Boston Police Chief Willie Gross Calls Out City Councilor, State Rep For Blaming BPD For Riots And Demanding That Cops Don’t Wear Helmets 


Massachusetts Bail Fund is a radical organization run by wealthy ideologues that bailed the rioters and looters out of jail on Sunday night. And they’re quite upset with Boston Police Chief Willie Gross because he called out judges who were using COVID as an excuse to release violent felons back into society.

God bless this man. No one cares if gang bangers get  COVID. Just don’t go to jail in the first place and it shouldn’t be an issue.

The other day on Facebook Gross posted his frustration that two politicians wanted his officers not to wear helmets in order to protect themselves from violent Antifa thugs because they would look “too intimidating.”

God bless this man.

What planet are these people living on? Do they not see the videos we all do of violent rioters smashing bricks on cops heads, dragging them through the streets, assaulting them, and destroying the lives of small business owners?

In particular he was talking about City Councilor Andrea Campbell, a radical activist who tweeted out before the riots about how the “peaceful protesters” would be scared to see police officers defending themselves.

“Now is the time to be sensitive.”

No, it’s not. Now is the time to be vigilant for police while they’re being attacked and shot at around the country because of irresponsible politicians like Andrea Campbell who encourage mobs to form, and then sit back and watch as they destroy everything. If you’re sensitive then don’t go to riots. Problem solved.

She insisted that these “peaceful demonstrations” wouldn’t erupt into violence, which prompted a response from the Chief.

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God bless this man.

But even worse than her is this man.

Mike Connolly is the Cambridge State Rep who a week ago was demanding that Charlie Baker keep everything locked down because of COVID.

Despite demanding that people stay locked in their homes while he continues to collect a paycheck he had no problem attending a riot with 50,000 people in attendance on Sunday night.

The hypocrisy is so obvious, and they just don’t care because they know the people who elect them are very, very dumb.

Connolly is under fire from the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association for some other things he tweeted out while ignoring social distancing guidelines.

He had the audacity to blame the Boston Police for starting the riots.

They started dispersing the crowd at 9 PM because the protest was over and the looting has begun. When Antifa doesn’t move the police have to move them. The fact that any grown adult, never mind an elected leader, would blame the police for protecting the safety of Boston residents and business owners, is mind boggling. He simply could not stop crapping on the BPD, despite several officers getting injured due to the protesters attacking them.

And this democrat, who has the endorsement of pretty much every union, proudly bragged about getting called out by the union.

Any public safety union that still supports democrats at this point is working against their own self interest.

He’s now whining about the National Guard attempting to restore order, presumably because the military equipment will make Antifa feel intimidated.

Here’s an idea Mike – give up your seat to a black person. You won’t. Why should a diverse city like Cambridge be represented in Boston by a white guy? Put your money where your mouth is and do something to end “white supremacy.”

He’s endorsing looting too.

This is an elected official using his social media account to encourage looting in a district he does not represent. Madness.

Now he wants to ban the use of tear gas.

So I guess the cops will just have to ask the mob nicely to leave when Antifa starts rioting next time.

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but this is the state of the modern Democratic party. This sort of stuff apparently appeals to them in the age of Orange Man Bad. Let’s go over some things and groups they’ve supported, advocated on behalf of, said nice things about since Trump was elected:

  • MS-13 gang members
  • Emptying prisons
  • Keeping business owners perpetually closed
  • Ending public education
  • Everything is Russia’s fault
  • Open borders
  • Defunding and not protecting the police
  • Ruining the lives of 16 year olds for smiling in MAGA hats
  • Calling a man a gang rapist without any evidence in order to keep him off the Supreme Court
  • Supporting a candidate for President who was accused of rape, and then smearing his accuser as a lying Russian asset whore
  • Free college
  • Free gender reassignment surgeries for convicted murderers
  • Allowing biological boys to dominate girls high school sports
  • Allowing rioters to loot for a week and then blaming police when they attempt to end it

Please, keep this up. Don’t stop. Run on this platform and I can’t wait until November. I’m sure this sort of stuff plays well in Cambridge, but it’s not going to work in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and other states that actually matter.


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