Boston Mayor Kim Janey Responds To TB Blog Exposing Her Violating Mask Mandate By Claiming She Always Wears Masks Inside And Outside, Then Posts Picture Of Herself At Event With No Mask


On Friday we broke the story about Boston Mayor Kim Janey openly violating her own mask mandate in Boston on the first day it was re-instituted, by taking pictures without a mask on inside a North End restaurant called Arya Trattoria.

In a surprising development the Boston Herald actually cited TB Daily News for breaking the story in a story they published over the weekend about the acting Mayor’s hypocrisy.

Restaurant owner Massimo Tiberi has since taken down the pictures, but makes sure to post pictures on Instagram of Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox players, along with other celebrities, whenever they dine at his establishment.

Janey has reacted to this story in the same manner in which tyrants always do – by gaslighting and rightfully assuming that she will be forgiven because she is a Democrat.

“We must continue to wear our masks.”


She’s literally just lying to your face, telling you she was wearing a mask, and then demanding that you do the same. Waiting out the outrage cycle is actually the perfect response because she’s seen from other politicians that it works. Marty Walsh, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Lori Lightfoot, and countless others have been caught violating their own COVID mandates, and all of them survived by briefly apologizing or ignoring it outright.

Janey claims that she only took her mask off to take a picture, because luckily the virus doesn’t spread when you’re posing for pictures. You’ll just have to take her word for it that she put it on right afterwards, despite not showing any signs that she had a mask on her person. Sure, her mandate does not have any provisions about not wearing masks while posing for pictures, but she’s special and you’re not so just shut up and wear your face diaper when you’re grocery shopping.

The owner is telling the same story.

But that’s only because he’s a pathetic hack who allowed the government to shut down his business for months, and then thanked them for “allowing him to reopen” at 25% capacity. Restaurant owners like Tiberi would rather kiss the Mayor’s ass than stand up to tyranny. It’s why he took down the pictures and is now lying on her behalf – because he’s afraid of what she’ll do to his business if he doesn’t. Cowards like this are the reason that tyrants like Kim Janey are able to get away with what they do. The goal of subjected people is to stay in the good graces of their communist leaders and get special privileges that their comrades do not receive as a result.

Janey also claimed that she wears masks outdoors, but literally the day she was interviewed, and the day afterwards, she was seen without a mask on at outdoor events in the city. She worries so little about potential blowback that she posted pictures of her doing that on Twitter.

But she is neither tone deaf, nor a hypocrite. She knows how this looks, and she just doesn’t care. The communist doesn’t worry about appearances or whether or not the commoners are upset with them. The communist only cares about maintaining power, and making sure the establishment media (Pravda, Boston Globe) does not criticize them. They care not if the Herald or TB Daily News criticizes them, because that is not what their “voters” read.

Her job isn’t to be consistent, it’s to scare you into believing that coronavirus is a serious threat so that you will comply. She knows it’s not, but instilling fear in the masses is historically the most efficient way for the communist to get them to give her more power. The subjugated masses do not care if their communist leaders follow their own rules because the communist has convinced them that they are superhuman deities, unlike the commoner. Instead the communist focuses on pitting one commoner against another by blaming one group (the unvaccinated and those who don’t wear masks) for the spread of coronavirus. That way the commoner will always blame their fellow man, instead of blaming the communist herself.

What is interesting is that Janey is currently in a contentious campaign for Mayor, and her primary three competitors are all female democrats. All of these competitors support the mask mandate and have risen to power by using fearmongering techniques as any communist would. Yet not one of them has used Janey’s screwup to their advantage. Establishing yourself as the more efficient tyrant than the current tyrant in office is an effective way to gain more power for yourself. If they were smart they’d publicly condemn her for this, but doing so would require that they recognize TB Daily News as a legitimate media outlet. That is a bridge too far for Andrea Campbell and Michelle Wu.

At this point anyone who is still following any COVID mandates only has themselves to blame. If a business owner tells you to wear a mask you should refuse. If they won’t let you buy something from them then tell them you’ll happily give money to their competitors, who don’t force you to wear a mask. They will get the message real quick. You are a free American, living in a free country. It’s time you start acting like it.


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