Boston Cop Says That Legalized Drug Use In Meth Mile “Comfort Zone” Cages Is “Working Wonders,” Says Addicts Are Grateful To Have Place To Get High


The City of Boston has effectively legalized heroin usage in the heart of Meth Mile by setting up a cage where drug addicts can deal and use drugs freely in order to try to prevent the spread of COVID.

Many have compared this to Hamsterdam in season 3 of The Wire, after a rogue Major set aside some rundown neighborhoods where drug dealers could do business without interference in order to improve the crime stats in other neighborhoods. In the show it did help drive down crime rates, but it also enabled addiction and led to the deaths of a many people. Effectively Major Colvin had created “Hell” in order to improve other neighborhoods in the city.

In Boston they’ve set up these cages not to improve the crime rates in other neighborhoods, but to prevent these people from walking around the city and spread disease. The problem is none of them are wearing masks or practicing social distancing, which ultimately defeats the purpose of the cages.

Multiple people have reached out to us to confirm that this is in fact happening, although a Boston cop who isn’t very happy with us thinks that this is a good thing and has since blocked me from returning messages.

Oh good, drug addicts are “grateful” that they have a place they can go to get high around cops and healthcare workers. Maybe if we start calling the detention camps at the border, “comfort pens” AOC and crew will stop whining about “kids in cages.”

It’s hard to believe that a Boston police officer is telling me that allowing addicts to get high in a cage is what “working wonders” looks like. Although the fact that she thinks Dan Rather told “straight news” speaks volumes. If there are medical professionals and police officers overseeing sanctioned drug use inside of cages in the City of Boston in order to juke the COVID stats, then how has this not been reported on? When did Mayor Walsh issue this directive? I must have missed that press conference.

I attempted to ask her how this was any different from legalization of heroin but she blocked me. Apparently we “turned into everyone else” by asking legitimate questions.

Another turtle rider sent us a video from outside the cage and there don’t appear to be any cops inside, but I do see plenty of people without masks ignoring social distancing guidelines.

Here’s a video of the same area before the cages were up, and the only difference is that they’re shooting up inside the cages now instead of outside.

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Another turtle rider who has family that works with Boston Healthcare for the Homeless tells us that this has been going on for a long time on meth mile, but it’s just now happening in the cages.  

You should talk to her about what goes on there. Junkies given not only clean needles and a safe place to shoot up, but a substance to safely mix with coke , so as not to cause injury to their veins and heart. Really. Patients dealing drugs on the medical units and being allowed to stay. She had had to call security at night just to leave the building because they’re all congregating outside. She’s afraid to walk through them for fear of being stuck with a needle when they’re so high. Horrifying place.

“Stay home, save lives.”

Unless you don’t have a home, in which case you should sit outside of a hospital, get high, and frighten healthcare workers.

Just a reminder that “safe injection sites” like this are illegal, and US Attorney Andrew Lelling made it clear that any attempt to put them up would be “met with federal enforcement.”

How has no one at the Boston Globe reported on this? This is happening at a major intersection, they’ve used the pandemic to legalize drugs, and a Boston cop is telling me that she thinks it’s swell.


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