Boston Globe, Mainstream Media Rewrote Katherine Clark’s Antifa Son’s Arrest Report With She/Her Pronouns Despite Coming To Court As A Man


Katherine Clark’s non-binary Antifa son who can’t sleep due to nightmares about climate change was arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court after being arrested over the weekend for vandalizing the Parkman Bandstand on the Common with “all cops are bastards,” and other anti-police slogans. Jared Dowell came dressed in male clothing, with a male haircut, but was repeatedly referred to by the media as a woman.

That is what the end result of failed parenting looks like. That is an indictment on Katherine Clark. Democrats like her not only support Antifa, they cultivate, raise, and give birth to them. She described the arrest of her son as part of the “cycle of joy and pain in parenting.”

As if joining a terrorist organization and getting arrested is something relatable that any parent goes through. 

The Globe referred to Jared as “she” throughout their story when citing the police report.


Except there’s just one problem – the police report they were reading off of specifically stated that Jared is a man.

“He attempted to flee by violently flailing his arms, strike the Officer.”

Now look what the Globe did with their reporting:

If you’re intentionally changing the words that appear in a police report then you are not reporting the news. You are editorializing in order to please your masters in the BLT-123 mafia. It is their job to accurately report and communicate what police wrote in their reports. Instead they rewrote the reports entirely without making note of it.

The Globe goes on to say that Jared was “assigned” male at birth, and that the attorney’s Mommy paid for made it a point to tell reporters that he uses she/her pronouns.

He wasn’t “assigned” male at birth. He was male at birth and will continue to be male for the rest of his life because the doctor noticed he had a penis. Biological sex isn’t “assigned” to living things like a parent assigns chores.

Obviously Jared will not be doing time over this, but if he committed a more serious offense he would be going to a woman’s prison, where he could have a much easier time preying on some of the most vulnerable women in our society. Jared did not end up this way on accident – his neglectful parents did this to him.


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