Bedford Peeping Tom Caught On Video Threatens Defamation Lawsuit, Says He Was “Adjusting Package,” Continues To Lie About Daughter


Yesterday we published a blog about a man named Todd DeAngelis, who was caught on Ring video trespassing at a Bedford house, using their ladder to peer into a bedroom window, and rubbing his crotch outside of his pants. He has been to that home many times to drop his 12 year old daughter off, as her friend lives there. According to sources we spoke with a police report was filed, DeAngelis is refusing to speak without an attorney, and he claims that he was drunk and trying to play a practical joke on his daughter. However, this didn’t add up for several reasons:

  • He didn’t park in front of the house
  • It was a school night so his daughter wouldn’t have been sleeping there
  • He didn’t have custody that night
  • He can track where is daughter is using GPS on her phone
  • He’s been accused of doing this before in Winchester

Even if this obvious lie were true, it’s still extremely weird for a grown man in his 50’s to sneak around someone else’s property and use their ladder to look into the homeowner’s bedroom window. If it were true then wouldn’t he alert the homeowner first to make sure it was OK that he was conducting this practical joke on their property?

Obviously his story is completely made up and done to attempt to make himself not look like the peeping Tom that he is. Nevertheless, after publication Todd showed up on our Facebook page to double down on his story and accuse Turtleboy of deformation:

Did he go there because he thought it would be funny to scare them? Does his daughter like scary movies? Was her GPS broke and her phone died? Did he park 2 blocks away? Not sure, because he didn’t mention that enough times during this verbal diarrhea of an after David.

Pro tip – if you get caught and shamed for doing something like this you should just log off social media for a while. There’s pretty much nothing you can say to explain your way out of it. The fact that he thought this was a good idea to post, that it would make the public believe that we got him all wrong, and that he thinks it makes him less creepy, pretty much tells me everything I need to know about him. Even his lies make him sound deviant. I have kids, and if they were sleeping over at a friend’s house the last thing I would even think about doing was showing up there and climbing a ladder to watch my kid play with other kids because it’s “funny.”

He also messaged on Facebook before eventually deactivating his account.

“Men don’t adjust their packages?”

Dude, just stop talking.

“I did not touch myself.”


I encourage Todd DeAngelis to sue me for deformation. I’d be happy to put my undefeated streak on the line for this one. Maybe he can hire the same girl boss attorney Krusty Panties hired.


I do feel bad for his children, especially the daughter. Being a 12 year old girl is hard enough as it is. The last thing they need is their father embarrassing them like this. The fact that he’d continue to lie and use her as an excuse for his creepy behavior shows just how little he actually cares about her.

I’ve since been made aware that the Bedford Police Department are charging him with disorderly conduct, which will make the deformation case a lot harder to make now.

Additionally, sources have reported to us that he recently had the police called on him in Winchester, after he was verbally abusive in public towards his new girlfriend and someone called the cops. He was not arrested, but a report was made. So yea, you don’t end up on Turtleboy on accident. It’s almost always part of a longer pattern of behavior that finally caught up to you.


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