Boston Medical Center Hires Self-Proclaimed Antifa Woman As Clinical Social Worker For Emergency Department Despite History Of Harassing Police Officers 


Two months ago we published a blog about Milton native Caitriona O’Grady, a wealthy child of privilege, after she documented her harassment of Boston Police Officers for protecting a black woman.

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Her mother was the Senior Vice President at Stonehill College, and she and her sisters got to travel the world on exotic white savior vacations for years before finally having to move back home and mooch off their parents.

Slay Guevera announced recently that she has a new job at Boston Medical Center.

BMC is in the heart of meth mile, and she will be working in the Emergency Department providing mental health treatment, while simultaneously dismantling the “white supremacist framework on which our mental healthcare & hospital systems have been built.”

Wait until she finds out that junkies are white too. She wouldn’t know much about that, since every person she’s ever chosen to associate with has been white, wealthy, and yet somehow in touch with the needs of the poor and minorities.

Her explanation alone is all the evidence you need to show you how useless a college degree is from Stonehill:

I will also renew my commitment to imagining and one day co-creating new systems of community care and crisis response, because our current ones exist to systemically and systematically perpetuate the same problems they claim to respond to. I’m humbled to receive this opportunity, and especially to be trusted in this role in the midst of the multiple public health crises our society is facing today. 

You have no idea what any of that means and neither does she because she’s literally making it all up. This is what you learn to do by spending $200K to go to college.

I would argue that perhaps someone who describes themselves as mentally ill shouldn’t be treating the mentally ill in a major Boston hospital.

Or someone who spends her free time harassing police officers for doing their job and getting up in their faces during a “pandemic.”

“Tormenting racist cops with my rubber piggy.”

Boston Medical Center saw this woman and decided she was the most qualified to fill the vacancy in their Emergency Department. A woman who literally says she’s Antifa and is upset that her new job wearing black scrubs is going to “f*** up her fashion game.”

In her mind Caitriona is some sort of freedom fighter who black people desperately need to advocate on their behalf. She goes around having people take staged photographs of her with her fist in the air to let her non-existent black friends know that she has their back.

But of course no one is doing more to harm black and brown people than Caitriona O’Grady. If she wasn’t a raging bigot and a hypocrite she would acknowledge that she’s clearly not qualified or mature enough for this position, and she likely took a spot that a more qualified minority candidate could do. Instead of giving up that job for a black or brown person, she proudly is going to collect a check while pretending that she’s fighting “white supremacy.” Shame on BMC for hiring this woman.



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