Aunt Of Plymouth Man Seen Beating Ex-Girlfriend In Viral Video Blames Commenters After He Took His Own Life, Challenges Them To Fight, Vows To Put Them In Jail 


Tyler Nason, the Plymouth man who just two weeks ago was exposed by his ex-girlfriend after she posted a video of him beating her and kicking in their bedroom door, has expired.

According to reliable sources he took his own life recently after hiding out from the warrants at a relative’s house on Cape Cod. As expected, TB Daily News is being blamed for this by individuals like Ayden with a Y who believes we should be sued for publishing the video.

It was really only a matter of time until we were blamed for a suicide. I take no joy in this, but I’m not sad about it either. What he did to that woman was horrific, and he should’ve manned up and paid for his crimes instead of putting his family through this.

The Michelle Carter verdict set a horrible precedent because now you can be convicted for the voluntary actions of another person. However, this is much different. Her victim was not a criminal who was running from the public shaming of being a domestic abuser. Her victim made it clear that he did not wish to kill himself. And my motive was not to gain sympathy if and when he did kill himself. Michelle Carter did all of those things.

Any sympathy I may have had (not that I had any) was immediately gone as soon as I saw his family defending him on his page. In particular this woman.

Who wore it better?

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Good lord. I’ve seen dead end streets in Worcester that are less bumpier than that woman’s face.

Auntie Donna King is from Fall River, and she did what any normal grieving family member would do in a situation like this – challenge every person who commented on her nephew’s page to cash deez hands.

She claims that everyone who piled on her nephew over the video is going to jail.

And she says that there was a perfectly good reason for him to assault the woman in the video and destroy that door, we just don’t know it.

I’m sure there are many reasons to beat a woman who’s running away from you and begging you not to hit her. I can’t think of any off of the top of my head, but perhaps Donna can fill us in on the details.

Oh I see. She antagonized him into do it. This seems like a great way to garner sympathy for a loved one.

As horrible as Tyler Nason’s crimes were I won’t celebrate this because that would be in bad taste. But I also won’t allow anyone to pin this on me or any of the other commenters who told him to kill himself. A blog didn’t do this, and mean comments on Facebook didn’t do it. Tyler Nason is responsible for everything, and a good way to avoid being shamed for beating women is to not beat women in the first place.


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