Baby Mother Of Missing Brockton Man In Vermont Has Documented History Of Domestic Abuse, Dated Multiple Men During 2 Month Disappearance


Ralph Jean-Marie, a man originally from Brockton who moved to Vermont with the mother of his children, has been missing since April 13 and was last spotted in Barre, VT (near Montpelier).

He was reported to have been involved in a dispute with his ‘significant other,” but left behind his medication, glasses, phone, wallet, and other things someone would bring with them if they were planning on leaving the area.

This story hasn’t gotten much media attention that it deserves, considering the behavior of Bridget Huckins, the supposed mother of three of his children.

In 2014 Huckins was arrested in Brockton for assaulting him, and then stabbing a woman and her dog after the woman attempted to intervene.

In a “fit of rage” Friday night a 20-year-old Vermont woman assaulted her boyfriend, an acquaintance and a dog, police said. Brockton police responded to an assault and battery in progress on Auburn Street shortly after 10:30 p.m. An acquaintance of the alleged assailant, Bridget Huckins, told police she had been fighting with her boyfriend. During the fight, the acquaintance tried to intervene and Huckins allegedly stabbed her twice in the face with a small, pointed metal object, Sgt. Charles Cassiani said. Huckins then allegedly stabbed the acquaintance’s dog in the neck. All three people were transported to the hospital, Cassiani said. The boyfriend and acquaintance for non-life threatening wounds suffered during the alleged assault and Huckins because she was having trouble breathing. The acquaintance declined medical treatment for the dog. It suffered a minor wound, Cassiani said. Police did not note what breed of canine it was. Huckins was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and animal cruelty.

In 2017 she was arrested in Vermont after leading police on a high speed chase in the snow that required the use of spike stripes while she was six months pregnant, because she didn’t want to miss her appointment at the methadone clinic. Ralph was in the car, as was crack cocaine, and she had an outstanding warrant in Massachusetts for the assault and battery charge from 2014.

A Northfield woman is accused of running from police and having drugs in her car while pregnant. Bridget R. Huckins, 23, pleaded not guilty in Chittenden County criminal court in Burlington on Monday to several charges: a felony count of gross negligent operation while eluding law enforcement; a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment; a misdemeanor count of gross negligent operation; a misdemeanor count of possession of a stimulant; and a misdemeanor count of cocaine possession. If convicted, Huckins faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. She was ordered held on $5,000 bail.

According to the affidavit of Officer Karie Tucker of the Berlin police, Huckins was driving in Berlin on Sunday morning when she turned onto Crosstown Road and nearly hit Tucker’s cruiser. Tucker said she noticed the vehicle had no front license plate and when she called in the rear license plate to dispatch, the number did not match any vehicle. She said she attempted to pull Huckins over, which resulted in a two-mile chase. She said Huckins swerved into the opposite travel lane several times during the chase. According to Tucker’s affidavit, the road was covered in snow and ice at the time. Tucker said spike strips were laid out on Crosstown Road and the vehicle was stopped. Tucker said in her affidavit that Huckins told her she was on her way to get her dose from the methadone clinic and was going to be late, which is why she didn’t pull over. Tucker said there were three passenger in the car and they all reported being in fear during the chase. She said she learned from one of the passengers — who said he was Huckins’ boyfriend — that Huckins was six months pregnant.

According to the affidavit, Tucker was given consent by Huckins to search the vehicle and the officer found several syringes, including one with blood on it, and a spoon with a white substance on it in Huckins’ purse. She said Huckins told her the white substance was crack cocaine. Tucker said she found another spoon in the trunk of the car, one with a yellow substance on it. Tucker said Huckins told her the yellow substance was the stimulant Ritalin, which she did not have a prescription for. Tucker said in her affidavit that Huckins also reported running from police because she believed she had a warrant out for her arrest. Tucker said dispatch told her there was an arrest warrant out for Huckins in Massachusetts. Tucker said she later learned the warrant was for a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Huckins has previous misdemeanor convictions on simple assault in 2015 and retail theft in November and in 2015, according to court records.

Huckins received a suspended sentence of up to a year in jail, and was put on probation but was arrested again after missing four appointments with her probation officer.

Granite City woman who ran from police is accused of a second incident of violating probation. Bridget R. Huckins, 24, denied the violation in Washington County criminal court in Barre on Thursday. Huckins was released on a $500 unsecured appearance bond. In her affidavit, Probation Officer Julie Cadorette said Huckins failed to show up for a scheduled appointment on March 14, but showed up later that day saying she forgot about the appointment. Cadorette said Huckins missed three previous meetings with her, the last being March 2. Cadorette said Huckins was told March 2 that she had been given multiple warnings about missing meetings, and if she missed the March 14 meeting she would face a violation. Huckins already faces a December violation of probation. In that case, Probation Officer Teresa Maynard wrote in an affidavit that Huckins failed to show up for a Dec. 1 meeting. Like the new violation, Maynard said Huckins had been given multiple warnings after missing three  appointments. Huckins was convicted in June on charges of felony gross negligent operation while eluding law enforcement and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. She was given a sentence of one month to a year to serve, all suspended, and placed on probation for two years.

She’s a well known drug addict who has been racking up the Google trophies since she turned 18.

Police have arrested three teenagers in connection with a string of burglaries in Calais, Marshfield and East Montpelier. Jonathan Phillips, 18, of Barre, Bridget Huckins, 18, of Barre, and Melvin Dunster, 18, of Cabot, were cited after an investigation found that Dunster was driving a vehicle that was spotted at one of the burglaries, police said. Barre City Police found Dunster and the car along with Huckins and Phillips, and after questioning determined that all three had been involved in the burglaries, police said.

Her most recent arrest was on March 5, 2020.

These are the three children that Huckins claims Ralph is the father of.

Nuff said.

In February of 2019 Ralph began to message his sister on Facebook, using a shared Facebook account, alleged that Bridget had been cheating on him with another junkie, claimed that he was homeless because of her, and that their children were in DCF custody. He begged her to let him move back to the Brockton area and live with her.


But he never did.

Within two weeks of Ralph going missing she was already dating another man from the area named Chris Elmer, and updated her profile picture and relationship status.


She tagged him in a comment 12 days after Ralph was last seen, sharing a group called, “I don’t mess with snitches.”

Chris likes to use the n word and flashes hundred dollar bills on Facebook, which may or may not be indicative that he is her drug dealer.

He claims he doesn’t know anything about his “boy’s” disappearance.

Generally I don’t trust grown men who refer to their friends as their “boys,” but if I disappeared and one of my “boys” started dating my wife just a few days afterwards, then they probably weren’t my “boys” to begin with.

Shortly after that she moved onto another man named Thomas Partlow, and they were Facebook official by May 1.

Thomas seems to have a stellar resume as well.

He was arrested last year for drunkenly driving his car through cemetery gates.

Under his post about their relationship people began to ask about where Ralph was. Bridget responded by referring to Ralph as her husband, calling people with legitimate questions “obsessed,” and telling people to mind their own business.



Her new boyfriend told people to go kill themselves who thought that it was suspicious that a woman whose “husband” was only missing for 2 weeks was already on her second boyfriend since he was last seen.

He also said that these sorts of accusations “make me wanna start blowing peoples f***ing heads (sic) off.” He mentioned “concrete tarps in the swamps,” while referencing what he would do with the dead bodies of people he killed.

Which seems pretty specific for someone with no background in dumping bodies.

Thomas also posted recently about how his temper was so uncontrollable that he could go from “zero to life in prison in 2 seconds.”

Despite the fact that she seems to have moved on to a new man, she still posts about “Daddy” coming home, which would certainly be awkward if he did, considering another man would be lying in bed with her. She also posted pictures of him with his “daughter” and said that she hopes to hear from him soon.

Some of his friends believe that she is responsible, and posted on her page (which is now private) that they predicted that she would kill him.

While her page was still public it was filled with people accusing her of being involved in Ralph’s disappearance. She responded in the most ratchet way possible every time.

Her kids wouldn’t be able to ask her where Daddy is because she doesn’t have custody of them. According to one woman whose caps lock may be broken, Ralph was aware that she was cheating on him with Chris too.

She was also accused of sleeping with a third man, but denied it because she doesn’t fornicate with her foster brothers.

She has a code after all.

Her Facebook postings are not what you would normally expect from a woman whose “husband” was missing.

Additionally, some have alleged that Bridget’s mother Tara Huckins previously said that she believes her daughter probably killed Ralph.

Oblivious to the criticism and over suspicion, Bridget kept posting away, including stuff about black lives matter while the the black father of her children was missing.

Bridget is also aware of the Facebook group started by his family members, where people share information about his disappearance, and allegedly became upset with a Vermont woman who was sharing Ralph’s missing person flyer.

I joined the same group this morning, posted that I was writing a story about this, and then got kicked out because apparently I’m a racist bad guy with bad intentions.

Don’t worry, just because you’re naive enough to believe the nonsense posted in a troll Facebook group called “Turtleboy Racists,” doesn’t mean I’m not gonna help try to publicize this story. Just because all of the other media outlets you contacted ignored you due to the fact that the story of a missing black man with drug problems doesn’t interest them, doesn’t mean that I’m not interested. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with our work. I would refer you to this Boston Globe story about our coverage of Mass State Police scandals, or this story from the Napa Valley Register about how our coverage of Kylie Kirkpatrick ended with her being arrested and charged with 8 felonies. I’ve also written countless stories exposing racism, and shamed athletic directors in Worcester County into allowing a black kid to play football in 2016. These seem slightly more credible than a page called “Turtleboy Racists,” which clearly is the work of a mentally disturbed individual with far too much time on their hands.

At the end of the day I’m writing this story because Ralph seems like a weak-willed, vulnerable victim of domestic violence, and I believe Bridget Huckins had something to do with his disappearance. At the very least her violent history and behavior since he disappeared deserves a lot more scrutiny.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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