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Boston Globe Bruins Writer Shames Malden Catholic Football Coach For Sharing Political Opinions On Twitter Months After Wishing Death Upon Peaceful Protesters


Six months ago Boston Globe Bruins writer Kevin Paul Dupont posted on Twitter that he hoped a group of peaceful protesters, who didn’t appreciate having their government arbitrarily strip them of their civil liberties, were killed by murder hornets.

Despite the fear mongering from this career hack who looks like he recently escaped from Narnia, there was no COVID outbreak from this peaceful. Weeks later KPD remained silent as crowds of over 50K marched through Boston to protest the death of a man from a fentanyl overdose 1,500 miles from Boston.

Obviously there were no consequences for KPD, because as long as you express left wing opinions you will keep your job and remain on social media, even if wish death upon a crowd of hundreds of law abiding citizens. All you have to do is just say that what you really meant was that the peaceful protesters had created a “hive like gathering at the Statehouse,” and when you said you wanted the murder hornets to be released you were referring to the protesters as the murder hornets and you want them to go home.

And your boss will just kind of take you at your word, despite making your publication a laughingstock because no rational adult would believe that excuse.

Dupont has also been posting a lot about the election and why Trump should concede before recounts and court cases are heard, as well as blaming Trump for the fact that a virus is allegedly killing a thousand Americans every day. This prompted a reply from Malden Catholic assistant football coach Brian McDonough.

McDonough only has a couple hundred Twitter followers, as opposed to the 33,900+ KPD has. When you’re a blue checkmark with that sort of platform you don’t entertain every troll who disagrees with you, because if you did you’d never get any work done. Plus, it’s not offensive or controversial to tell a Bruins writer to stick to the Bruins.

But instead of doing that KPD decided to go through all the guys old tweets and shame him for commenting under a Boston Globe article about Elizabeth Warren, in which McDonough mocked her for lying about being Native American for political gain.

Just to be clear, the President calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because she claimed for decades that she was Native American, and in return she was able to gain admission to schools and jobs she otherwise would not have been able to gain admission to because nobody is looking to hire another boring white woman from Oklahoma. There is nothing racist about reminding people of this, but there is something racist about a white woman lying about being Native American for personal gain.

The Coach rightfully pointed out that digging up tweets were irrelevant to what he suggested KPD do.

But KPD decided to double down and shame the well respected coach some more.

Keep in mind, this man is so technologically deficient he couldn’t figure out how to screenshot on his phone or computer, so he used his phone to take a picture of his computer. He then held onto that picture in case the coach deleted his tweet, just so he could continue to publicly shame him on his Boston Globe platform.

KPD knows that as a public school employee McDonough doesn’t have the job security that he has working at the Boston Globe.

He knows that his employer still retains several people, including editor Brian McGrory, who participated in a sexist “intern draft.”

He knows that they employ an obituaries director who once was arrested for masturbating outside of a woman’s apartment door.

He knows that they still employ Kevin Cullen, despite undeniable proof that Cullen lied repeatedly about being at the Boston Marathon bombing and witnessing Martin Richard’s father stop running to hug his daughter (he didn’t run at all).

He knows that fellow Bruins writer Matt Porter intentionally covered up a story about the Bruins photoshopping an image of a Boston Police logo off of Charlie Coyle’s shirt on an Instagram post, and remained silent when Cam Neely himself apologized for the incident.

He knows that Globe editor Shirley Leung used her position to harass WEEI advertisers and shame them in the newspaper until they agreed to fire Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan for sharing political viewpoints outside of the acceptable left wing narrative. And he’s using that same tactic to try to get Malden Catholic to fire their assistant football coach. There is no other reason to mention that he coaches there.

He knows that this McDonough is held to a higher standard than he is, and he’s using his position at the Globe in an attempt to get him fired.

People like KPD hate people like Coach McDonough because unlike KPD they are loved and respected in the community. Kids look up to them, parents trust them, and the life skills they teach kids about teamwork and the value of hard work are things they will carry with them the rest of their lives. McDonough, much like many of the people Dupont wanted killed by murder hornets, is a hard working, blue collar father and husband, and KPD hates what the man represents. There’s nothing that overpaid establishment hacks in the media hate more than working class people who think independently. KPD’s entire career has been regurgitating stories about the Bruins. Not once has he ever made a difference in a person’s life or been thanked for being a valuable member of the community. It’s why people like him despise people like Coach McDonough – because they want to be as loved and respected as they are.


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