We Went To Julia Mejia’s Home And Boston Police Headquarters To Ask Her About Drunk Driving Coverup Allegations

Today I went to Boston to audit Boston City Councillor Julia Mejia, who dozens of sources have sent in tips about, regarding an alleged drunk driving incident over the weekend that may have involved cocaine or crack. Since Mejia literally live streamed a murder outside her home in February of 2021, it was easy to find her address. Her car was illegally parked on the sidewalk, her mailbox was overfilled, a Ricardo Arroyo sign remained in her yard, a gigantic Mejia sign was on her fence, but no one answered the door when we rang.

We fulfilled our civic duty by reporting her illegally parked car, which was preventing plus sized individuals from equitable access to the sidewalk.

From there I drove to BPD headquarters in Roxbury, and got a tour of Mattapan and Roxbury along the way. Perhaps if Councillor Mejia invested more time in cleaning up city neighborhoods, instead of live streaming murders, blaming asphalt for violence, and complaining about what a victim she is as an Afro-Latinx she/her of color, then Boston wouldn’t look so grimy.

At BPD HQ I requested a report from a traffic incident we found that was similar to the one described by our sources. Unfortunately it was not the incident we were looking for. However, several higher ranking officials in BPD confirmed to me that the incident I was looking into did in fact occur.

The problem is there is no police report for it, which would indicate a coverup by at least one officer who did not follow protocol. Keep in mind, in June a police officer filed a complaint against Councillor Mejia when she told him that she would be his “worst nightmare” when he didn’t direct traffic the way she wanted him to. After the complaint was filed Mejia mocked the officer for being “intimidated” by a petite she/her like Mejia, even though the real concern wasn’t her physical size, but rather the power she held over him as an elected official.

“The female then stated to me ‘I’m your worst nightmare.’ After hearing those words, I thought that it was strange for someone to say that to me,” the officer continued, later adding, “After a few more times of saying that she was the city councilor, the lady then informed me that she was indeed City Councilor Julia Mejia.”

The police officer also alleges that Mejia “then raised her hands to either side of her face and verbally exclaimed ‘aaahhh,’ which I perceived as someone trying to make a scary face. This was done about 2-3 times.”

Mejia, who did not know about the letter when called for comment, told the Herald Thursday that “I feel really bad learning that he felt that way” and that “I did not walk away from that experience thinking that he took me serious.”

“Our officers are out here in our streets every single day and they come across many different violent and dangerous situations and it’s difficult for me to hear that an officer is intimidated by me, who is 5’2” and weighs less than 100 pounds,” Mejia added later. “If an officer is intimidated by someone like me, it makes me disheartened but also makes me question, you know, their own capacity to be able to deal with situations that make them feel uncomfortable.”

The report that we’ve heard from multiple sources was that she used her political power and position to avoid being arrested last weekend. This would be consistent with her behavior towards the officer who filed the complaint against her.

Mejia has been an outspoken critic of the Boston Police and outright fabricated a claim with no evidence at a meeting in May that there was racial profiling going on in the city. You can hear how raspy her voice is and the newfound bags under her eyes.

She clearly has disdain for law enforcement and feels she is above them.

Because there is no report the only way to confirm exactly what happened would be to obtain body cam footage. We are 99% sure we know who the officer was, but will not print his or her name until we have proof. And because we don’t know the exact time the incident happened it is impossible for us to request body cam footage. We do know it happened in B-3, which covers Roxbury and Mattapan, and can say with certainty that she was involved in an incident with the police.

The citizens of Boston deserve transparency at the very least. The Commissioner and City Council should make it their priority to ensure public trust by getting to the bottom of this. Julia Mejia has not issued a public statement on the matter denying any of our reporting, and has not returned requests for comment. Meanwhile, we can say with certainty that the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Live Boston have had reporters dedicated to working on this story for several days. If all these reporters, with all these sources in BPD who are willing to help, can’t find out any information, then that indicates a lack of transparency.  People have a right to know if elected officials are being held to the same standard as other residents.

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (2:03:15)

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