Attleboro Facebook Admin Threatens Elderly Customer With Slander Lawsuit For Stating His Opinion About Her Plumber Husband’s Prices


As someone who has been sued for libel more times than I can count, I’m pretty familiar with what you are and aren’t allowed to say on the Internet. If you tell the truth, or offer an opinion about a person or a business, you have not libeled anyone. However, there are no shortage of people out there who are under the illusion that getting your feelings hurt, or having someone say something negative about you, is defamation. I bring this up because I saw this in the Everything Attleboro group that kicked me out during the Franklin Baxley debacle (don’t bother kicking out our accounts, we already have a million more in each and every group in New England).

  1. The guy making this complaint is old, cheap, unfamiliar with how the Internet works, and completely in the wrong when it comes to the dispute.
  2. Nothing he said was untrue, everything was opinion, and this was clearly an example of protected free speech.
  3. You don’t get to decide what a fair charge is for a plumber on a Sunday, the market does.
  4. If you can find a plumber that charges you less than $250 for a house call on a Saturday then you should’ve called them. Instead you called the guy who charges $250, he did the job you hired him to do, and then you whined about it on a community Facebook group.
  5. Plumbers are like lawyers. You’re not paying them because the work they do is so hard that they must charge you that amount of money. They’re charging you that because they invested time and money into developing a unique and valuable skill set that you have no choice but to pay for if you’re in a bind. You’re not just paying for the work they do, you’re paying them for the work they put into learning how to do the work they do.

Anyone who read this knew that it was an old guy (he says he’s old right in there) who is clearly very cheap. His complaint is ridiculous and no rational person takes him seriously. If this were your business you should just comment professionally underneath, explaining that this is what it costs, or just don’t respond at all. Whatever you do, don’t do this:

And just like that I’m on Team Old Guy. I so wanted to root for the plumber too. But then she had to go and mention attorneys, screenshots, civil suits, and slander, and pretend to know what she’s talking about. Even though what she said is absurd and ridiculous, the threat is real, and I despise people who treat the courts like a feelings playground. Although these people will never get a judgement in their favor in court, they waste defendant’s valuable time and money, and clog up an already overly clogged up judicial system. These people are Fascists who believe that speech that is critical of them should be illegal, and they should be called out whenever spew nonsense like this.

Here’s some advice for Old Susannah:

  • Paying an attorney is a waste of your time and money because you have a 0.0% chance of winning.
  • Defamation is almost impossible to win as a plaintiff because you must prove that he 1) intentionally and knowingly lied, 2) did so with malice, and 3) as a direct result of these lies you lost business that you would not have otherwise lost. Do you have screenshots of customers messaging you telling you that they’re not hiring you anymore because they read this guy’s post? I’m sure you don’t, but let’s assume you do. That’s a good start, but it’s not enough. Do you have proof that he was lying? Nope. He was just complaining that he thought you should charge less. Do you have proof he had any sort of malice while writing this? Nope. He’s an upset customer who has every right to voice his displeasure with the services, or costs of services rendered.
  • There are 2 types of defamation – slander and libel. Slander is spoken defamation, whereas libel is written defamation. It’s literally impossible to slander someone by writing words on the computer. The word you’re clearly not understanding is actually libel, not slander.

Other people tried to inform her of this, but she already knew everything anyway.

Legal expert Susannah.

According to her “we don’t care about the money part” because they care about what he said in addition to that.

Except his entire complaint was about the money charged.

As it turns out Susannah is the admin of this group, and she posted an update on the rules and regulations to make it clear that no one is allowed to bad mouth a local business in the community Facebook group if her husband owns it.

Hey Brian McDonald, come get your wife away from the computer. The damage done by one old cheap elderly man isn’t nearly as damaging as what she’s doing to your reputation.


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