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Bill Pulte Is Having A Meltdown And Using His Pregnant To Deflect From Legitimate Criticism Of His Alleged Twitter Philanthropy


In August we began investigating and writing about Bill Pulte, the grandson of a real estate magnate who was drawing attention to himself with his so called “Twitter Philanthropy. Click here to catch up. In a nutshell, Pulte has built a cult of followers by incentivizing desperate people to beg him for money, which he claims to give out to random people who retweet, follow him, and give him their email address. He has given money to sexual predators, appears to have little oversight, and has built a “team” of volunteers who seem to do most of the work for him. He now has massive amounts of data which he can sell if he wanted to. He has gotten nothing but positive press, but he seems to be doing this mostly for himself because he’s obsessed with people loving him.

In the last 48 hours Pulte has been having a public meltdown, attacking two women in particular:

  • Gretchen Smith, the founder of Code of Vets, a non-profit that helps vets in need. Pulte partnered with her a while back because unlike him, Gretchen is an actual veteran, and he knows she’s very well respected which he has used to increase his following and legitimacy.
  • Mindy Robinson, a personal friend of this reporter who has been documenting suspicious activity from Pulte.

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The latest blowup began when Pulte promised a veteran a free dog for his autistic son, which the veteran never received, so he called Pulte out on Twitter. Keep in mind, Bill finds these veterans through his partnership with Gretchen Smith’s Code of Vets non-profit, and he uses them to come across as a “support the troops” and “back the blue” the kind of guy. The veteran who never received the dog was upset and posted screenshots of conversations with Pulte but forgot to redact Pulte’s phone number.

An innocent mistake. Pulte previously offered to give out his phone number last month, and wealthy people like him usually have multiple cell phones, so it really shouldn’t have been a big deal.

You can also find his number on his company’s website.

A normal person pays no mind when something like this happens. But Bill Pulte’s entire brand revolves around drawing attention to himself, and lately by self-victimization. Because of that he chose to pretend that he is in grave danger and this text message allegedly from Pulte’s “legal team” to the veteran was posted.

He doesn’t appear to be in this for the right reasons.

On top of that he then demanded Mindy Robinson retract her story on him and went so far to baselessly blame Code of Vets for conspiring with her.

The picture on the left speaks a thousand words.

That’s Bill and Gretchen giving away a car. Note Bill poses for the picture hugging the recipient while Gretchen stands in the background because that’s not what she’s in it for. This organization has provided him with legitimacy that he then used to increase his followers. But because he’s in it for himself and has no gratitude for an organization that gave him access to veterans he could “help” in order to improve his image, he baselessly accused Code of Vets of harassing him and alerted the FBI that they might not be a legitimate 501c3.

In fairness, if I woke up every day with this haircut I’d probably be upset too.

It gets better. Bill spent the next two days hiding behind his pregnant wife, claiming that the legitimate criticism of her was stressing her out, thus further victimizing himself which he would not be able to do without a pregnant wife. Without any evidence he said that they were getting doxxed, receiving threats, and having their data stolen because one man with 2,000 Twitter followers accidentally posted his phone number. The irony of a man who is suspected of data mining complaining that his “private data” is being stolen was not something he recognized.


It takes a real man to drag your wife and kids into a public spectacle that he created. If his wife is actually stressed by this he has the option of staying off of Twitter, or just not engaging with detractors. But he can’t do that because he’s addicted to attention. One man of no particular significance accidentally tweeted his phone number in a screenshot and now he’s going to die. The mere fact that he has no shame in claiming to be the victim of two skinny blonde women (only one of who is actually criticizing him on the Internet) is exactly why toxic masculinity needs to make a comeback. For the record, Mindy and Gretchen have nothing to do with each other, this is just what Pulte does to people who don’t get in line with the rest of his cult members.

He claimed that he had to hire a police detail, who of course he bought food for because he’s just bigger than life itself.

Does anyone actually believe that his wife is being stalked or harassed? Based on his history I think anything is fair game for speculation at this point. If my wife was really stressed out because I was blogging about someone who was causing her problems, I’d stop blogging about that person and focus my mission, because I actually care about her. He is choosing to do this. Next thing you know he was bragging about his wife’s name trending on Twitter.

Because what stressed out pregnant woman wouldn’t want to be trending on Twitter?

Pulte will use anyone who is useful for him to promote his brand, and his younger, very attractive wife is just the latest.

Pulte is the kind of guy who believes that he got to where he is in life by working hard, and not because he was being groomed to take over the family company since the day he was born. He’s essentially Tommy Boy with a lower BMI, but a worse haircut.

This trauma he was experiencing didn’t stop him from more “giveaways” though.

Read the responses he gets on anything. It’s eerily similar to a cult. He blocks everyone who criticizes him, so by looking at the responses you’d think this man is the reincarnation of Jesus.

And then there’s this.

Because ultimately this is all about feeding his ego and his desire to be loved.

Code of Vets, despite being openly defamed by Pulte, has chosen to take the high ground.

That’s what someone does when they’re actually doing charity to help people, rather than promote themselves.

Finally to cap it off Pulte when live on Periscope to complain about all the ways he’s been victimized by one man accidentally tweeting out his phone number. Spend 10 minutes watching this and you’ll realize the kind of person Bill Pulte really is.

What a narcissist. All this talk of his data being mined – does he even understand what that means? You can’t mine data from one person with their phone number. But you can mine data when you have potentially hundreds of thousands of email accounts and you’re personal friends with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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