Boston Celtics Honor Monica Cannon-Grant As “Hero Among Us” After Receiving Free Donated Van, Despite History Of Violence And Racism


Monica Cannon-Grant is a dangerous, unstable, and racist woman. In July she posted a video threatening to murder Black congressional candidate Rayla Campbell, accusing her of being “riding white penis for a credit score” because her husband is white, calling her the n word, and telling her she was not allowed to have opinions because her “proximity to white supremacy” meant Rayla was no longer Black.


This isn’t the first time she’s done this. Last year a woman in Boston reached out to Monica for support after her home was shot up. Since Monica’s non-profit Violence in Boston INC (which up until recently was unregistered and had no records of how the millions of dollars in donations was distributed) is supposed to help people like this, she was hoping Monica would help her out. Not only was the victim denied services because she was white, she was then publicly humiliated by MCG on Facebook for asking. Monica used the same verbiage she used with Rayla by accusing the victim of “riding black penis.”

MCG also liked a comment from her friend and fellow activist Didi Delgado, in which Didi blamed white people for black people living in project housing, and said that they would be “getting this work, not belonging nowhere ass bitches.”

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Monica is also a mother of six, and has repeatedly threatened to kill herself at home.


In 2019 she posted this violent rant against the police and elected officials from her house after police pulled over a car in her neighborhood.








On top of that she has:

  • Threatened to incite a race war
  • Repeatedly said “fuck the police”
  • Threatened to organize mobs to threaten politicians and police
  • Constantly used vulgarity despite being the head of a non-profit that is supported by several city councilors, the Mayor, Congressman Joe Kennedy, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
  • Bragged about how sources in City Hall “give her the drop on shit”
  • Employs her son, who makes violent rap videos threatening to increase the murder rate in Boston
  • Said that she’s “anti-coonery” and said that there are too many “house negroes and field negroes” in Boston
  • Employs a man named Chris Lewis who assaulted peaceful protesters at Violence in Boston HQ and threatened to shoot them
  • Called people supporting Marty Walsh “captain save a ho mother fuckers”
  • Collected a $6K grant from DA Rachael Rollins officer which she claims she used to pay for abortions

Here is a collection of her doing all of those things.

Yet despite all of this the Boston Globe, Boston 25 News, WBUR, and several other media outlets have continued to present Monica as a civil rights leader in Boston. Google buries our stories on her while giving these positive stories first page on search results for Monica Cannon-Grant.

Yesterday MCG posted on Facebook about the new van her non-profit received for free, (which was covered in images of black men who were killed by other black men alongside images of naked women spreading their crotch regions) said she was being honored by the Boston Celtics in 30 minutes, said that she had “armed security” with her (none of her employees are legal gun owners), and expressed how happy she was that the van was no longer white.

The van work was done by Calvin Thompson, the owner of Supreme Mobile Tire and Auto Repair, who clearly supports Monica’s over racism and violence. Feel free to leave him a review on his Facebook page here.

Monica was right though – she was was honored yesterday by the Boston Celtics as a “hero among us.”

The Celtics are honoring her for being a “community organizer,” who “leads marches for justice in the black community,” and “helped to spearhead violence prevention initiatives,” despite inciting violence and employing men who attack peaceful women protesting structural racism at VIB headquarters.

This is the second time MCG has been honored by the Celtics for her alleged activism.

It should be noted that the Heroes Among Us initiative does honor actual heroes. For instance, two of the people honored alongside Monica were a Marlborough nurse and a Worcester man, both of who saved people’s lives by performing CPR, including the life of a 4 year old boy.

However, after George Floyd was killed by police in May there was a concerted effort from pro sports organizations to give money to black run community organizations, and honor black leaders in the community. The problem is that the people who run the Boston Celtics don’t live in the black community and don’t know anyone who does. But when they read the Boston Globe and they see Monica Cannon-Grant being spotlighted as a civil rights leader they instinctively choose to honor her because conducting background research is too much work. It doesn’t matter who the black person is to the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox, it only matters that they are black.

But letting these organizations know what they are endorsing does work. For instance, in September the Boston Chamber of Commerce honored Monica as one of 10 “Outstanding Young Leaders.”

After writing a respectfully worded email to Chamber President Jim Rooney, which alerted him to her inflammatory postings, they removed her from their article.

Perhaps the Celtics, much like the Chamber of Commerce, were unaware of MCG’s racist past. Considering the NBA’s push to combat racism this summer, the last thing they’d want to do is associate with her if they did know about the violent, racist threats she’s sent so many in the community. I encourage you to send a respectfully worded email to the Celtics to make them aware of this, and include a link to this blog in your email. Include the following people:

Kash Cannon – Senior Coordinator, Community Engagement – [email protected]

Dave Hoffman – Vice President, Community Engagement – [email protected]

Christian Megliola –  [email protected]

Brian Olive – [email protected]

Heather Walker –  [email protected]

Jeff Twiss – [email protected]

Brandon Chinn – [email protected]

[email protected]

We must not remain quiet in the face of racism. Our fight is too important.


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