Boston Mother Of 4 Beats Woman With Phone At Saugus Walmart, Blames Racism, Challenges Several People To More Fights


A woman was caught on tape at the Saugus Walmart over the weekend pummeling a blonde woman with a phone.

Safe to say that Rotund Rousey won that fight, although it was really more of a crime than it was a fight. You can’t use your Obampahone to reign blows of taxpayer funded unlimited data upon another woman’s skull and call it a fight.

And neither of them was wearing a mask. Someone could’ve gotten sick!

Rotund Rousey deserves to be in jail for that one. Using a phone as a weapon is no different than using brass knuckles. Credit to north shore Barbie though, she still had some fight left in her after the beating was finished.

Saugus has the misfortune of not only being Saugus, but also having close proximity to Lynn, Revere, and Boston. So you can just imagine the clientele this Walmart draws on a regular basis. Turns out Rotund Rousey is a Boston mother who goes by Marra Maries Figueroa, and she’s got a litter of children who will grow up thinking it’s normal for Mom to handle slight disagreements in public in this manner.

Marra knows exactly how to pose to attract the kind of men who will give her the pump and dump.

Rotund Rousey graced us with her presence in the comments to declare victory as the official Warlord of Walmart, and of course she blamed the assault on racism.

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Her friends concurred.

This is just what you do now when you get caught committing a crime – blame it on anger from racism. Because if you’re mad about racism you can loot, burn, steal, assault, or commit the crime of your choice. All is forgiven if the person you’re victimizing did something racist. Ya know, to avenge your ancestors or something.

Frederick Douglas once stated that he hoped that 200 years later his ancestors would be fupa flexing on white women in Walmart.

But according to the guy who posted the video there was no racism.

Rotund Rousey did not like that, and had some pretty specific instructions for Shane.

Funny though, because race wasn’t mentioned in earlier comments when she said that her actions were acceptable because she was having “the most horrible day,” and north shore Barbie committed the crime of walking in front of her.

Girl, you know you outweigh her by 35 pounds. You’re not fooling anyone. And it’s definitely not the first time you’ve been in a Walmart fight, it’s just the first time you became TB famous for it.

For what it’s worth the boyfriend of north shore Barbie claims that Rotund Rousey was targeting white people.

But again, none of that matters because Marra has to avenge Harriet Tubman, and therefore kicking the crap out of white people in department stores is permissable for the indefinite future.


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