Boston Teacher Previously Arrested For Assaulting Cops Was Recently Kicked Out Of Basketball Game For Being Drunk And Disorderly


Yesterday I published a blog about a Boston man named Kevin Saint Dick who was hired as a math teacher at Snowden International School a month after he was arrested for assaulting two Stoughton Police Officers at an out of control and dangerous party.

I thought we could all agree that people who assault cops should be disqualified from teaching, but from the looks of the comment section this was an unpopular take. Luckily I welcome criticism, but I also defend my point of view, and I’m going to take this opportunity to address some of the grievances, no matter how stupid they are.

I follow TB.. i find this one’s a reach.. Even if i believe this man “assaulted” a cop 10 years ago at a party (more than likely was just drunk and resisting) if hes been in BPS for 10 years without problem and got a new gig at a new school, good for him bettering himself and those around him. Tell me hes got a record since then or a bad one before then, and i might agree but if this guy got 1 charge 10 years ago and a good job now, support him dont bring him down

Well, he did assault two cops 10 years ago because it was in the police report. The fact that he’s been a teacher for 10 years “without a problem” (which we don’t know) doesn’t matter. Ted Bundy might’ve made a good history teacher too if he could’ve just gone cold turkey with all the murdering. These are the same people who told us that Brett Kavanaugh couldn’t be on the Supreme Court because some woman with no evidence said that he dry humped her 36 years ago. But all is forgiven if you take a job to work around other people’s children.

I just feel that he was 23 when it happened and it was 10 years ago. Reading the report looks like alcohol was involved. I wouldn’t want to be punished for the rest of my life for some of the stupid things I did in my youth. He’s been a teacher for 10 years with no infractions. That’s all. 

Yea, lots of 23 year old men get arrested for assaulting cops, and it’s OK because he was drunk. He should be rewarded with a teaching position for that. Good point.

And no, I don’t want him punished for the rest of his life. He just can’t be a teacher for the same reason Leigha Genduso shouldn’t have been a cop. This isn’t hard to understand.

For the record, his history as a teacher is far from spotless. An emailer reached out to us about an incident at a basketball game at the school in late January:

I was at a game January 31 between CASH and Snowden. This fat piece of shit wouldn’t stop yelling and being loud and obnoxious. It was clear that he was drunk and making everyone miserable so a spectator went and got a female cop who politely asked him to calm down. He made a huge scene, and when she left he kept yelling “Is it OK if I scream now? Are you gonna kick me out if I scream too much?” When he wouldn’t stop two other cops came over and told him to leave, he acted like a dick to them, and had to be removed from the building. I didn’t realize he was a teacher at the time. What an a**hole.

Yea, by all means – defend this man. He’s clearly changed a lot in 10 years.

So many people tried and failed to make the Genduso analogy.

Wasn’t it just a week ago that you were defending a former self admitted drug dealer/ money launderer though and saying how commendable it is that she now wants to do drug sweeps in schools? At least he was forthcoming about his background and didn’t omit it completely

Yes genius, it was a week ago I had Leigha Genduso on the live show and told her that I thought she never should’ve been a cop and that she deserved to be canned. And now here I am holding this man to the same standard. This is what’s known as “consistency.”

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Then there were these:

Please take this down! This man was young and made a mistake. We all did. Poor taste to post this

It was 10 years ago. So someone makes a mistake & n have an opportunity to learn from it & make better decisions. This isn’t Alec Blazek & it’s not like he has a history of doing shitty things. As long as he’s had a clean record between 2010 & now, the dude is fine

Not cool. You can assault a cop by pushing his hand away. Why you wanna ruin this kid

He made mistakes so does everyone else let this man do his job with out anyone talking shit about him

Have you people ever read Turtleboy before? On what planet do you think 23 is young, and assaulting cops is a “mistake?”

This was by far the dumbest comment left on the page:

It’s been 10 years, he clearly has a better teaching record than Aiden considering in the 10 years, he hasn’t been asked to re-sign or fired. I’m not a teacher, but clearly he hasn’t had any performance issues as a teacher, otherwise he probably would have been canned. Let the dude learn from his mistake. Be glad he hasn’t been a reoccurring issue

Actually, he clearly hasn’t had a better teaching record than me because I’ve never been kicked out of a basketball game at Shepherd Hill for being drunk and disorderly. I also didn’t have to resign or be fired. As for his “performance,” this is what he did all day in school today:

He spent all day on his phone reposting memes about blowjobs.

Yea, definitely defend this guy. He seems like a standup individual and a wonderful teacher because he hasn’t been arrested again for assaulting cops since the last time that he was.

But by far the dumbest comments, were the virtual signalers on the Stoughton News page:

“I can’t find anything racist, but it’s about a black guy so I’m gonna call it racially charged language.”

“Stop being so racists.”

“Underlying racist tone” = I can’t find anything racist about this, but the guy being exposed is black so I’m going to throw the word underlying in there and get some cheap likes.

Katie, dear, please step away from the Internet. He literally posts all day, and it says three hours ago because he was posting three hours before I published the blog.

The bottom line is that if a police officer had this kind of a background, and posted stuff like this while he was on the job, every single one of you people would’ve agreed that he was unfit to be a police officer. Yet you don’t hold teachers to the same high standards. Why is that?

I still respect and value turtle riders who disagreed with my take on this one. It’s OK to be wrong.


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