State Rep Liz Miranda Tweets Slurs About “Retards,” Transgenders, Gays, Asians, Black People, And Others, Republican State Reps Refuse To Condemn 


It’s been 3 days since I emailed the entire Republican delegation of the State Legislature (all Republican State Reps and State Senators) about the hundreds of tweets from Representative Liz Miranda containing racial slurs. After being made aware of this the only one who has officially gone on record to stand against her bigotry and racism is Representative Nick Boldyga, who called for her resignation. I will be emailing each of them a copy of this blog, and would urge you to do the same. Their emails are at the end of the blog, and their silence indicates that they support her overt racism, not to mention the fact that she threatened a pregnant victim of domestic violence, and met up with a convicted murderer for sex in New Jersey and Michigan in violation of his own parole. She’s now using her power as a legislator to push for an end to life without parole sentences in Massachusetts, and is going to be running for State Senate in 2022.

But the n word is far from the only offensive thing she has tweeted out from her official government account. After making her account private for a week and deleting all the tweets with the n word in it, Miranda made her account public again this weekend. However, she left up many more offensive tweets about different groups of marginalized people, and she missed a couple n bombs.

Miranda is originally from Boston, but graduated from Wellesley. She’s smart and articulate when she needs to be, but for years on Twitter pretended to be a low class guttermuppet. Around 2017 her tweets suddenly became appropriate, and she had a newfound thirst for social justice and political correctness because she was running for office in 2018. For instance, Miranda often virtue signals about her support for the transgender community on Twitter.  Yet in the past she referred to these people as “tranny,” and “he/she.”



She demeans the special needs community by using “retard” and “retarded” as insults.


Her language is unbecoming of an elected official. Representative Miranda once referred to herself as a “thirsty puma” who was “finna drop the damn panties” (willing to pull down her underpants and have sex), complained about a lack of men who would perform oral sex on her at a wedding, and asked her followers if there was such thing as “getting too much box.” (slang for vagina)


She pretends to advocate for drug addicts, but referred to them as “crackheads” in the past. She’s also complained about addicts on Meth Mile asking her for money, called drug addicted prostitutes “hoes,” and believes the solution to addiction is to “get a job.”



She virtue signals about Asian hate, pretends that “white supremacy” is a threat to the Asian community (even though a disproportionate amount of Asian hate crimes are committed by black people), and called Trump a racist for referencing the national origin of COVID-19. Yet she frequently tweeted racist stereotypes about the Asian community.




She virtue signaled about raising the gay pride flag at the Statehouse but often stereotypes gay people.




She deleted all her tweets with the n word in it, but has a plethora of tweets with the other n word in it, and a couple with coded use of the n word.




She pretends to stand against anti-semitism, but in the past has accused the only Jewish nation on earth of being “f***ed up” for defending itself from rocket attacks, and gawked at Jews in Brooklyn like zoo animals she was there to observe.



Before suddenly remembering that she is a Wellesley graduate, and not some street tough Dorchester ratchet, she used to tweet about men’s penises and her love for “hood dudes” a lot.



She is one of the leading crusaders for “police reform,” claiming that policing only exists for the protection of white men. However, she only began saying this after the death of George Floyd. When rapist Jacob Blake was killed by police while holding a knife and attempting to kidnap 3 children from a woman who had a restraining order out on him because he raped her digitally, smelt his fingers and said “smells like you’ve been with other men,” Miranda urged her followers to also walk away from the police if they find themselves in that scenario. However, prior to that she claimed that “community policing works,” credited Boston Police with solving murders, and even asked for more policing in her neighborhood when traffic lights didn’t work, despite complaining about “over policing.”


Her brother Michael Miranda was killed due to gang violence in 2017, and the Boston Police quickly tracked down his killer and arrested him. However, she claims that his murder made her want to reform the police, not the gang violence that killed her brother (which she tweeted while vacationing on Cape Cod).


What she failed to acknowledge is that her brother chose to live the gangsta life and spent much of his existence in jail.

But the police are the problem, not people like her brother who get killed as a result of gang violence. They need more government programs they won’t take advantage of.

Miranda finds white people amusing, says she “wants to date one,” and once referred to “crazy white boys with guns” as a form of terrorism in America, even though her own brother was murdered by a black man with a gun.

But that’s OK, because making fun of white people isn’t racist according to the rules that social justice warriors made up in 2018.


She follows the Democratic party lines by complaining that women don’t get equal pay as a result of sexism, but previously blamed women for “crying broke,” and “instagramming your new ass, hair weave, and shoes.” She frequently referred to women as “hoes,” and referred to herself as a “slut bucket,” but in 2020 she complained about people calling Kamala Harris a hoe (despite the fact that she had sex with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown when he was 60 and she was 29, and he appointed her to jobs she would not have gotten had she not slept with him).



Years ago she used to complain about food stamp abuse in her community, including “young cats” who buy blunts with them. Now she blames Republicans for cutting funding to food stamps.



In 2020 she complained about black women being stereotyped as “ghetto,” yet she frequently calls black people ghetto on Twitter, and once accused black men (who she called a racial slur) of being broke as a result of spending all their money on gold chains.

Miranda is good friends with racist hate mongerer Monica Cannon-Grant, who once accused black women who date white men of “riding white penis for a credit score.” She joined in Monica’s crusade against 5 innocent teenagers in Hopkinton, who they accused of murdering 15 year old Mikayla Miler, despite the fact that the medical examiner ruled the teen’s death a suicide.

And she blamed the Cleveland Police for shooting a 16 year old girl who was in the process of stabbing another black girl to death.

She is endorsed by the MTA, and several other unions.

She is a rising star in the Democratic Party, and nobody is saying a word about any of this. But we will not let hate win. Please take a minute and email everyone on this list with a link to this blog, and DEMAND that they publicly denounce Liz Miranda’s racism and hate speech:

[email protected], Angelo.D’[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
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