Congresswoman Katherine Clark’s Non-Binary Antifa Son Arrested For Defacing Boston Common Monument With “All Cops Are Bastards” Is The End Product Of Neglectful Parenting


Jared Riley, the son of Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark, was arrested over the weekend in Boston for defacing the Parkman Bandstand Monument on the Boston Common with Antifa propaganda.

At about 9:30 PM, on Saturday, January 21, 2021, officers assigned to District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a call for a protest at the Parkman Bandstand Monument located within the Boston Common, 139 Tremont Street. Upon arrival officers observed an individual defacing the monument with spray paint. The tagging read “NO COP CITY” and “ACAB”. The suspect was later identified as Jared Dowell, 23, of Melrose. During the arrest of Jared Dowell, a group of about 20 protesters began to surround officers while screaming profanities though megaphones on the public street causing traffic to come to a standstill. While interfering with the arrest of Jared Dowell, an officer was hit in the face and could be seen bleeding from the nose and mouth. Jared Dowell was placed under arrest and charged with; Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Destruction or Injury of Personal Property and Damage of Property by Graffiti/Tagging. Dowell is expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court.

Representative Clark, who is the House Minority Whip, responded on Twitter by referring to him as her daughter Riley.

Her son Jared is a member of a terrorist organization known as Antifa, he defaced city property with “all cops are bastards,” and a Boston Police Officer was assaulted in the process. Yet all she had to say about it was “I love Riley,” “my daughter was arrested in Boston,” and that this is just part of the “cycle of joy and pain in parenting.”

Nothing about how she condemns terrorist organizations like Antifa, or this sort of anti-police violence. Nothing about wishing her thoughts and prayers for the officer who was assaulted and injured by her son’s friends. Perhaps if the cop was a Capitol police officer who died from natural causes after January 6 she would’ve pretended to care, because then the officer’s suffering would’ve benefited her political career.

Clark’s son’s hatred of the police comes from the example she set. Her Twitter account is filled with praise for Capitol Police Officers post-J6, but other than that every mention of the police is negative. She wrongly portrays them as racist killers who target black people and need to be defunded. She claims Michael Brown should be alive, despite the fact that the Justice Department said the shooting was justified because he died while attempting to steal a gun from a cop. She offered prayers for Jacob Blake, despite the fact that he digitally raped his ex-girlfriend while she was sleeping, and was shot while trying to kidnap the victim’s 3 children.

She believes we should “say her name” for Breonna Taylor, who lived in Kentucky, and was killed after her boyfriend shot Sgt John Mattingly. Yet she has not once said the names of Michael Chesna, Sean Gannon, or Ron Tarentino, all of whom were police officers in her state of Massachusetts who were murdered in the line of duty.

Is it any wonder her oldest son ended up hating the police?

Clark said in her tweet that Jared’s arrest for writing “all cops are bastards” on a popular bandstand in the Boston common was part of the “cycle of joy and pain in parenting.” As if this was a normal thing people can relate to. But the fact of the matter is that he ended up like this due to her failures as a mother.

Jared Dowell grew up wealthy and privileged in a 4,000 square foot home in Melrose.

His parents sold the house for $2 million a couple years ago, and purchased an ocean front property in Revere for $1.25 million.

Yet she told Chuck Todd on Meet The Press just last month that her middle son Jared has nightmares about climate change that wake him up in the middle of the night.

  1. That never happened.
  2. If it did happen then it would be the result of horrible, abusive parenting.
  3. He’s scared of climate change but is participating in rioting and destruction of a gazebo in a city he has never lived in.
  4. If she’s so concerned about climate change then why did she purchase property on the ocean, if according to her climate cult the oceans will swallow it up in less than 10 years?

The climate change lie was one of many examples of Clark using her son as a prop. That’s literally all her kids are to her and her husband Rodney Dowell, who was appointed by the SJC to the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, which investigates misconduct of attorneys like her.

This is the man in charge of overseeing attorney misconduct in Massachusetts.

He seems unbiased and fair.

Rodney and Katherine never cared about their children half as much as they cared about their careers. Jared is just a thing she could use to make up climate change anecdotes in order to bolster her political career.

Rodney and Katherine have 3 sons – their oldest Addison, Jared, and their youngest Nathaniel. Jared was perfectly normal looking through most of his life.

But he clearly needed attention that normally a mother provides for her son, and she was too busy sitting on her ass in Washington DC, virtue signaling about gun control and climate change, posing for pictures with Pocahontas, and aging faster than any representative in the history of Congress.

And when teenagers like him need attention and want to impress their virtue signaling communist mother, the best way to do that is to become part of the BLT-123 spectrum. So Jared went to Middlebury College and started growing his hair out a little.

But instead of picking up a hockey stick like most boys with that haircut do, Jared decided he was non-binary, renamed himself Riley, and started seeking attention on how to get rid of his chest hair on Reddit.

Kids don’t end up like this on accident. Their parents are ALWAYS left wing activists.

Clark has never mentioned Jared, Addison, or Nathaniel on Twitter.

Because white kids from Melrose just aren’t that interesting to the audience she’s catering to.

However, she has mentioned Riley several times, especially when she’s pushing the trans agenda.

She used Jared’s made up gender identity to push the “equality act,” which would allow biological boys to compete against girls in high school sports, and would allow men like Jared to shower in women’s locker rooms.

That’s all Jared is to her – a vague idea she can use to promote her brand of communism. Jared the white kid from Melrose isn’t interesting, but Riley the non-binary Antifa they/them is.

Often this blog focuses on drug addicted deadbeat parents who don’t take care of their kids. But parents like Katherine Clark are really no better than the average Fall River gutter skank we feature. She wears a pant suit, has a lot of money, and spews the right buzzwords, but she’s really just a neglectful woman who “raised” a troubled, confused, and dangerous young man.


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