Barstool Sports Podcaster Criticizes Pembroke Citizens For Showing Support For Hockey Players Killed In Car Accident Because They Didn’t Know Them


Last week two former Pembroke High School hockey stars named Billy Hickey and Joey Birolini were killed in a car accident, and the town came showed their support for their families by lining the streets during the funeral procession.

They were buried next to each other.

This is Brianna Lapaglia from Rockland.

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If you looked up “basic” in the dictionary you’d find a picture of her doing duckface and giving the middle finger for no reason. As you can see she’s quite pleasant on the eyes and is used to guys listening to the words that come out of her mouth because she wrongly assumes that they’re interested in the things she’s saying, and not because they’re hoping for more bathroom selfies. She’s also a virtue signaling social justice warrior on social media, fixing America’s problems one t-shirt at a time.

Naturally then Barstool Sports hired her to be a blogger and podcaster.

The woman (Ria) she hosts the show with ( which is called “because we got high” and apparently is just basic chicks talking about their day) donated money so that murderers, rapists, rioters, and looters could get bailed out of jail back in June.

Seeing as Rockland isn’t far from Pembroke Bri Lapaglia thought she’d chime in with her thoughts about the outpouring of support in Pembroke for the deceased hockey players. However, she didn’t try to use the platform she was given as a result of being pleasant on the eyes to try to raise money for the families or offer moral support. Instead she decided to dump on people who showed support for the deceased on social media.

Basic Chick 1: “If one of your best friends dies, say one of you guys died tomorrow, would the first thing in 2 hours you do post a f***ing Instagram.”

Basic Chick 2: “No.”

Basic Chick 1: “That’s the last thing you do is look through pictures together, right? Two kids passed away the other day from a town couple towns over from me, and seeing the comments just like heart, heart, and like all these pictures two hours after they died.”

Basic Chick 2: “It’s so self serving.”

Basic Chick 1: “I told Grace she has to call everyone out who’s fake and didn’t know me, and be like you f***ing didn’t know her. Why are you posting a picture of her?”

So apparently now you can’t offer moral support to grieving families unless you were besties with them before they died. I’m sure the families really hated seeing all those little kids with hockey sticks along the funeral procession since none of them were friends with Billy or Joey.

Since this is Bri’s rule for memorializing the dead on social media, I can only speculate then that she was good friends with Breonna Taylor.

Oh wait, she didn’t know Breonna Taylor at all. How self serving. Turns out she only cares about dead black people when it’s a trendy, viral, and politically safe campaign to virtue signal about. I hope one of Breonna Taylor’s friends calls up Basic Bri and was like, “you f***ing didn’t know her.” That’s what Bri would want her friends to do if she died and the wrong person said nice things about her on social media.

“The officers have not been held accountable.”

Yea, probably because one of them got shot while he was attempting to do his job and he fired back in self defense. But it’s OK for her to pretend to care about Breonna Taylor, it’s just not OK for people in Pembroke who might not have known these two young men that well to show their support for the families.


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