Ayanna Pressley Asked Boston Police For Full Time Detail Outside Her Hyde Park Home Despite Calls To Defund The Police


Congresswoman Ayanna “Ringo Starr” Pressley has been one of the leaders of the “defund the police” movement and a frequent critic of police, who she refers to as murderers any time they have to use their service weapon in defense of the community.

She defended Jacob Blake and demanded “accountability” from the police after Blake was shot while armed with a knife and attempting to kidnap three children he did not have custody of from a woman he raped two months prior.

She wants police out of public schools in favor of social workers because she believes that buildings with 2,000+ teenagers, many of who are in gangs, will be safer without trained law enforcement officers who are familiar with gang symbols and have a connection with the community.

However, according to sources in the Boston Police Department she recently requested from Chief Gross that she have a full time police detail located outside of her house at 119 Blake Street in Hyde Park. To investigate this a source drove down to see if it was true, and noticed a police officer stationed two houses down from her house and another directly across the street.

That police car is parked directly across the street from 119 Blake.

In June Pressley sat down for an interview with Time and told them that moving money away from police department budgets and towards “investment in communities” was a form of reparations for black people.

Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley said she supports efforts to defund police departments during a TIME100 Talks discussion on Thursday, because the movement is “about the investment in our communities which have historically been divested from.”

“This is simply about a refund. This is about true reparations. This is about investment in communities,” Pressley told TIME National Correspondent Charlotte Alter.

For example, police officers shouldn’t be called to a school if two students are fighting, Pressley told Alter. Instead, she argues communities should invest in social workers, counselors and school nurses.

She frequently defends the #DefundPolice on Twitter.

Notice she called defunding the police a form of reparations for black people, something she has long supported. I bring this up because Pressley seems to believe she is owed taxpayer money simply because she is black, despite the fact that she grew up a child of privilege in an affluent, north side Chicago neighborhood and attended an expensive and prestigious private school. She was a cheerleader and a model, appeared in Planned Parenthood ads, and ended up in this part of the country after attending the very expensive Boston University.

Pressley was elected to congress by defeating incumbent Mike Capuano, who she admitted at the time was a radical progressive who she would vote the exact same way as. The one thing that separated her was racial identity, and the 7th congressional district is the only district in Massachusetts where a majority of people are not white. It was a huge advantage for her to be a black woman, and she won easily despite the fact that Capuano had done everything voters wanted him to do while serving in Congress.

Life for Pressley has been extremely easy since the day she was born. She’s been handed things normal citizens have not been handed, and she’s gained advantages due to her gender and the color of her skin. She pretends these things are barriers, when in fact they are elevators. And as a wealthy woman who now owns property in both Hyde Park and Washington DC, she knows that defunding the police is a horrible idea that will affect her negatively. She just pretends to want to defund the police because the fools she represents enjoy that sort of rhetoric.

Also in June she sat down for an interview with hard-hitting BUTV 10, where she said that defunding the police was “an alignment of values.”

But yet she went out of her way to request not one, but two police cars to be stationed at her house in the relative safe neighborhood of Hyde Park. She wants children in Boston Public Schools to be protected by social workers while she is personally protected by men and women with guns. Those police officers could be out fighting crime or solving the 50 homicides Rachael Rollins is always complaining that she can’t solve, but instead they’re getting paid with taxpayer dollars to sit outside of Ayanna Pressley’s house, at her request.

This of course is a result of her self-victimization which is in high gear thanks to the Capitol riots. She and the rest of the squad like to pretend that they were in imminent threat of being killed by this man:

But instead of calling a social worker she called the cops, because Ayanna Pressley isn’t a child and she knows that police are here to protect all people, including militant black women who claim to want them defunded.


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