BLM Activist Took Credit For Taking Care Of Cambridge Cats He Lured, Tortured, And Killed, Got State Rep To Blame Police For Racially Profiling Him


Yesterday we published a blog about a Cambridge black lives matter activist named Rasha Gober, after he was arrested for torturing at least 3 neighborhood cats that he lured to his apartment, killing one of them. He also searched for how to torture cats on Google, and lured them to his house with traps.

Gober was found to be in possession of a BB gun and pellets, and investigators noted that they also located a trail of cat food leading to his home, glue traps, bloodstained towels, open bags of cat food, and clumps of fur on his property, court documents indicated.

Gober’s Google history on his iPhone reportedly showed a slew of startling search inquiries about torturing cats:

  • Ways to torture a cat without killing it
  • Will Clorox burn a cat
  • Will ammonia knock a cat out
  • Keeping a cat hostage
  • What if someone tortures an animal once
  • How to load an Airsoft cartridge
  • BB guns in Mass.
  • What happens if you throw bleach on a cat
  • Sounds to lure cats
  • What are sounds that only cats can hear
  • How to lure neighborhood cats
  • Where can I buy cat nip
  • I stole a stray cat
  • I hate cats and caught one
  • How to force feed a cat
  • Cat chemical burn
  • Blowing weed smoke in a cat’s face
  • Ways to torture cat
  • Hurt cat without killing it
  • Cat cruelty video clips
  • Get rid of BB gun
  • Desire to harm cats in adulthood
  • Psychopathology of hurting animals

David Petrillo, a maintenance worker who was called to fix a washing machine in the basement of Gober’s home, helped crack the investigation after he spotted bag of cat food and BB gun pellets on the ground. Petrillo says he grew more suspicious when he noticed sticky traps outside the home, along with a camera and wire.

“There was cat food placed near them because he was trying lure them and stick them on the trap,” Petrillo said. “Then see it on the camera and come down and get them.”

Since then we have found posts Rashad made in a cat lost and found Facebook group in which he pretended to have a cat that was injured in the same manner the cats he tortured were injured.

He also took falsely took credit for rescuing a cat he tortured and was applauded for being a neighborhood hero.

This idiot wanted to be the hero so badly that he intentionally made himself the prime suspect.

But wait, it gets better. Because this is Cambridge, a city filled with white SJWs who will automatically believe anything a black person says because they feel as if it is their duty to, Rashad told the owner of Buddy the cat (the cat he did not kill) that he had been racially profiled by the Cambridge Police when they raided his house. They even contacted State Rep Mike Connolly, a radical BLM supporter who hates the police, who reached out to Rashad for comfort.

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The owners of Gosha, the cat he killed, had a feeling Rashad was responsible and told police that. Rashad went and told Buddy’s owners that they were picking on him in an attempt to divide them.

Oh, and he was also arrested for warrants out of Framingham a couple weeks ago.

No wonder he hated the police.

We also discovered a blog Rashad published, in which he talks about his years as a closeted homosexual who married and divorced a woman while living in the south.

In one of the blogs he wrote his own obituary, in which he of course died after being killed by a racist police officer.

We include all of this information about Rashad because throughout his life, he was chastized as “too white,” because of his education, achievements, and way of speaking (Lord knows he had a thing for correcting grammar!). But even this characterization of a successful black man as belonging to another group because of his accomplishments was not enough to save him from being profiled and killed in a single interaction with a police officer in America.

Because victimhood is worth so much in our society that people who aren’t victimized by the police are forced to fantasize about it.

At the end of the day Rashad Gober is a psychopath who will likely hurt a human being one day, because that’s the natural progression when people torture animals. But he knew how to use his race to play off the sensibilities of naive white people, thinking that they would never dare collaborate with the police in having a black man arrested. He may have chosen to live in Cambridge specifically because of that. But it turns out their activism ends when you mess with their cats.


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