Monica Cannon-Grant’s Violence In Boston Part 2: Family Promotes Gang Violence In Rap Video While Using  The Globe, Fear, And Intimidation To Rise To Power


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Monica Cannon-Grant wields tremendous political power in Boston, despite not having a job, never being elected to office, and making a series of racist, sexist, and threatening comments on social media.



According to her racist comments calling other black people “coons” and “house negroes” is permissible because, “accountability can’t be hate speech.”

In an interview with Scope Boston in November 2019 she stated that she has the personal cell phone numbers of most politicians in the city.

I’m blessed in the sense that I don’t have to jump through any hurdles. Most of the politicians in the city, I have their cell phone number. The only one I don’t have — but I’m not upset about — is Charlie Baker. The mayor, direct call to his cell phone. Michelle Wu, direct call to her cell phone. District Attorney Rollins, direct call to her cell phone.

Oddly enough Baker has yet to condemn the racist language she used to attack a member of his own political party. However, MCG has been legitimized by people like Rollins who attend events hosted by Cannon-Grant.

Politicians are able to overlook all of this and partner with MCG because she is the perceived leader of a movement they need to win over in order to maintain power themselves. It’s why people like Elizabeth Warren, who could be Vice President of the United States six months from now, bend over backwards to seek her input on legislation.

In early June Boston Globe reporters Zoe Greenberg and Stephanie Ebert wrote glowingly about the work done by Monica Gannon-Grant in the community. (Ebbert was featured in a blog last year after she wrote a story glorifying white women from Wayland for racially profiling Asian owned businesses in the wake of the Bob Kraft incident)

The Globe still has not written about Monica Cannon-Grant’s racist tirade against Ayanna Pressley’s congressional opponent Rayla Campbell, despite the fact that the Herald, the Lowell Sun, and now The Blaze have written about it, and Rollins has disassociated and denounced her. The Globe has written glowingly about how Cannon-Grant is a woman who “wields significant power and influence.”

They also allowed her to write an op-ed, in which she lionized herself as an essential worker because she chooses to volunteer to lead protests of over 50,000 people.

In the Greenberg-Ebbert piece it details her relationship with Mayor Marty Walsh. In a nutshell, she was upset that he mentioned black on black crime, so she used social media to “call him out,” for not meeting with her, frequently called him a “mother fucker,” and threatened to use the mob against him. (she has since taken down all of those videos)

Cannon-Grant was not part of the coalition that elected Walsh in 2014 and then reelected him in 2017. She campaigned for her good friend and former City Councilor Tito Jackson instead. In terms of political capital Cannon-Grant has none. She put all her chips in on the wrong horse, and when you do that you can’t expect favors from the winner.

However, Monica has quickly learned that loudly screaming racism, sexism, or whatever other identity she can use to victimize herself, was a way to get those in power to treat her as an important public figure who should have a seat at the table. Public officials fear her and the mob she can mobilize. Walsh just wanted one thing from her – to stop calling him a “mother fucker.” In return she was rewarded with city funding for Violence in Boston INC.

This is in conflict with VIB’s website, which states that they receive “no financial assistance from government agencies or officials.”

Again, VIB is an illegal non-profit that is not registered with the Attorney General’s Office, so there is no accounting or responsibility for any of the potentially millions of dollars that have likely been donated.

The story goes on to illustrate what Cannon-Grant’s mobs can do, and why politicians are so afraid her, by mentioning how she interrupted a panel on gun control in the wake of the Parkland School Shooting.

When the conversation moves to anything but police violence against black people, Monica Cannon-Grant’s input is not needed. Thus she frequently tries to change the conversation to center herself. In this case she saw a group of influential leftist politicians she knew she could scare, talking about why gun control keeps the states’ shooting stats down, and she immediately shifted the conversation back to black people in Boston being shot. Using a page out of the Parkland yearbook she also brought a group of kids with her to speak with propaganda that she had brainwashed them with, went on stage and took the microphone. This was all allowed because what the most powerful politicians in this state fear more than anything is being labeled as a racist by Monica Cannon-Grant.

MCG always creates the sense that there is reason to panic, and that the causes she is fighting for are too important to take a backseat to other pertinent issues. It excuses her language and lack of civility, and it works because liberals especially view her as a community organizer who they need to win over in order to stay in power. As long as there is widespread fear of black people being killed as a result of gun violence in Boston, there will always be politicians looking to pour money into organizations that purport to combat this problem. As long as it seems as if she is in imminent danger she will be able to convince white people from the suburbs that she is a modern day version of Malcolm X, and they will donate.

In part 1 of this series I explained how MCG had used a shooting in her neighborhood to raise $10K so she could move. Except she never moved and pocketed all the money instead. Cannon-Grant made the claim that all was not well in Boston because her street was shot up, and her 15 year old son had a gun pulled on him.

MCG claims to combat violence, and rejects that idea that black on black gun violence is a problem that needs to be addressed. She was featured in a WBUR story about student-athletes in 2013 with her now 22 year old son Narayan.

But Narayan makes rap videos in Warren Gardens that glorify gun violence and gang activity. He is the first rapper in this video, wearing blue.

Dont be a victim, I’m a catch a case

Matter fact n***a I’m a do the race

Shots fired, hit him in the face 

Then leave the scene, we won’t leave a trace

If you mention me raise the murder rate

Wet mop and red tape

Go up to the po(lice), we aim for his back

You n***s is gay, you n***s is fags

Charming young man.

Perhaps if MCG invested more time instilling morals and nonviolent principles in her own home Boston would be a safer city. Instead, Violence in Boston INC teaches young, vulnerable black children that they will always be victims of white oppressors and the police. It also teaches them to be fearful and distrustful of BPD. MCG herself said that she doesn’t trust them to protect her.

According to Monica she feeds 1,700 people every day at her new headquarters that were gifted to her by Walsh.

But this would be an impossible task for her to do, there is no evidence to back this claim up, and because she is not registered with the AGO there is no accounting to document it.

Representative Joe Kennedy, who is challenging incumbent Ed Markey in a heated democratic primary for US Senate, volunteered there and calls MCG a “dear friend of mine.” He thanked her for allegedly feeding 60,000 people.

In reality what Kennedy is doing is an act of racism. He is treating MCG as a token. Since he was born a millionaire and attended private schools in entirely white communities, he doesn’t know many black people. But just like his grandfather Bobby and his great uncle John F. Kennedy, Joe needs their support to get elected, which is why he latched onto MCG. He has no interest in the work she does or doesn’t do. He just needs a black person to stand next to, preferably one who is perceived as a leader by the media.

According to a campaign video that is still up on Kennedy’s website, he courted and approached her, not the other way around. She explicitly told him that if he wanted the support of the black community he had to go to her house and explain what he would do for her.

After obtaining the endorsement Cannon-Grant has worked tirelessly to discredit Markey (who is arguably the most progressive Senator in the country) of being racially insensitive. Her reasoning was because he wanted rap music to promote more positive lyrics, which she took to heart because of the fact that her son glorifies violence in his rap music.

This is what she does to anyone who gets in her way, like Rayla Campbell. There is a reason Ayanna Pressley and Joe Kennedy have remained silent after her video – they dare not cross her. Rollins can afford to throw her under the bus because she won by such a large majority. Realistically Pressley is in no danger of losing her seat either, so her silence can only be interpreted as tacit support for MCG’s message.

MCG is an amazing self-promoter, constantly framing herself as a tireless, brave woman of color who is exhausted from her activism and needs help from the community to continue the fight. She had a professionally done documentary made about the great work she’s been doing. At the 21:30 mark she compares herself to MLK and Malcolm X, and says she fears being assassinated like they were. At the 46:45 mark she disputes the many allegations from members of the community that she is making significant amounts of money off of VIB. Despite the website’s insistence that no money comes from politicians, she claims in the video that she received a $6,000 grant from the District Attorney’s Office (Rachael Rollins), and that she has spent much more than that on meals, college applications for needy students (including one whose father was killed and needed her help in order to get into college), and even abortions.

Do her donors know that when they donate to MCG they are directly paying for abortions? Regardless of your opinion on abortion this does nothing to prevent violence in Boston, and is a deceptive trade practice if true.

It’s also notable that at the 39:15 Narayan was interviewed and explained how he had a gun pulled on him outside of his house for no apparent reason. But his rap videos glorify this exact lifestyle.

Finally at the 1:09:00 mark she hears computer screens echoing many of the criticisms that I, as well as many members of the black community in Boston, have been levying against Cannon-Grant. In the video she responds by smashing them with a baseball bat, which is ultimately a metaphor for how she has gained this much political power.


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