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Poor Behavior

Foxborough Universalist Church Paid Monica Cannon-Grant To Speak At Mass Despite Recent Violent Racist Threats Towards Black Woman And Others


Well documented racist Roxbury resident Monica Cannon-Grant was honored this weekend at Foxborough Universalist Church.




Monica Cannon-Grant has been focused on violence prevention work in Boston for more than a decade. On Sunday, Oct. 4, she will speak about her work as a Black woman activist at our church.

Posted by Foxborough Universalist Church on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Perhaps the church is unfamiliar with the sort of bigotry and violence they are choosing to honor. For their convenience here’s a video of Monica Cannon-Grant sharing her thoughts on Rayla Campbell, a black woman running for United States Congress, and why Monica has a problem with Rayla’s interracial marriage and biracial children.

Why does Foxborough Universalist Church support the following language in regards to a black woman’s white husband, and alleged lack of blackness?

“This heffer running against Ayanna Pressley. This one here with the white husband. At some point we gonna have to have a conversation with black folks who get in a conversation with white folks and then forget that they black.”

“If white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom and this ain’t your part of the show and you don’t get to talk right now.”

“Regardless of how many white penises you ride, and I ain’t mad at you sis because if you riding that mother f***er for a credit score get you that house boo. Get you that 40 acres and a mule. Just don’t forget you a n***er.”

“I get it, you’ve been riding white penis for a while. I don’t give a shit. You and Tom, Chad, and Bill can get it.”

“We gonna figure out how to organize an event for our congresswoman Ayanna Pressley cuz we need this heffer to understand that regardless of how many white penises she ride, regardless of how many white supremacists she recruit, and regardless of how many Trump supporters she support, that at the end of the day keep your hands off. Keep your fucking hands off.”

“And when it comes to our district attorney Rachael Rollins, yes fuck the police all day long and twice on Sunday. But what you not gonna do is put your hands on that black woman you 4 white men.”

Why does Foxborough Universalist Church support someone who would say the following about black men who marry white women?

“He getting pink uncooked vagina. I get it, I get it. But what I need you to do though is keep your mouth shut on black shit if you ain’t ready to be black”

Does Foxborough Universalist Church also consider Rayla Campbell to be “melanin adjacent”?

“I’ll be damned if I let this melanin adjacent woman, whose proximity to white supremacy is so disgusting, be disrespectful to our congresswoman because white folks have convinced her that she was better. She’s an exceptional negro? Is that what it is?”

Does Foxborough Universalist Church support this sort of violent rhetoric in regards to black women who choose to challenge incumbents like Ayanna Pressley?

“Malcom X would’ve blown somebody’s head off.”

Does Foxborough Universalist Church also think it’s OK to call a black woman a house n word?

“Then you had the house negro who was so excited about being in the mother fucking house, that every time master got sick they was like ‘we sick master.’ That’s what this woman is.”

Does Foxborough Universalist Church support calling black people “coons” if they have a different approach towards equality than their guest speaker?

“I’m anti-coonery. There is a situation in this city of house negroes and field negroes that nobody wants to talk about. And the house negroes will always bow to the oppressor.”

Or perhaps the Foxborough Universalist Church supports this sort of language:

Feel free to ask them yourselves on their Facebook page. Are all these white people that racist and violent?

I sure hope not!

On May 6 they gave a financial contribution to Monica.

How much was it? And do the parishioners who put money in the basket know that this is the sort of hate speech they are financing?

On their website the church lists its 7 principles. Here’s the first one.

  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person

How does giving someone money and a platform after they told a black woman that she is a n word due to the fact that she “rides white penis for a credit score,” affirm the worth and dignity of Rayla Campbell?

According to their website they have a board of trustees, and the only person listed is Kris Pappas.

Here’s her Facebook page, feel free to ask her yourself if she endorses this sort of language.

This article states that James Robinson is the pastor there, and a woman named Leslie Cox is on the board of trustees.

Why do Leslie and James endorse statements such as, 

After mass yesterday Monica posted pictures in her state of the art kitchen, which no doubt was financed with the hundreds of thousands of dollars she’s taken in in unreported income, where she keeps her framed Boston Globe story about how she’s a civil rights icon. Look who was standing with her.

That would be Chris Lewis, her cousin/employee at Violence in Boston INC. The same man who assaulted a woman and threatened to shoot us for peacefully protesting against Monica’s racism at the Violence in Boston grand opening (at the 28 and 38 minute mark).

Two weeks ago Monica Cannon-Grant was also honored by the Boston Chamber of Commerce as one of their 10 outstanding young leaders.

After they were contacted about this they took down their site and apparently have rescinded the honor. So contacting these places does work. Monica Cannon-Grant is a violent, dangerous, mentally unhinged person. She has no business lecturing in a house of worship about anything. She has no business being mainstreamed into civilized society. She should be shunned and her organization should be shut down. And I will not rest until that happens.


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