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Belchertown Police Lieutenant Charged With Filming Sex With At Least 7 Women Without Consent After Turtleboy First Reported 2 Weeks Ago


Two weeks ago Turtleboy first reported that Belchertown Police Lt. Michael Beaupre was under investigation for filming himself having sex with multiple women without their consent after one of the women discovered a folder on a thumb drive that included a video of her. Beaupre reportedly asked the woman if he could tape them and she explicitly told him no. The Worcester District Attorney’s Office began to investigate and Beaupre briefly remained on the job after going on vacation. He was finally put on paid leave once word began spreading around town about the investigation, but they continued to use his image in recruiting posts on Facebook.


Then on Thursday this happened:

A lieutenant with the Belchertown Police Department has been charged with illegal wiretapping after allegedly filming women naked inside his own home without their consent or knowledge. Lt. Michael Beaupre appeared in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Thursday, where he pleaded not guilty to 11 charges of unlawful wiretapping and 10 charges of photographing an unsuspecting nude person. 

The charges are tied to allegations that Beaupre was “surveilling a person in the nude,” a state prosecutor said Wednesday. During Beaupre’s arraignment, the state alleged that a person who was in a relationship with Beaupre discovered a thumb drive at his home, which contained a folder of images of her naked, including performing sexual acts. Those videos were taken without her knowledge, permission or consent, the prosecutor alleged.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Beaupre on Thursday, the victim said that Beaupre had previously asked her if he could film their sexual activities and that she “emphatically stated no.” During the course of analysis, investigators alleged that they discovered additional videos of others who were similarly videotaped and audio recorded without their consent. The court documents say that investigators “observed approximately 60 folders with women’s names,” and that those folders contained hundreds of videos.

“Of the 60 folders, we were able to locate 13 folders with videos that were consistent with surreptitious recordings,” court documents state.

The investigators said that they were able to identify seven of those women, who they allege were filmed from several devices in Beaupre’s bedroom and downstairs in his living room. Those videos include audio recordings of conversations. Judge Bruce Melikian indicated that there were seven alleged victims in the case. Prosecutors allege the recordings were taken between 2017 and 2021. Melikian ordered Beaupre held on $5,000 bail, which he posted immediately after his arraignment. Melikian also ordered that Beaupre have no direct or indirect contact with the alleged victims, who he must stay at least 50 yards from.

Last week, Belchertown Police Department spokesperson David Squires said that Beaupre had been on paid administrative leave for around six weeks in connection with the investigation, which the Worcester County district attorney’s office conducted. On Thursday, he said Beaupre remains on leave and that the department has no additional information to provide. A spokesperson for the Worcester County district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to questions.

So they have 7 victims so far, and 13 folders with videos. That means there are more women out there they haven’t yet identified. If you had the misfortune of being wooed by this creep then reach out to the Worcester County DA’s office. We spoke with one woman who did not have sex with him because she got a creepy vibe from him at his house a few years ago, who has not been contacted by investigators.

We messed around when I was VERY wasted but no sex. He had a weird sex toy which made no sense until he tried to bang. I asked him to take me home because him and his house creeped me out. He’s a weird dude for sure. I better not be a victim but I’m also not about to text him. Guess I’d rather not know. I took two pictures of his house at the time- I think just in case I disappeared. it was so bare and odd looking for a single dude. 

Not that it matters, but that looks like Brooks Hattlen’s apartment before he hung himself. Except he’s a much younger man who’s putting in absolutely no effort to get laid, but uses the uniform to make up for his shortcomings.

My question is, did he distribute? Not that it really matters legally, since Massachusetts is one of just 4 states that has not passed revenge porn legislation. But it’s certainly more violating to the victims if these videos were shared with a larger audience.

This is yet another real news story that Turtleboy undeniably broke first, yet there are still people in denial.

Oh no, Turtleboy exposes public servants! We can’t be having that. The ruling class must never be challenged or confronted!

Just to review, Turtleboy is a misogynist for publishing a story exposing a public servant who was sexually exploiting women. These claims were “unsubstantiated” at the time because Masslive hadn’t regurgitated a press release that was emailed to them, even though we spoke directly with multiple victims and sources inside the Belchertown Police Department.

Makes sense.

If you say Turtleboy is a massage therapist enough times then it must be true.

You: “Turtleboy isn’t news because he reported truthful information 2 weeks ago and has ads on his website.”

Also you: “Masslive is real news because they reported what Turtleboy did 2 weeks ago and hid it behind a paywall.”

According to a gentleman named Roger Peyton Turtleboy would never cover a story like this because we simp for police.

Well, we literally broke the story weeks ago and our reporting previously led to the resignation of the highest ranking members of the Massachusetts State Police, but I guess you have a point Roger.

Others on the opposite extreme end are suggesting that Beaupre did nothing wrong because it’s a “violation of his private life.”

The only people whose privacy was violated were the women who were filmed sexually without their consent. But by Wendy’s logic we weren’t there to observe (unless we subscribe to right Pornhub channel), therefore we’re being mean and hurtful to a guy who is paid to uphold the law but is actively breaking it. .

When you post stuff like this on the Internet you should be banned from voting forever. You wouldn’t let a blind person drive a car, so why do we let dumb people choose who governs us?



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