Sources: Billerica High School Invited Monica Cannon-Grant To Be Guest Speaker For Black History Month Despite Facing 18 Federal Charges, Told Students Not To Believe Stories About Her, Called Mayor Wu “My N Word”


Editor’s Note: Billerica Principal Tom Murphy’s email is [email protected]. We urge you to contact him and demand to know why he invited Monica Cannon-Grant to speak.

Breaking News – According to multiple students and parents from Billerica who have contacted us today, Monica Cannon-Grant was invited to speak to students today for Black History Month. Last March Monica was charged with 18 counts of fraud in federal court, including 8 felonies, for using her BLM non-profit to defraud the community of millions of dollars that she spent on herself.

This is the same woman who once threatened a black woman running for Congress against Ayanna Pressley, and accused her of “riding white penis for a credit score” because her husband is white.

Monica was since fired by the board of her own nonprofit, Violence in Boston INC, and has been living off the government while awaiting trial. She claims she will not be taking a deal, which means she will certainly be convicted and spend a substantial amount of time in jail.

She has been privately fundraising for legal fees, and parted ways her court appointed attorney last week. Listen to this woman speak and imagine thinking it would be a good idea to invite her as a guest to speak to children in school.

To celebrate Black History Month Monica posted a picture last week of her ideal utopia, showing a black man whipping white slaves while they pick cotton with the caption, “Making MLK proud,” while insinuating that she expects reparations (which she doesn’t know how to spell) for being black.

She also posted a picture of herself giving the middle finger while quoting fugitive cop killer Assata Shakur:

Billerica is a conservative town that voted for Donald Trump twice. The majority of kids she saw today came from homes where their parents voted for Trump. This is what she thinks of them:

According to parents we spoke with Monica made students stand for the black national anthem, and referred to Mayor Michelle Wu as “my n***a,” in front of the student body. A student also confirmed this to us, and said that Monica told them “not to believe what the Internet says about her,” before lying about all of her fake accomplishments that she used to defraud the community.

Parents have reached out to Principal Thomas Murphy who has not responded.

I likewise called the school, but no one in the main office, principal’s office, or guidance office picked up the phone.

Who made this call to invited a disgusting, violent bigot awaiting federal charges, to speak in front of impressionable children at a high school? The public demands and deserves answers.

How insulting is it for a white administrator to assume that this is what best represents the black community during Black History Month?


Do they not have Google in Billerica? It’s simply unacceptable for an entire school administration to play dumb and pretend that they don’t know who this woman is. She’s been all over the news for the last year, not just on Turtleboy. Whoever made this call should be fired for incompetence. If you’re dumb enough to make a call like this then you are not fit to run a public high school, and you are a horrible role model for children. Nothing less than a firmly issued statement apologizing for this is acceptable.

How much was she paid in taxpayer money to do this? There’s no chance Monica would EVER speak in front of a suburban white audience for free, since she believes white people should give her money simply for existing. She’s also desperate for cash since she’s once again obtained private counsel.


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