Beverly Restaurant Bonefish Harry’s Profits Immensely After Facebook Post Showing Homophobic Letter They Received Goes Viral


Bonefish Harry’s is a seafood restaurant in Beverly owned by Henry Pariseau, which opened in January of last year.

On June 8 they posted a picture of the Pride flag hanging outside of their business.

Bold, brave, and beautiful.

Yesterday on their Facebook page they posted a letter they purportedly received from a Beverly man named Owen Donaldson, letting them know that he would no longer be supporting their business because of their support for gay rights.


Live look at Owen Donaldson for his reaction to this letter being published.

In less than 24 hours the post has been shared well over 4,000 times, has 4,500 comments, and 10,000 likes. Every time someone comments on or likes a post on a page like that their entire friends list sees it. This post has likely reached close to a million people already. Consequently the amount of support Bonefish has received is overwhelming.

As you can see, many people who hadn’t heard of this place until now plan on going there directly as a result of this Facebook post. Others pointed out how this wasn’t a slanderous letter, it actually helped their business. The amount of money it would cost to hire an advertising company to reach potentially a million new customers on social media is astronomical. Bonefish got it for free by sharing a letter.

I was watching the Bruins (I don’t wanna talk about it) while I was getting tagged in this last night and didn’t have time to look into it until today. However, my first reaction was that it was a little inappropriate for a restaurant in Beverly to be publicly shaming a resident of Beverly who wrote him a private letter. Although I don’t agree with the letter at all, it wasn’t written in a threatening manner. It’s allegedly from an elderly man who has patronized this business in the past but doesn’t want to do so any more because he disagrees with their public support of something he is morally opposed to. If a customer actually wrote something like this to a restaurant, why wouldn’t the restaurant just ignore it, or contact him privately and let them know why they’re going to continue to fly the flag?

Don’t get me wrong, we publicly shame people all the time. We’re also not a restaurant, and it just seems like bad business to do that to a customer. But as we saw above, this was actually great for business. Someone else pointed this out and was flooded with laughing emojis and over a hundred replies telling her how wrong she was.

If he was a real person then this was the very definition of doxxing. Considering the size of the mob the post attracted it could put this guy at risk for sharing an opinion privately with a business owner. But according to some in the mob it was OK because LGBT are “CONSTANTLY” in danger.

There is no safer place for a gay person in the world than Massachusetts. All you have to do is look at the reaction to the post to see that. Homophobes are a distinct minority group at this point, and being supportive of gay rights is both mainstream and trendy. Even most republicans have come to terms with this, and gay marriage is hardly even a political issue that’s debated anymore. There are schools, city halls, police departments, colleges, and even the Red Sox hanging the rainbow flag for an entire month of the year. The ducks in Boston are covered in rainbows as well.

This is widespread institutional acceptance, and gay people are in no way, shape, or form oppressed.

I still think Pride month will always be a necessary thing so long as heterosexuality is the default norm. I have a daughter and a son. When I think of the future I imagine her marrying a man and him marrying a woman. I would be open and accepting if either of them turned out to be gay, but it would require that they do something that heterosexual people never have to do – come out of the closet. And this will always be an incredibly difficult thing for people to do because the default in society is heterosexuality. It’s important to let kids who feel like they need to repress who they are know that they’ll be accepted when they come out.

Except there’s one problem – there is no Owen Donaldson in Beverly.

Why would someone make a name like that? It sounds like this person was proud of how they felt, yet they didn’t want to put their name on it? Why not just leave it anonymous?

Also, notice they got the restaurant wrong in the first sentence.

Why would someone who goes to this place regularly get the name of the restaurant wrong?

I did find this gentleman’s post interesting though.

Not only are they attracting new business as a direct result of this, they’re also letting people come down and take selfies with it. Their restaurant isn’t just a restaurant now – it’s a tourist destination.

Kurtlan Massarky does not appear to have any ties to this restaurant. He is, however, a very outspoken political activist in Beverly, who works as the director for marketing and development for a LGBT non-profit out of Boston.

He virtue signals all the time on his Facebook page while using buzzwords to discuss a variety of SJW issues, including “cultural appropriation,” his hatred for the current administration, and the lack of diversity from “queers.”

He doesn’t like when people celebrate the results of sportball matches, and he thinks that parades for champions, which have proper city permits, are the same thing as protesters blockading I-93.

He understands how marketing works, and he certainly knows that this is great marketing.

Like many, he predicted Armageddon after Trump was elected.

But as a marketing director he also knew that this was a great opportunity to profit, which is exactly what his organization did, much like Bonefish Harry’s when they posted the letter they received.

They used it as an opportunity to fundraise.

It’s like the reverse Chik Fil-A. Or how gun sales and NRA membership increases when a democrat is in office. When people feel like an institution is under attack by powerful lobbying forces, they’re inclined to support them with their business.

Coincidentally Kurtlan has also virtue signaled on Facebook about being the victim of homophobia, and in the wake of the Trump election he joined the throngs of people posting unconfirmed anecdotes of hateful incidents that seemed Shakespearian in nature.

So the woman who chose to have her bachelorette party in Provincetown, the gay mecca of the universe, also freely uses homophobic slurs in public? Interesting choice of venue for a bunch of homophobes.

Oh, and they actually used the term “new America” while listing all the ways they were going to deprive gay people of civil liberties, and this professional activist just so happened to be sitting right there listening to their conversation. It’s not like they could’ve possibly known he was gay or anything.

He’s also an advocate to make Beverly a sanctuary city.

He’s posted about how he, as a Jewish man, believes that his fellow Jews weren’t doing enough to speak out against Islamophobia, even though there are no shortage of Islamic fundamentalists who would like to wipe each and every Jew in Israel off of their homeland.

But yet he also claims to be a Unitarian.

A Unitarian Jew lashing out at Jewish leadership. Makes sense.

Just for the record, religions aren’t Facebook groups. You can’t be a member of more than one. It’s almost as if he’s Jewish when he sees the opportunity for victimhood.

I reached out to Bonefish Harry’s to ask them some questions I had.

Notice that they got the name right on the envelope. They knew that in order for the letter to be delivered they had to put the correct name of the business. Yet they intentionally got the name wrong in the first sentence of the letter.

Also notice that it’s postmarked in Boston, so this was legitimately sent through the mail. I learned today that a letter sent from Beverly to an address is Beverly has to go to Boston first, which explains why the cost of stamps always seems to go up.

You know who else got a hateful anti-LGBT letter in the mail?

Jussie Smollett. And we now know that he wrote that to himself, so it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility that the owners of this restaurant could send a letter to themselves through the mail. Just like with Jussie this letter was also anonymous, since there is no Owen Donaldson in Beverly.

When Jussie Smollett first got that letter it was taken as fact that it was real. He used it as a rallying cry for his political agenda. He did it because he knew people would believe it, because mobs love to get behind an oppressed underdog.

But as we know now, it was all a hoax. What that should’ve taught us is to stop blindly believing things you see on the Internet, but sadly the letter sent to Bonefish has shown us that there are no shortage of people who learned nothing from that. Could this letter have really been sent to Bonefish from a guy who was offended by the flag? Sure. But let’s remember some things:

  • There’s no evidence that this came from someone with no association to Bonefish Harry’s.
  • Bonefish Harry’s just got a ridiculous amount of free advertising and has profited immensely.
  • They posted it right on the 3rd anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.
  • There are likely many businesses and institutions in and around Beverly that are displaying something for Pride month. And Owen Donaldson singled out this random restaurant for his homophobic ire.

The reason that fake hate crimes work isn’t just that people believe them, it’s that it’s almost impossible to prove that something didn’t happen. People who question when they see red flags are labeled as bigots by the mob, which discourages people from openly asking these questions that need to be asked. This is why we exist – to be the voice for common sense in a world where conformity and brainwashing are the accepted norms.


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    1. Yes, total scam. Henry used to wear a “straight pride” shirt around San Diego before he failed and shit all over this city then left. He doesn’t give a shit about the gay community, only his bottom line.

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