Boston City Councillor Tania Fernandes Anderson Upset That Qualified White People Were Hired As Superintendent And Fire Chief


This is newly elected Boston City Councillor Tanya Fernandes Anderson.

And she has something to say about white people.

It would be a lot easier if the communists would just said they hate white people.

That is obviously an insanely racist thing to say, but it’s pretty standard now for elected officials in major cities. Ever since they all universally agreed that only white people can be racist it suddenly became socially acceptable to be openly hostile and racist towards white people.

The new superintendent in Boston sucks and can’t help any black or brown kids. Why? Because she’s white.

Sure, she may be highly qualified or have a good track record, but at the end of the day she’s white, and hiring white people is bad.

She wasn’t just upset with the white superintendent though, she’s also upset about the existence of white teachers, cops, firefighters, public works employees, city councillors,

“The majority of Boston is BLACK & BROWN.”

Data is white supremacy.

The best part is she said that Boston is racist because the City Council doesn’t have black people on it. The very same council that she sits on.

Half the City Council is black and brown, and one of the city councillors hung around enough black and brown people that she believes she’s an honorary person of color.

The majority of Boston is communist though, which is why idiots like Tania manage to hold positions of power, and them simultaneously claim that the system is oppressing them. She had some of the most powerful and politically connected Bostonians endorsing her campaign last fall, including then Mayor Kim Janey, Michelle Wu, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, and Monica Cannon-Grant’s co-conspirator Tito Jackson.

It’s hard being oppressed.

Then again she was also endorsed and supported by State Representative Liz Miranda.

And we all know her opinions on race.

She learned from the best.

For people like Tania Fernndes Anderson experience, qualifications, and merit are all bad because those are just tools of white supremacy. That’s why instead of talking about any of those things she strictly talks about the fact that she’s black, female, and belongs to a religion that’s known for being the least tolerant on earth.

“I’m a victim. Elect me!”

Boston recently hired a 32 year veteran to be their fire chief. Here’s her thoughts on that:

“Another one.”

Get it? It’s bad because he’s white. She doesn’t know the first thing about him, nor does she care. She just knows his name is Paul Burke and he’s deficient of melanin, therefore he’s bad for the job. Sure, the fire department makes sure people don’t die so you want the most qualified person possible running it. But when Tania’s home is burning down and a white firefighter comes to save her she just rolls her eyes and asks them to come back with someone more equitable.

Imagine if an elected official said that when she replaced Kim Janey as City Councillor. “Another black woman? Face smack emoji.” I wonder if the Boston Globe would write about that?

To be clear though, it’s not that she objects to the superintendent and fire chief because they’re white, she objects to them because they’re white supremacists.

Guys, she can’t eat.

White people done took all the food too!

Oh well, at least she’s helping deliver results for her constituents by making Muslim holy days official government holidays.

Sure, whatever this day is happens to fall right on Patriots Day, but the Patriots were all white and racist anyway.


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