Plymouth Woman Posts Video Of Boyfriend Tyler Nason Violently Assaulting Her, Kicking In Bedroom Door 


Update: Tyler Nason killed himself 2 weeks after this blog was published. This was his choice, and we will not censor content because of the possibility that people who do bad things might harm themselves after being featured on here.

This is Tyler Nason from Plymouth.

And as you can probably tell by now, he is a domestic abuser. In February his girlfriend at the time filmed him during a violent tirade in which he beat her repeatedly, destroyed their bedroom door, and verbally abused her as she pleaded with him to stop. According to the victim she has since taken out a RO against him, and there is an upcoming domestic case. Trigger warning – this video is not for children.

Crazy part:

If whiskey dick had a face.


One face frosting could’ve prevented this. I have the perfect rebound girl for him though.

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She’s out of jail, give her a call.

If you didn’t watch the video it’s pretty disturbing. The door is already smashed when it began at 5:30 AM, so he obviously was lashing out violently before she began filming. and she began filming it. It’s obvious from her tone throughout the video that she is used to this sort of behavior, as she repeatedly calls him babe, and tries to calm him down as he abuses her and chases her around the house.

You can tell that she is routinely abused verbally by this ass clown, and I’m sure that’s not the first time he’s hit her. He chases her into the room, calls her a retard and a fat fuck, and then hits her with what appears to be a wallet, before hitting her four more times with his fist. Of course he blames it all on her. You can see him holding what appears to be a wallet, that he hits her with before punching her four times in the face.

In classic abuser fashion he blames her for his behavior.

“Stop f***ing getting me up. Shut the f*** up!” I’m so done with your retarded ass.”

She did this. She got him up. This is all her fault.

He then kicks in the door some more.

And hits her several times again, including at least once in the head on her bed, while she pleaded with him to stop:

“Please stop hurting me.”

Punches her.

Awwww my face!!”

“Shut the f*** up or I’m gonna choke you. I’m gonna choke you to f*** death. I’m gonna put you to sleep forever.”

It was really only a matter of time before he killed her. He then blames it on her again.

“Wake me up again b****. That’ll be the last time you ever wake me up.”

Because that’s what abusers do. Nothing is ever their fault. She woke him up. She made him do that.

He then kicks her out of the house.

“You better pack your s*** and leave. Get the f*** out of my house or I’m going to beat your head in. I’m f***ing done!! I don’t give a f***. I don’t give a f***, get the fuck out!! Put your f***ing clothes on and get the f*** out!!”

“Stop Tyler.”

“No, I’m f***ing done stopping bro. You’re not gonna wake me up at 5:30 in the morning to start s***. Get the f*** out. Get your fat ass out bro.”

And then he blamed it on her for a third time.

“This is what you wanted right? I told you ten times to leave me the fuck alone!!”

She wanted it. She wanted to be beaten. He’s a wild, uncontrollable animal who can’t be expected to behave like an actual human being.

Tyler Nason didn’t just start being  a degenerate though. He’s been a waste of life for quite some time now.

Have you considered suicide?

But because this is America there’s no shortage of enablers in the comments blaming the victim.

Should’ve stopped at “he’s abusing her.” Pretty easy to defend an abuser when it looks like you could eat your boyfriend for second lunch.

Then there’s this guy.

That last face you see before drinking your Bill Cosby Coolata.

If anyone has more info on this maggot feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]


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