Andover Dad Threatens Turtleboy With His Attorney Wife If We Don’t Take Down Article About Him Defending Transgender Boy Who Beat His Daughter In State Championship Track Meet


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Earlier today we published a blog about an Andover father named Matthew Quill, who defended a male athlete from Brookline High School after the boy announced he was a girl and beat Quill’s daughter in the girls hurdles at the Division 1 State Championship meet. Quill’s daughter finished in 9th place, but only the top 8 were able to advance to the finals.

A couple hours later I received a threatening phone call from a number I was not familiar with, telling me that I was going to be sorry if I did not remove the article. The called did not allow me to ask any questions so I had no idea which blog they were referring to, or what the issue was. I called them back and it became evidence I was speaking to Matthew Quill. He had no interest in a conversation and after being alerted that our conversation was being recorded he continued with his threats to sue me for deformation while calling me a “sociopath, liar, and a f***ing troll.”

He seemed very upset and unable to speak on the phone so I attempted to engage with him via text. He kept using the word defamation, but I’m afraid he has no idea what that word means.

Of course the real reason he’s upset is because unlike him, I defended his daughter after she had something stolen from her by a male bully. She is one of countless victims of transgenderism, all of whom are female. Nevertheless I was willing to hear him out and wanted to know exactly what he thought was defamatory.


No decency? Dude, you stood by and watched as a boy stole something from your daughter that she earned. I assure you that I am not the indecent one here.

He also objected to being called a misogynist, but what do you call a person who supports a system where boys can take things away from girls that the boys haven’t earned? I call them a massage therapist, but that’s just my opinion. Opinions are legally protected speech that cannot be classified as defamatory.

I’m a reasonable person but I don’t deal well with threats or demands from bullies, which is what Matthew Quill is. He repeatedly told me to take the blogs down, rather than asking me to and explaining why I should. He was in no position to make demands as the choice to remove a blog was mine and mine alone. But he felt emboldened to do so anyway because he naively believes that threats of legal action scare me. If you know Mr. Quill please tell him to Google me. I’ve been sued dozens of times for defamation, I’m undefeated in court, and have a better understanding of the intricacies of libel law better than most attorneys.

Matthew Quill claimed that I had threatened his daughter and his safety, despite doing nothing of the sort.

After that he threatened me with his wife, implying that she was someone who I should fear by looking into her background. He said that his family was so powerful that they had the resources to censor the Internet and force privately owned news websites to lose their First Amendment rights. He also said I was a disgrace.

Sir, you’re currently famous because you justified a biological boy beating up on your daughter in sports. I assure you that I am not the disgraceful party here. However, I did Google your wife and can see she is an attorney. I am now quivering in my Marshall’s brand socks.

I have never dealt with an attorney before and I’m petrified of what they can do to me. You are the first person in the last 9 years of doing this blog who has ever thought to threaten me with an attorney about removing factual content from my news website. Perhaps your wife should look into suing the MIAA for violating your daughter’s Title IX rights by allowing the intrusion of male athletes into female only spaces.

Matt also lied and said that I posted his address because he knows his claims are so baseless.

Sir, you are not a professional athlete and I am not trying to sell your jersey for profit. I am not owning or monetizing your likeness because it is worthless. I posted a picture of you that was viewable to the public on your Facebook page. You look like Colin Quinn on cocaine.

But please, lecture me more about how the law works. I have no experience in this field.

Anyway, if Matthew wants to come on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM he is more than welcome to. We will be discussing his likeness and why I’m so scared of him. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch.


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