Body Cam Video Of Volodymyr Zhukovskyy’s Arrest In Texas Shows He’s High As A Kite, Carrying Crackpipe While Driving Big Rigs


As first reported on TB Daily News, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, the truck driver responsible for killing 7 bikers in New Hampshire last Friday, was previously arrested in Baytown, TX on February 11. They found a crackpipe on him, booked him, released him, and he paid a fine. He maintained employment as a truck driver in Texas before rolling over a truck months later and getting fired. He then began working for Westfield Transportation and the rest is history.

Well the Baytown Police have released body cam footage of his arrest for the crackpipe, following a call for a disorderly customer, and it shows him clearly high out of his mind. Watch.

He was dancing like a maniac, couldn’t stand in place, could barely speak English, and couldn’t keep his arms from moving involuntarily.

Scary part was that he had a truck parked outside. He drove it there and was planning on driving it after that. He was the exact opposite of tired. He was strung out and jittery, and seemed to have no idea what was going on.

“What are you on?”

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“Smoke any meth?”

“Oh come on guys.”

He almost seemed like he was the creepy Euro dude getting kicked out of the disco by for aggressively dancing with too many women because he was on ecstacy.

He had a perfectly good explanation for why he couldn’t possibly be high though – he had a drug test the previous Monday. Because that would prove he wasn’t high LAST WEEK, and therefore couldn’t be high this week.

Does anyone doubt that he was high when he killed those seven bikers in New Hampshire? This video confirms what he looked like and acted like, as well as his overall state of mind while operating trucks. It’s unforgivable that he was able to maintain employment as a trucker, and get a CDL from the RMV in the first place.

One thing this story has opened my eyes to is the importance of regulation in the trucking industry. He was hired by two trucking companies despite obvious substance abuse problems, and a long and documented history of arrests for drugs and driving under the influence. The last job he ever should’ve been able to get is a job driving a bumper car, never mind a truck. Apparently the trucking industry is completely unregulated and anyone can get a job driving a big rig.

People on my team often bemoan the evils of government regulation, but it’s necessary because of stories like this. The problem in Massachusetts is that our regulatory agencies (like the RMV) are corrupt, and are filled with bloated salaries for people who don’t do their jobs.

So where is Charlie Baker you may ask? That would London of course, where he’s attending a conference on offshore wind energy, and staying until Saturday so he can see the Red Sox-Yankees game there. God forbid he come home and deal with this when he’s in a foreign country taking notes on something he could be briefed on by advisors, or livestream from his office.

Charlie Baker is the most useless empty suit to ever be elected to political office. He talks a big game, and he convinces both liberals and Vichy conservatives that he’s doing a good job. Meanwhile he’s done nothing to correct rampant corruption in the state police, DCF, and now the RMV. This is a HUGE national story, that the media in Houston is even covering now. And our governor hasn’t said a word about it, never mind taken any action on it.


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