Boston City Councillor Julia Mejia Addresses Drunk Driving Allegations With Video Blaming White Supremacy, Diabetes, And Gastric Bypass Surgery While Crying About Mean Tweets


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Boston City Councillor Julia Mejia has finally responded to our investigative story about her alleged drunk driving incident, which may or may not have involved crack or cocaine, and was swept under the rug by a rogue Boston cop. Predictably she has framed herself as the victim of white supremacy, while pretending that she is being targeted because she is an “elect of color.”

As part of her tweet she shared these screenshots of people hurting her feelings:

Oh no! Frankie Lasagna and Yor Naked Mama NFT said mean things on the Internet? I hope she’s OK. And she went back 4 months to find another anonymous Twitter person making fun of her uncombed hair. We can’t allow anonymous people to say mean things about powerful people on the Internet 4 months ago! Sure, there are children with cancer and people dying from drug addiction on the streets of Boston every day, but a grown woman got her feelings hurt which is the problem we SHOULD be focusing on.

She also put out a video, which I simply cannot stop laughing at, in which she completely avoids addressing the allegations of the DUI while sappy Christina Aguilera breakup music plays in the background.

Summation – She addresses allegations of drunk driving, abuse of power, drug use, and a police coverup by blaming her weight loss on gastric bypass surgery from diabetes, not drug use.

Newsflash – if you’re an elected official and you ever reach the point where you need to go on YouTube and announce that you’re not addicted to crack, then you probably shouldn’t be a City Councillor in the first place.

I really thought this might be satire at first, but then I remembered that the Left has turned into a meme factory come to life. I actually made a similar video a couple years ago in which turtle riders took turns reading mean tweets they found about me, except it was parody.

Might have to do another one of those tonight. If you’re a woman who wants to read mean tweets to me tonight send me a DM at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].

But back to Julia’s video, she starts off with this:

“We need to do better.”

Translation – we need to stop asking questions about my DUI, the ensuing coverup, and alleged drug addiction. We can only be better when public officials like Julia Mejia are not held accountable.

We know she has read the blog because she showed it during the video and read excerpts from it pointing out that her look (particularly her face, behavior, and voice) has dramatically changed over the last 3 years. She offers no explanation for that.

The only thing she did address was something that was never brought up by me or anyone else in the first place – how she lost half her body weight. Apparently she used to be fat from diabetes, and instead of urging her to diet and exercise Julia’s doctor told her to get the surgery. We know this definitely happened because she shared a picture of herself in the hospital, not looking very fat, with some graphics bout how diabetes is racist, or something.

Case closed! She must be drug free then. Gastric bypass surgery is only done for diabetics who have no other options and a BMI of over 40, but you need to just stop asking questions or you are racist.

“This is what white supremacists do. They tell lies and hope you will believe them.”

How does she know that Frankie Lasagna and Yor Naked Mama NFT are white, let alone white supremacists? Oh right, this is just what dumb people like Julia call people who ask legitimate questions about matters of public interest. I guess white supremacists are the only people who lie on the Internet and hope you believe them. Politicians like Julia Mejia on the other hand are known for their honesty and trasparency.

At no point in her video or tweets does she address or deny the real scandal here – that she used her influence and power as a City Councillor to get a Boston cop to let her off on a DUI. Seems like something she would want to clear up before whining about diabetes and rude comments from Frankie Lasagna. If it never happened she could easily prove that it didn’t, but instead she dug up pictures of herself in a hospital gown and juxtaposed it next to data about racist diabetes.

Boston police officers and firefighters have to get drug tested to keep their jobs. Why shouldn’t City Councillors be held to the same standard? It’s clear at this point with the election of Mejia, Kendra Lara and Tania Fernandes-Anderson that ratchets have figured out how to obtain electoral office. Why should we assume they’re not under the influence of drugs? I’d say that Mejia should take a drug test now, but she could’ve waited this long to respond in order to get it out of her system. Either way, she owes real answers, and so do the Boston Police. A thorough investigation is needed if the most powerful people in Boston want to restore public trust, which we were told during the BLM riots was a huge problem.


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