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Bob Murchison Hides From Turtleboy During Trip To Sherborn Board Of Selectmen Meeting, 5-0 Vote To Allow Vigil With Kirk Minihane Outside Bob’s Condos


I was check out the Sherborn Board of Selectmen agenda earlier in the week, as I’m known to do from time to time, when something caught my attention. Jon Fetherstone from Ashland was applying to get a permit to hold a prayer vigil across the street from some property that happens to be owned by Bob Murchison. We all know Bob Murchison don’t we? The guy with the transgender son who relentlessly harassed WEEI’s advertisers with blatantly false and misleading emails until they agreed to part ways with Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan, because he didn’t agree with their opinions on chemical castration of 7 year olds.

Bob is the ultimate bully. He’s a truly horrid, mean spirited, and evil individual. A man who teamed up with the Boston Globe’s Shirley Leung to harass companies into leaving the top rated morning show in Boston. A sorry, pathetic man who always has to win at everything, but hides behind his computer to do so. He nearly drove Minihane to the verge of suicide, and still continues to harass Barstool Sports advertisers to this day. This man is an enemy of freedom, and I’d argue a diabolical fascist who made his fortune by capitalizing on the housing crisis.

When I saw that this vigil was on the agenda, I decided to head on down to Sherborn because there was no way Bob was going to miss this one. Bob detests free speech, and would certainly oppose Kirk Minihane coming to his town to take part in a vigil.

But alas, Bob didn’t show up because he knew I was going to be there. He knew that this was bait, and he’d never dare expose himself publicly. God forbid he answer tough questions from someone not named Shirley Leung or Dan Kennedy.

Nevertheless I came all that way so I was going to see how the meeting went. As Jon Fetherstone explained to the Board of Selectmen, the purpose of this prayer vigil was to bring together Minihane, Callahan, and Murchison, so they could pray together and realize that there differences didn’t define them. It passed unanimously.

Rumor has it that Bobby Cocklava was watching from his mansion on Lake Street ripping the remaining pores out of his head.

Turns out you can bully WEEI into silencing people because they’re a private company, but you can’t bully the board of selectmen into silencing people because they must uphold the First Amendment. How much does Bob hate the fact that we have a First Amendment right now? All the emails in the world won’t stop this from happening now.

The vigil is set for next Saturday at noon. I plan on being there, so long as I didn’t already agree to do something with the wife and kids that I forgot about, which is a distinct possibility .

And let me just say, I am thoroughly impressed with the town of Sherborn. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s hard to get to, which is how they keep out the riff-raff. It’s the third highest per capita town in Massachusetts, and the whole time I was there I was looking around the room thinking about how rich everyone was. Sometimes I go on Zillow to see if we could move to a town like this.

Maybe if we still had the Facebook page? And AdSense. And Twitter. And we weren’t being sued by a bunch of Bob Murchison disciples. A lot of people don’t like the wealthy, but I do because I want to be one some day. I just don’t wanna be a furry like Bob Murchison.


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