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Billerica School Committee Member Defends Monica Cannon-Grant’s Black History Month Speech At High School, Students Send Threats To TB After Listening  


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Yesterday we first reported that disgraced activist Monica Cannon-Grant was the invited speaker for Black History Month at Billerica High School. This was shocking because she is currently awaiting trial, and almost certain conviction (the feds have a conviction rate approaching 100%), on 18 counts of fraud, including 7 felonies. She will almost certainly be spending a significant amount of time in prison, and has a long and documented history of unhinged, racist, and violent behavior. Although the Boston Globe and many politicians were responsible for legitimizing her, all of them have since abandoned Monica due to the federal indictment.

Yet somehow Billerica High School Principal Tom Murphy and Superintendent Tim Piwowar weren’t aware of this. According to our sources a student group known as the Black Alliance and their advisor were the ones who invited Monica to be the speaker, in spite of the charges she is facing. We urged people to contact the school if they were concerned to let them know this was unacceptable, but I personally have not had my phone calls returned. Several parents have heard back from Principal Murphy, but not in writing. According to them he was deeply apologetic and said that the teacher who allowed this to happen did not run it by administration.

This is unacceptable. Tom Murphy is the principal of the school. The entire student body went to the gym to watch Monica spew her hatred. They had no choice, and certainly could not object. Not a single teacher said anything. Students introduced her as a civil rights leader and the CEO of Violence In Boston INC, a job she has since been fired from due to the indictments.

The woman in the back appears to be the adult in charge of this.

Here are some clips from her speech, juxtaposed with some of her greatest hits.

Tom Murphy owes the public and parents an immediate statement apologizing for this and explaining safeguards he is taking to make sure this never happens again. Visitors to the building must be CORI checked to have access to students. Any background check on Monica would’ve revealed her criminal charges. This is gross incompetence.

Thus far the only adult in Billerica who has issued a statement on this is State Rep Marc Lombardo, who condemned Monica.

To show you the influence Monica has on students we received a racist and threatening email this morning from a student using their school issued email account.

This is what an educated students sounds like under the leadership of Tom Murphy and Tim Piwowar.

“U will be dealth with”

“Leave that damn door (sp) woman alone u cracker”

“When I see u it’s on”

“pull up white cracker”

We also heard from another student on IG who told us that it was the students who invited her, and claiming that only racist kids would be concerned about Monica speaking in front of them.

This is the culture of bullying our schools have created with children. They have empowered children to bully other children for not being sufficiently woke enough. This is what it looks like when you shove diversity, equity, and inclusion down their throats without teaching them how to read and write.

The student went on to tell an unconfirmed anecdote about racism as proof that they had to have Monica speak, before blaming Turtleboy for threats against the school.

“She said she didn’t do the things she was accused of.”

Yes, she did. But I do understand why he would feel that way. If you were a student, wouldn’t you assume that the school wouldn’t bring in someone who was guilty of committing 18 felonies? The Billerica Public Schools vouched for her, and allowed this child to be brainwashed by Monica Cannon-Grant. Unacceptable.

This is the student who is messaging us these things:

Like the majority of high school kids these days, he is exploring the gender spectrum and experimenting with pronouns. He has been groomed by the school with both BLM and transgender ideology. This is what schools are teaching students is healthy. Here he is saying he wants to bomb Israel, India, and New York City.

Where are his parents and teachers?


Monica’s speech was 22 minutes long, and you can watch the whole thing below if you so desire. Tonight I’ll be braking the whole thing down on the Live Show at 9 PM, and you can click here to subscribe to our channel. But she vowed to throw a party after beating the 18 charges against her, because she is completely delusional.

She lectured children about their white privilege, despite making millions of dollars due solely to the color of her skin.

She talked about dismantling the police.

She made herself seem like the victim because her house was raided by the feds.

And she suggested that the things students will find after searching from her are untrue.


The Mayor she spoke about was actually Marty Walsh, not Michell Wu, as originally reported. She referenced how she got his attention by calling him “mother f***er” 269 times, so it’s not surprising that students would reach out to me with threats after hearing that.

Monica has been taunting me about how she was invited to the school on Twitter, accusing me of “unaliving” one of her children and tagging the FBI.

There is a School Committee meeting tonight in Billerica at 6 PM. I am unable to make it, but would urge all concerned Billerica parents to attend and speak. This is School Committee member Cheri Gargalianos.

According to her Monica was a fine speaker because she didn’t swear and refuses to believe the charges against her are true.

Cheri is a racist enabler and an immediate threat to children. This is unacceptable leadership.

Others tried to justify it as well, in the name of equity.


All of these people are threats to children.

We will see you tonight at 9 PM.




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