dolan said.

If my 13 year old daughter runs away from home on a Sunday, she is back in my house on that same Sunday. If she’s not then I do not sleep and I spend the entire night looking for her. I immediately contact the police so they can put out a press release asking people to look out for her.

Mom didn’t do any of that. She merely called her “friends” and assumed her daughter was OK. The mere fact that this child is associating with 40 something year old men who drop her off dead at a hospital tells me that Mom and Dad didn’t do their job. This wasn’t a 17 year old. This was a small child who had school on Monday morning. Under no circumstances is it OK for your child to run away on a school night while you do nothing to make sure she returns.


Chloe’s friends have been memorializing her on Facebook, and Mom made an appearance in the comments after someone alleged that Chloe was “screaming for help” while living with her mother and stepdad.

And it all makes sense now. Classy response.

Then there was this post which also caught Mom’s attention because a commenter made some serious allegations about drug use in the house, Chloe getting her stomach pumped, and outright neglect on the part of her parents. Except instead of using her real name Mom signed into her deceased daughter’s Facebook account to leave her comments.

The mere fact that Mom has access to her child’s Facebook account and wasn’t aware of who she was hanging out with is pretty telling. When my kid is 13 years old I will be given access to his account if Facebook is still around. Because when your kid is clearly troubled, it’s incumbent upon the parent to know who they’re talking to, who they’re hanging out with, and where they are at all times. All of this could have been ascertained by Mom if she went through her daughter’s social media accounts.

Chloe’s Facebook page reveals a troubled young girl hanging out with questionable characters.

This cover photo should’ve been a red flag for any concerned parent.

More people began making similar accusations about Mom’s lack of parenting skills.

Another woman posted that Chloe’s older brother Kyle lived with her for 5 years and raised him.


Mom then changed her story, and said that her daughter didn’t disappear on Sunday night.

Even though that’s exactly what was reported in the news.

Richard ran away from her home on Sunday night but family members say her friends told them that she was doing OK.

Again, if your daughter has had past issues with substance abuse there is no excuse for her to be out with friends on a school night.

Mom is now sharing the GoFundMe.

While Dad is doing the tough guy routine on Facebook.

And while their daughter was doing drugs with 40 something year old men and had not yet been reported missing by her parents, this is what Dad was posting.

He seemed very concerned.

This is a tragedy, but it’s one that could have been prevented if the girl’s parents had been there for her.


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