Arlington BLM Activists Organize Counter Protest To Pro-Police Rally Thursday Due To Perceived Connections To Turtleboy And Other “Hate Groups”


Last week we broke a story about Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine forcing his officers to remove thin blue line decals from their vehicles because it could offend people who hate the police. This blog has evidently caused quite a stir in town, and has led to a back the blue protest, and a counter protest to the protest.

A rally planned in Arlington in support of police officers is drawing a sharp rebuke from Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine. The “Back the Blue” rally is set to take place on Town Hall Plaza Thursday, Sept. 10. Chapdelaine said while he agrees with supporting the Arlington Police Department, which he called a “model for what police departments should be across the nation,” organizers were believed to be linked to a controversial group called “Act for America.” The organization has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, according to Chapdelaine. Chapdelaine told Patch Wednesday that organizers have disavowed any affiliation with the hate group.

“The Town of Arlington strongly condemns any group that stands for and encourages hate and racist views toward any members of the Arlington community,” Chapdelaine said. “Protests sponsored by groups like this are often focused on stoking civil unrest and creating fear in order to gain media attention and followers.”

“I implore people of all opinions and perspectives to actively engage in this discussion with the community as opposed to participating in a rally like the one planned for Thursday, which I fear will only exacerbate tensions,” Chapdelaine said.

Several residents have asked town officials to prevent Thursday’s demonstration. Chapdelaine said while the town has control over what is displayed on its buildings and flags, and the messages conveyed by its leaders, demonstrators have a right to assemble peacefully on public sidewalks and street corners.

“In these most traditional of public forums, however vehemently the town’s government disagrees with those who assemble, however poorly conceived or ugly a message – this government does not deny the right to assemble in orderly lawful fashion and it does not allow or disallow speech in public forums based on agreement,” Chapdelaine said.

“To reiterate, the Town stands ready and willing to both support the women and men of the Arlington Police Department while simultaneously engaging in community dialogue about valid concerns and needed reform,” he continued. “However, the town equally stands ready to denounce messages of hate that are brought to the community.”


“I implore people of all opinions to actively engage in a discussion with the community as opposed to participating in a rally like the one Thursday.”

Why is the Town Manager urging people not to freely assemble and protest their grievances about the government? Why is the government actively trying to suppress First Amendment rights of peaceful protesters? Why is the government picking winners and losers by encouraging BLM protests, despite the fact that they are far more divisive than pro-police demonstrators?

This is what happens when your town is run by someone like Adam Chapdelaine.

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He still proudly flies the flag of black lives matter on Town Hall, despite the fact that they are one of the most hateful, violent terrorist groups this country has ever seen.

Tying peaceful conservative people to “hate groups” in order to discredit them is what people like Adam Chapdelaine do now when they can’t find anything wrong with peaceful conservative people. They use the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source, which is laughable at this point. The SPLC is itself a hate group, and has been criticized by the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, and countless other left wing organizations, for labeling human rights activist and female genital mutilation survivor Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a “hate group.”

Regardless, the organizers of Thursday’s rally have nothing to do with the “Back the Blue” group that the SPLC has deemed a hate group. This protest to support police was organized by the local bootleg version of that group called America Backs the Blue, because putting thought into slogans is overrated anyway.

Adam Chapdelaine got the idea that America Backs the Blue is a hate group from his constituency of Antifa rejects who are still mad that they didn’t get invited to the prom. One of them is Laura Kiesel.

If plain bagels had a face.

Laura is a failed writer and angry woman who claims to be disabled and hates the police.

She’s been specifically calling out the wife of a cop for organizing this peaceful protest in support of murdered police officers, because that woman’s husband is the brother of another cop who once wrote a “controversial” op-ed in a police magazine about using self defense to fight back against protesters who attack cops.

I never spoke to this cop’s wife prior to the blog being published, but they’re trying to tie us together because in their delusional brains I am a white supremacist, therefore anyone who’s ever read a Turtleboy blog is also a white supremacist.

I was sent a screenshot that this woman posted, but we never spoke. Apparently that means we’re besties now.

Laura says she doesn’t feel safe counter protesting.

And she thinks it’s a conflict of interest for cops to work details at the event, which wouldn’t be necessary if her group didn’t show up specifically to silence the other group.

Here’s an idea – just let them have their pro-police protest. Ya know, like we did for your black lives matter riots.

But instead of doing that Laura wasted an entire day of her life reading Turtleboy blogs and has come to the conclusion that I am a white supremacist.

Meanwhile on Monday I led a protest against systemic racism to affirm the value of black lives in Hyde Park.

I immediately commented that her calling me a white supremacist was defamatory and ten seconds later she either blocked me or took it down. Don’t let these people get away with calling you things that aren’t true. Call them out on it.

One of the other big opponents of the peaceful protest is a local BLT-123 who goes by Robin Finn.

I’m shocked it has a problem with TB. It looks like such a fun person to be around.

According to Pronoun Pat, TB Daily News is an “extreme right wing” news source.

But at least they’re calling us news though.

It (I am referring to Robin as It because it has not given me its pronouns and I do not want to commit a microaggression by saying the wrong one) says that fascists are hunting it because it’s a “queer disabled trans person.”

It believes that Apparently America Backs the Blue must change its name because they come up on Google when you search for another SPLC “hate group.”

Wait till she finds out what comes up when you Google brown eye.

Think of the stupidity involved in this line of thinking. “America backs the blue” should change its name because another group called “black the blue” comes up on Google, and they sound too much alike. Using her logic I could start a group called “black lives do matter” and BLM would have to change its name because being associated with me means you’re a hate group too.

The protest is supposed to happen tomorrow at 4 in the middle of Arlington so it should be a hot mess. I’d go but I’m an adult with children to tend to so 4 PM on a Thursday doesn’t really work for me at the moment, as much as I’d like to start going to events like this more often. It should be a really productive time though, with a bunch of people who hate each other yelling competing slogans back and forth. I’m just honored that for once TB seems to be one of the primary factors catalyzing the counter protesters. I’ve finally made it big time!


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