Blue Haired Bisexual Woman Fills Out Abi The Desk Girl’s Blog Removal Form, Vows Defamation Lawsuits For Screenshotting Her Comments Without Copyright


On Friday we published a blog about a library in Burrillville that was displaying books about 5 year olds switching genders and graphic stories about ass eating and moist vaginas:

A lot of groomers were defending it and we highlighted some of their comments, such as this one from something with blue hair called “Tee Fallon,” who believed that 4-8 year olds were old enough read about guys named Marco splooging inside their live-in girlfriends.

Shortly after the blog was published the blue haired bisexual messaged our Facebook page, accusing us of “in sighting” arguments, as well as defamation and satire, and vowing Internet lawsuits. Luckily Abi the Desk Girl was there to help her navigate the trauma of hurt feelings.

Someone may want to tell her that satire is actually a defense against claims of defamation, but it won’t be me. After this she’ll be suing The Onion for misleading headlines.

Tee insisted that she wasn’t defending the softcore porn book, and was only defending the books pushing transgender indoctrination of children, even though the screenshot said “none of those books are inappropriate for an 8 year old.”

It still wasn’t clear what she was upset about. She said something dumb on Facebook, we screenshotted it and made fun of her for it. But yet she insisted the blog was “legally a lie.”

Abi offered her the blog removal form in the hopes of avoiding a phone call to famed deformation Attorney Richard N. Vulva.

She filled it out:

So she’s calling J. Haskins Law in Tampa Bay, her emoji choices were the puking, middle finger, and angry emojis, and she thinks the year is 2017. It’s still not clear what exactly we got wrong in the blog, but unfortunately she messaged late on a Friday and Darlene from HR (who already suffers from IBS) was already three drinks deep at Applebees so nothing could be done at the time. Tee Fallon became impatient and ended up blocking us because we were giving her seizures.

She’s literally dying from this blog, but first she needs to go on vacation. Then when she returns she’ll figure out who’s getting sued for deformation, life endangerment, and violations of copyright laws. She’s sure the blog won’t be up for much longer, and I can tell from her etch a sketch eyebrows that she definitely looks like she knows what she’s talking about:


We will see once she returns from vacation how this will proceed, but it seems like we may have finally met our match.


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