Arlington Resident, WGBH Employee Jordan Weinstein Accuses Turtleboy Of Being White Supremacist During Board Of Selectmen Meeting, Links TB To Back The Blue Rally


Jordan Weinstein is a WGBH radio personality, small business owner, and Arlington resident.

Your tax dollars pay his salary.

Jordan recently spoke at the Arlington Board of Selectmen meeting in regards the ongoing drama in town in which Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine forced police officers to remove thin blue line decals from their cars, because supporting murdered police officers is offensive to black lives matter terrorists. At about the 1:39 mark he went on a rant about how Turtleboy is a white supremacist.

“In terms of the back the blue and the accusation that Diane made that it was a connection to white supremacy, I wanna point out that maybe the name and maybe this organization wasn’t part of a nationwide white supremacist organization, but one of the organizers of this back the blue rally is an ongoing member and contributor to a white supremacy website called Turtleboy Sports. They posted recently, and they also have a Facebook page, so there is a connection to white supremacy and at least this organizer of this rally.”

People like Jordan think it’s OK to go around making up lies out of thin air in order to damage people’s reputations, simply because those people refuse to subscribe to their political ideology. He made up a blatant lie that I am a white supremacist, my blog is a white supremacist blog, and I helped organize the back the blue rally in Arlington. None of those things are true. I wrote about it and criticized the gutless Town Manager for disrespecting murdered police officers by associating the thin blue line tribute flag with white supremacy, while allowing the black lives matter flag to hang on town hall.

I could sue Jordan Weinstein for this since he said it in a public setting, no one corrected him, and this damages my reputation and ability to do business. I might win, but since libel is such a high bar to cross (I’ve been sued and won several times) it would drag out for years, cost me a lot of money, and might not end in my favor. However, I have been told by reliable sources that Jordan Weinstein is a pedophile.

I will not reveal those sources because they are confidential. However, he appears to be unmarried and certainly has the look of a pedophile. Would you allow your children to be around him? I certainly would not. His last name is Weinstein for crying out loud! Here is his statement rephrased.

“I wanna point out that maybe his white supremacist friends are not part of a nationwide pedophile ring, but Jordan Weinstein is a pedophile. He recently posted on Facebook, so there is a connection between the town of Arlington and pedophilia, since Jordan Weinstein is from Arlington and he is in fact a pedophile.”

If this is the standard of discourse Jordan Weinstein and people like him choose to engage in in public settings I will engage back. I am open to discussing a mutual agreement in which both parties publicly retract their statements, but I will not engage in unilateral disarmament.

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Fact check – Turtleboy organized a rally last week in defense of black lives to fight systemic racism.

Fact check – Jordan Weinstein lives in a wealthy town that prices out minorities, and almost every person he associates with is white.

Fact check – Jordan Weinstein refuses to allow black people in his social circle.

Conclusion – Jordan Weinstein is a white supremacist.


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