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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Spends Weekend Violating Mask Mandate At South Boston Event Despite Forcing Children To Wear Masks In School And Playing Sports


Two weeks ago Boston Mayor Michelle Wu rounded up 70 hand selected kids and got them to pretend to want to wear masks in school.

The Board of Public Health is having a meeting this week to discuss how much longer Boston’s diverse population of students will be forced to wear masks while the mostly white students in the suburbs get to remove their masks. In the meantime Mayor Wu spent her weekend not wearing a mask in Southie at the South Boston Citizen’s Association Kickoff Breakfast with a bunch of guys who look like they’re named Tommy O’Sullivan and could direct you to a mean corned beef sandwich at a local pub.


But wait, I thought she only removed the mask in between bites?

This same organization just days before posted pictures of kids in South Boston doing physical exercise while smothered with a mask.

Science tells us that the least at risk should go through the most discomfort because they don’t have the ability to protest or stand up for themselves.

Later she went out in Roxbury for the African-American Ball and she suddenly decided it was important to wear a mask.

So basically, when you’re around white people you don’t have to wear a mask because only black people and children spread the virus. Science.

If you’re a black or brown student in Boston you should just refuse to wear the mask since she’s let it be known that they’re afraid to discipline you because that would be systemic racism.

Whatever amount of contempt and hatred you have for these communists, it’s not nearly enough. They know the masks are stupid theater, they never wear them unless they know someone’s taking a picture (and sometimes they don’t even care about that), and they still force children and children only to smother their faces with it all day at school. They are monsters and child abusers, and we cannot agree to disagree with people like this. At this point if you’re complying then you’re an idiot and I have no sympathy for you. Be a good role model and tell your kids to stop obeying communists.


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