Boston Globe Publishes Story Glorifying Monica Cannon-Grant, Mayor Marty Walsh Plans To Attend Grand Opening Of Social Impact Center On Monday


The Boston Globe published another propaganda piece for Monica Cannon-Grant in light of the upcoming grand opening of the Social Impact Center in Hyde Park on Monday.

Cannon-Grant published several racist, threatening videos this year in which she can be heard hurling racial slurs and threatening the life of ongressional candidate Rayla Campbell. Here are some of the highlights.


On Monday she’s opening up her Social Impact Center in the 4,200 square foot building that was given to her by Mayor Marty Walsh with no strings attached. From there she will be spending the massive amount of cash (estimated millions of dollars) to operate her “non-profit” which she never registered with the Attorney General’s Office. Despite the fact that Monica never apologized to Rayla Campbell for threatening to have her murdered and accusing her multiple times of not being black because she “rides white penis,” Mayor Walsh will be in attendance on Monday when it opens.

Walsh still has not commented publicly on this, despite extensive coverage from the Boston Herald, the Blaze, and TB Daily News. His silence and participation in this event would seem to indicate approval of the things Cannon-Grant said in those videos. We reached out to Mayor Walsh’s office for comment but have not heard back from them yet. They can be reached at [email protected] if you would like to voice your disapproval.

This is Globe reporter Dialynn Dwyer, who wrote the piece today.

She can be reached at [email protected], or on Twitter hereI’d personally like to know why Dialynn is giving free publicity to a woman who said such racist things about a black woman running for congress. This is a newspaper that legitimized and lionized MCG multiple times, and even published an op-ed she wrote. Yet they haven’t been reported on what this politically connected woman posted publicly about a woman running for Congress.

Here’s part of her story.

Monica Cannon-Grant has been focused on violence prevention work in Boston for more than a decade, but, come Monday, her efforts will officially have a new home with the opening of the Violence In Boston Social Impact Center in Hyde Park.

MCG hasn’t focused on violence prevention at all. Monica threatens violence on other black people routinely. Her son who works for her at Violence in Boston INC is a gang member who makes rap videos glorifying violence in Boston.

Shots fired, hit him in the face 

Then leave the scene, we won’t leave a trace

If you mention me raise the murder rate

Wet mop and red tape

Go up to the po(lice), we aim for his back

You n***s is gay, you n***s is fags

How can you work on violence prevention if your adult son who works for you is starring in videos where he threatens to “raise the murder rate,” and shoot you in the face?

The activist and founder of Violence In Boston, Inc., whose protests against racism and white supremacy in Boston in recent years have drawn thousands, told she is excited and anxious to get to work helping the community in the new space. It’s humbling, she said, to see the growth and recognition of the work she’s done.

“I’m truly blessed,” Cannon-Grant said. “I’m grateful that so many people believe in the work that Violence In Boston does and believe that we can make a difference. And I’m excited to continue to do this work. I think for me, it’s always been — I’ve done it out of my kitchen. So to now have this amazing facility and be able to do it on a granular level, I’m looking forward to the impact that we’re going to have in our community and documenting that.”

Monica doesn’t prevent violence in Boston, she profits off of it.

She raised almost $10K after a shooting occurred in her housing project by pretending that she was the intended target, and asked people to donate so she could move. But she never ended up moving and pocketed the cash instead.

Now she has plenty of money to hire at least six full time people to paint pictures, on top of the free labor she gets from volunteers.

The new space will feature eight offices, conference rooms, a podcasting and studio space, and an onsite food pantry with toiletry distribution, among other amenities, spread across two floors and 4,200 square feet. Cannon-Grant said the center will have a staff of at least six, salaried positions, with additional support from volunteers.

“We will have healing space, as well as resources for mental health,” she said. “We will provide resources to those who are struggling with their rent and utilities, centered around the completion of a financial literacy course.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the grand opening ceremony on Monday is by invitation only, but a livestream of the speaking program will be available online. With the grand opening, Cannon-Grant said she is most looking forward to working with young people in the space. Already, she hired five local, Black artists to come into the center and create murals throughout the space.

She keeps her grift going by victimizing herself as the recipient of death threats, despite the fact that she threatened to have Rayla Campbell’s head blown off.

All the food she gives away is donated, so we still don’t know where all the private and public grant money is going to.

The other effort she’s looking forward to settling in the center is providing food access to the community. Since the start of the pandemic, Cannon-Grant has partnered with Food for the Soul restaurant owner Donnell Singleton to provide free meals to the community.

And in the ultimate twist of irony she’s using her fraudulent non-profit’s Facebook page to complain about police overtime fraud.

Any police officer committing overtime fraud should be fired, but Monica Cannon-Grant is the last person in the world who can criticize others about fraud. She would have no power were it not for The Boston Globe promoting her and Mayor Walsh legitimizing her. They’ve all seen the tape but hope that by not addressing it you will forget about it and move on. But we won’t allow that to happen.


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