Boston Parents Organize White Suburban Outrage Mob To Attack Norwood Cheerleading Gym After Making Unverified Allegations Of Racism Towards 7 Year Old


This is Amy Masheen from Mattapan.

Last week she made a Facebook post alleging that her 7 year old daughter was subjected to body shaming, bullying, and racism at Cheer Advantage gym in Norwood, and that the adults in charge did nothing to stop it, forcing her daughter to quit the team.

Often with stuff like this people make allegations of racism without any actual evidence to back up their assertions. But in this case it appears as if Mom isn’t even explaining what happened. Just something vague about body shaming, bullying, and racism. She alleges that Cheer Advantage did nothing to rectify the situation, but didn’t bother explaining what the situation was or how it could be rectified. All we know is that the evil white gym owners hate her and her kid because they’re racist, and they asked Amy not to post about it.

Well guess what? She’s way too FIERCE for that shit! So she made her post and it got 3 comments and a handful of shares. But the problem is that 3 comments and a handful of shares doesn’t make much of an online mob, and won’t do much damage to the business she seeks to destroy. So what is an angry Momma Bear to do when she wants to stir up drama and weaponize a bunch of strangers who are too dumb to ask questions or request details and evidence? Find a local Mommy Facebook group and share your unverified anecdote. This is exactly what she did in the Walpole, Medfield, Westwood Area Moms Group, except she added some more specifics:

Clearly her primary goal here isn’t for “justice,” but to make sure this company’s reputation is harmed. She doesn’t live in any of these towns, but she knows that they’re near Norwood, and that she could cost them potential customers. She knows that throwing the allegation of racism out there will alarm white suburban progressives who are desperately looking for a way to prove that they’re anti-racist.

But now she has added that she was kicked out of a waiting area at the gym by a coach who labeled her a “LIABILITY.” She doesn’t explain what that means, but Cyndy and Jen (whoever they are) are racist because they let a white mother in the waiting area. Amy is also upset because the gym owners aren’t expelling another child from a cheerleading team. Making sure a child is banned from a gym is apparently a make or break issue for her.

A smart person would ask questions at this point, but Mommy Facebook groups aren’t known for intelligent people leaving thoughtful commentary. Instead the Momma Bear Mafia blindly accepted her conclusion that she and her daughter were the victims of racism, and that Cheer Advantage was no longer worthy of their patronage.


“Hopefully this post will be enough that they lose more customers,” says Bobbie Paszwan.

Because the only thing this woman and people in the mob care about is making sure a stranger gets damaged. They have too much time on their hands and need a target to attack in order to feel better about themselves. She won’t feel fully satisfied until a small business owner she has never met or spoken to, is destitute. This is how people like Bobbie seek happiness in life.

This one was particularly pathetic.

Guys, in case it wasn’t clear already, Kristen Careau is one of the “good ones.” She’s not like the racist white people at the cheer gym. She wants Amy to “heal” from the trauma of voluntarily pulling her kid out of a cheerleading business for not banning another kid she doesn’t like. As a white woman she can never understand the pain of waking up every day as a racial minority with a Gucci bag.

But she’s read Kendi’s books and follows Robin DiAngelo on Twitter, so she’s doing her part to be an ally.

Then there was Aoife Barrington-Haber.

Her comment most definitely matched the face.


“Children’s organizations must do better to be anti-racist.”

Here’s an idea – maybe children’s organizations should let children be children, rather than operate as indoctrination centers for woke ideology. Just a thought.

One woman did ask Amy questions about why she was labeled as a liability. Her response says it all:

She was kicked out for sitting. Ya got that? She was just sitting there when the owner decided that she wasn’t gonna let a person of color, who happens to be a customer, sit in the gym. The owner didn’t care that this woman gives her money to support her business, because she values being a racist more than she does being a capitalist. She was so brazen about her racism that she then allowed two white women to sit in the exact place she was kicked out of.¬†There’s no other details necessary, no context required, and we certainly don’t need to hear the other side of the story. It’s racist, so just shut up and help destroy the business.


She’s still going as of Friday.

But a quick look at her Facebook page reveals a lot. For starters, she’s training her daughter to be a victim and an activist.

She was 4 years old when her mother used her as a prop for political propaganda. The girl likely has no idea who Breonna Taylor or Ahmaud Arbery are, nor is there any reason for her to. Because she’s 4. She has no idea what raising her fist in the sky symbolizes because she has no concept of history, black nationalism, or other complicated topics that her parents likely have little understanding of either. But she sure would look cute if Mom could get her to pose with her fist in the air next to some things that Mom wrote in chalk, like she’s some sort of revolutionary.

She also sells brand new Jordans that have never been opened.

Don’t ask any questions about where she got them from though. Lots of legitimate business owners sell never opened Jordan’s on Facebook for a discount.

Her husband Charle Masheen tagged a bunch of media outlets in her post, but none of them responded.

Yes, that’s right – his name is Charlie MaSheen. Like if Charlie Sheen became a transformer.

Charlie is some sort of radio host in Boston who likes to use his daughter as a political prop, but also who also makes her pose with the ghettorific “hundred dollar bills cell phone” thing that ratchets tend to do.

“Thuggin 3’s cuz my kid a straight gangsta.”

Cool story bro. Hope you’re proud.

He has been naming the owners and coaches at the Norwood gym, accusing them of not having any black friends, and says that he “got something” for them.

And by “got something,” perhaps he means a rant about how Ime Udoka’s baby momma is an “aggravating bitch,” who might not have “an incredible dick suck.” It’s the woman’s fault that Udoka cheated on her because she aggravated him and he found something better.

Bad news Amy Masheen – Charlie does not care how well you polish his pole. If he sees greener pastures he’s gonna go for it, and it’s your fault for being an “aggravating bitch.” Great role model for young girls right there.

For a man who’s concerned about racism and offensive language, Minimum Wage Against The Masheen sure likes to use offensive language a lot on social media.


He also has no time for white women, who he calls “saxons,” and will unfriend a bitch who “give the baby her last name.”

Perhaps she gave the baby her last name because the sperm donor you’re friends with didn’t feel like sticking around to be a father. And perhaps people should wait for actual evidence to be presented before making a decision to harm a stranger’s business on social media.


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