Boston Cop Wasn’t Truthful About Meth Mile Junkie Cages According To Video From Inside Showing No Healthcare Workers, Unsanitary Conditions


On Wednesday I published a blog after receiving a message from Boston Police Officer Claire Duffy telling me that I was wrong to believe that city sanctioned junkie cages where they allow addicts to get high was a bad thing.

“They are staffed with nurses, medical assistants, recovery coaches, and cops constantly.”

What she proudly told me without realizing it was that the City of Boston has directed its police officers to watch drug addicts inject the deadly poison known as fentanyl into their veins in the name of safety and preventing spread of COVID. Cool, cool.

However, video from inside the cages that was sent to the Kirk Minihane Show seems to indicate that there are no recovery coaches, nurses, medical assistants, or cops. Maybe I’m wrong and she can show me where they are in this clip.

Which one of these fine people is the nurse?

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Is it the guy doing the zombie walk?

Or all the people sitting down high out of their minds, breathing on top of each other?

Are the 2 guys humping each other in the corner the police officers?

Or was it one of these guys?

Perhaps the coach was the guy in the wheelchair passed out during the middle of the day.

Good thing he’s safe.

Is this guy the head of medical personnel?

Flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat. Every time.

Here’s another guy with flat brimmed Bulls hat enjoying a meal with another junkie, which they’re sharing on top of a receptacle for dirty needles.

Remember, this is all being done in the name of public health.

(I discussed this on the live show last night at the 44:15 mark)

Just to review if you’re keeping track at home:

  • The Boston marathon is cancelled 4 months from now due to COVID, which is on the decline everywhere, because healthy people running 26 miles might infect each other with a disease that doesn’t pose a realistic threat to healthy people.
  • Also in the name of public health and safety the city of Boston has effectively legalized a deadly, addictive drug, corralled junkies into cages where they can breathe all over each other and spread the disease, and haven’t provided them with healthcare workers or cops that can look after them in case one of them dies.
  • Both of these things are being done to prevent the spread of a virus.

Yes, this all makes so much sense the more I think about it.


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