Barnstable County DA’s Office Confirms Turtleboy Story About State Police Colonel Covering Up Son’s DUI And Gun Charges, Announce Police Are Applying For Criminal Complaint    


Yesterday the Barnstable County District Attorney’s Office issued a press release in response to a blog we published Tuesday about Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason, who allegedly asked the Barnstable Police if he could remove 4 guns from his son Reid’s vehicle after the 22 year old was found passed out in a parking lot on the morning of February 28.

My office has reviewed a matter referred to me by Barnstable Police on Friday, April 29, 2022. Yesterday, on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 I made a recommendation to the police to apply for a magistrate’s hearing as to whether or not a complaint should issue with respect to one charge. If the magistrate were to issue a complaint the matter would then become a public event and would proceed in the normal course of court proceedings. Until and unless that occurs, it is inappropriate for my office to identify the subject of the application for complaint.

-District Attorney Michael O’Keefe

It’s now confirmed that this incident did happen, and the Barnstable Police referred it to the DA’s office 2 months later on April 29. The DA sent it back to them and told them to apply a criminal complaint to be heard in front of a magistrate, who will decide if there is probably cause to charge with a crime.

A lot of people have suggested that this isn’t newsworthy, but the alleged crime isn’t the story here, the attempted coverup by the Colonel is. Considering his predecessor’s predecessor Richard McKeon lost his job over a coverup involving a judge’s daughter’s police report, you would think Mason would want to make sure not to attempt to use his position of power to help his son get privileges from police that another person wouldn’t get.

Additionally, Mason has used his position of power to terminate unvaccinated state troopers with clean records by enthusiastically complying with Governor Baker’s the mandate. In late March a Suffolk Superior Judge Christine Roach ruled in favor of 7 state troopers who were set to be fired next after they sued Mason. The System rewards corrupt climbers like Mason who do the bidding of tyrants like Charlie Baker, while punishing good cops who refuse to inject a completely unnecessary, ineffective experimental vaccine into their bodies.

The police report for this incident is still not public, but the official narrative thus far is that Reid Mason was sleeping in his car, which was not running. But it was 23 degrees on that cold February night, so why would he choose to sleep in a vehicle that couldn’t produce heat? Additionally, State Police and OUI defense attorneys I’ve spoken with have confirmed that you can be charged with drunk driving even if the vehicle isn’t running, as long as you have access to the keys.

The bottom line is they were planning on covering this up until people started to make noise, and the DA’s Office only issued a press release because we blogged about it.


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