Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox Honor Jacob Blake Despite Raping Kid’s Mother Digitally, Smelling Fingers And Saying “Smells Like You’ve Been With Other Men,” Trying To Kidnap Kids


Two years ago liberals pretended to give a shit about women who were victims of rape by blindly believing Christine Blasey-Ford’s baseless allegation against Brett Kavanaugh in an attempt to keep him off the Supreme Court, despite literally ZERO evidence that he ever even met her. #Believewomen ended the moment Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of fingerblasting her against her will. But women didn’t really start taking a backseat until George Floyd got killed. That was the moment when black men passed women on the oppression totem pole, and it’s why none of the frauds crying about poor paralyzed Jacob Blake wanna talk about the horrific criminal complaint filed against him for raping his ex-girlfriend and mother to his children. Since no one in the mainstream media seems interested in publishing this criminal complaint, allow me to. Warning, this is pretty graphic. And while reading it just remember that Lenny’s Hideaway in Cohasset proudly closed their doors on Thursday to honor this man.

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He woke her up, digitally raped her, pulled his fingers out, smelt them and said, “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

This is the person the media, every major sports league, politicians, and countless others are lionizing today. The same people who treated Brett Kavanaugh like an animal are treating an actual rapist like a martyr. Women have been completely forgotten thanks to BLM, and the only tragedy here is that the rapist is still alive.

Jacob Blake assaults the mother of his children about twice a year, is unemployed, and doesn’t have a car. He showed up to her house uninvited again over the weekend, she didn’t want him there due to the restraining order, and he attempted to take her car and three children with him so she called the police. In other words, he was attempting to kidnap them.

The police were well aware of his background, knew there was a restraining order, knew he had a warrant out for rape, and attempted to arrest him. Jacob Blake fought them, got tased, and then attempted to get into a vehicle to take the three kids God knows where. If the cops had let him drive away those kids could all be dead by now. Luckily the hero cop shot this Jacob Blake in the back 7 times and paralyzed him for life so he’ll never be able to rape again.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are sympathizing with Blake.

“Moderate” Joe is sickened by police shooting a violent offender who was trying to drive away with three kids, but apparently isn’t sickened by rape. Tara Reade understands why.

Harris want the officer charged for saving those children from this monster, despite admittedly not having all the evidence.

Allison Camerota laughed during an interview with Blake’s father when he said, “I’m not retarded.”

If you’re the man who raised an animal like Jacob Blake you should bow your head in shame because you clearly raised him to have no respect for women.

Just look at all these people who are so proud to support this rapist.

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I expect this kind of pandering garbage from the Red Sox and even the Celtics, but why are the Bruins honoring this animal? Why are they refusing to play hockey in his honor? They literally “wished Jacob Blake well” before their 7-1 thrashing on Wednesday.

Don’t be silent about this. Any time you see someone crying about Jacob Blake just reply with this screenshot:

And make sure you call them out for supporting a rapist. Enough with the BS. No more turning violent offenders like this into heroes.


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