Baby Daddy Of Westerly Woman Who Crashed Car While Under Influence Of Drugs Claims Crackpipe Found In Car Is Used To Smoke Crack


Earlier this week I published a blog about the Westerly Wank Wizard who collected $5,500 off a GoFundMe after crashing her car while high with her baby in the backsteat.

She’d been arrested over a dozen times for several infractions in several different towns, and her family failed to mention why she got into the accident when they raised the money for her. But I didn’t bother looking into who this guy was in all her pictures.

It turns out his name is Pete Paolozzi, and he messaged me yesterday to share his thoughts about the blog featuring his baby momma, who nearly killed his child while driving under the influence of drugs.

Turns out she’s a “good mom” who happens to drive around high with her child in the car. But according to Crystal Pete she is completely innocent, and the fact that she has been arrested so many times for similar infractions is just a coincidence.

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According to him the only thing they found on her was a crackpipe, which he pointed out people use to smoke crack.

This guy makes Mike Giannetti make sense.

And just like his baby momma, Pete has no shortage of Google trophies, including charges from all over Rhode Island with his favorite being shoplifting and driving on a suspended license.


Hopefully he’s keeping up with his child support now.

I invited Pete on the show but it doesn’t sound like he’s up for it. If you change your mind Pete the invitation remains open, so send me a DM at Clarence Woods Emerson and we can make it happen.


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